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Publication Order of The Legal Briefs Books

The Legal Briefs Series

The Legal Briefs Series also known as Sexy Lawyers in Italian and French is a romance trilogy by bestselling author Emma Chase. Each book in the series features different couples who fight for their love and a happily ever after ending. The novels can be read as standalone.


Overruled is the first book in Legal Briefs series by Emma Chase. The story kicks off with two high school lovers Jenny and Stanton. They are about to graduate, and Stanton has big plans in mind. He’s soon leaving Mississippi and soon will join Ivy League School and later become an attorney and Jenny is part of his plans, because he loves her.

But then Jenny gets pregnant and soon everything changes, and at the same time, lots stay the same. He loves her, and at Jenny’s request, he leaves her and the baby behind to join law school. The two have an open relationship. One decade later, Stanton is living in DC working as an attorney while Jenny and his daughter Presley are in Mississippi. Stanton sets aside time for them whenever he can, and he’s a good dad. He regularly gets in touch with his daughter. He is a great attorney and a good man.

Then there’s Sofia Santos, an attorney who works alongside Stanton. She is Stanton’s friend with benefits. She is a career driven lady one who’s not looking for a strings attached relationship. Stanton’s heart isn’t available for love, but his needs as a man still need to be met, and so it’s a win-win situation for them. The two make a great team. But suddenly, Stanton receives a mail he never expected. His high school sweetheart is getting married to someone else.
Soon Stanton is on a quest to go back to Mississippi and get the woman of his dreams back. But unfortunately his head is not on straight, and he wants someone who will keep that in check. That’s where Sofia comes in, and she agrees to accompany him to get his love back, but in the process, she discovers that she might have more feelings for him than she ever imagined.

The first book in Legal Briefs series is a beautiful read. Emma Chase has created some wonderful characters both primary and secondary. Stanton is the hero in this story. He is handsome, arrogant, confident, stubborn and honest. Sofia is a Brazilian beauty. She is a strong independent woman, but as usual, not even the strongest women can keep the walls up when a sexy man infiltrates her defenses.

Secondary characters such as Brent and Jake are excellent additions to the story. The friends of both Sofia and Stanton are unique characters and have great moments.


In the first book in the series, we were introduced to Jake Becker Stanton’s roommate at the law firm. He’s a bonafide ladies’ man who doesn’t date but has casual sex with different women, and he never beds one woman twice. Until the night he gets the scare of his life from what he thought was a normal nightstand. He discovers that casual sex is the same as playing Russian roulette and probably that he should start dating and being more concerned about his sexual partners.

Then there’s Chelsea, a young woman who finds herself burdened with the responsibility of taking care of her six nephews and nieces who their parents died in a tragic car crash. One of the nephews named Rory is acting out somehow becoming a juvenile criminal who unsuccessfully pickpockets Jake. Jake somehow sees a reflection of himself in the boy and decides not to press charges and take the boy home to his parents. Instead, he finds himself face to face with Chelsea, and he’s immediately attracted to her.

Emma Chase does a fantastic job in creating her books narrated from a male point of view. This is a strong feat that most romance novelists fall short executing. The story is told from Jake’s point of view, and he is not only hilarious, but he’s what any woman would term as “a total package.” He is brutal, tough driven, a playboy has solid muscles, and tall. What else would a woman need in a man?

Just like in the series debut novel, the secondary characters in Sustained are fantastic especially the Judge and Jake’s mother. Both Chelsea and Jake learn how to deal with the children and also handle different obstacles in their lives. The heroine is beautifully woven. She is funny, smart, and beautiful and she’s caring. Even with everything whirling around, Chelsea and Jake just click.


In the third book in Legal Briefs series, we meet Brent, the last of the team to remain single. Not even the prosthetic leg can stop him from being the ladies’ man. He is hot as sin, and a serious charmer hadn’t had the desire to commit to a woman, not since high school.
But all these changes when he meets Kennedy Randolph, his childhood next door neighbor. They almost had something blossom in their teens, but a misunderstanding brought their romance to a standstill.

Now they find themselves on the opposite side of the courtroom. Kennedy is a prosecuting attorney, and Brent is a defense attorney. There’s instant attraction which sets the ways for some serious steamy sexy.

Brent has never been in a serious relationship because he’d compared every woman he’d meet with Kennedy and they would all end up failing his “comparison test.” Now that Brent has a chance with Kennedy, he will do anything to win her heart. But one problem is that Ken has had the same problem as Brent. The demons from her past keep her from opening her heart to any man.

Appealed is a fantastic novel that sums up Legal Briefs Trilogy by Emma Chase. Overall the series is fun, full of steamy romance, humor and full of heart. The author beautifully writes from the male point of view like no other author. The back and forth between the lead characters in each book, the tension, head, and love are what makes it a fantastic series.

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