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Legend of Vanx Malic Books In Order

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Publication Order of Legend Of Vanx Malic Books

Through the Wildwood (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon Isle (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Foxwise (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saint Elm's Deep (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
That Frigid Fargin Witch (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trigon Daze (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Paragon Dracus (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Far Side of Creation (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Journey Home (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tome of Arbor (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Gossamer Lens (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

It is apparent that fictitious stories have a hugely passionate backing. Most people experience wild imaginations from time to time. For that reason, they seek the most appropriate outlets for their weird thoughts so they feel at home. The Legend of Malic by MR Mathias trails the path of fiction, seeking to pay a huge tribute to the absolute power residing in wild minds.

With the roundup information, it is undeniably true this piece is a notch higher. The Legend of Vanx Malic is one of Mathias’ exceptional pieces, prompting readers to take the plunge into deep imaginations by delving into vivid descriptions of dragons, wizards, and spells. In addition to that, he also goes out of his way to exhaustively explore the dimensions of other interestingly held out themes like love, hate, and anger as well.The real life emotions like love and hate make the events seemingly real, spicing up the story.

He appropriately factors in characters, using them to sufficiently develop the plot. The variety of ideal ideas in the piece makes it a thrill. The piece can also be well appreciated by children as well, following the east-to-follow language used and interesting characters like dragons and wizards.The storyline is well structured with even more interesting characters.

` The well -intertwined themes play a major role in developing the main ideas of the story line. The book strikes readers into bowel-curdling fears, out of the terrors characters face in the course of their wild endeavors.

Vanx Malic is the legendary protagonist, with many hurdles coming in the way of his mission. He is a good looking young man who ends up falling in love with the Duchess of Highlake, paying the price of his passion severely, following the fiery anger of the Duke as a result of the painful betrayal.

The author has perfectly used this character, correlating them with others to clearly bring out the main issues in the book in an interesting way. Vanx is characteristic of routinely wild enthusiasm to find solutions to problems facing him and other people close to him.

The first book, “Through the wildwood” has an exceptionally captivating plot. It starts out with a half-zythian referred to as Vanx in chains, for making love with the Duchess of Highlake. The extremely enraged Duke is woefully thirsty for revenge. Vanx is hopeless in his condition as a result of the futile efforts to extricate his person from the impending danger.

He has no option but to wait for the Duke of Highlake to spell doom for his life. Fortunately, his wife gets concerned after realizing that he is reeling under a near death experience. To his utter surprise, he is saved by his daughter who buys his freedom from the slave markets, thanks to her wife’s strategy.

When the Duke’s men note his absence, things fall apart, catapulting his rage to another level, forcing him to go after him so he satisfactorily accomplishes his revenge mission. Vanx has to do all he can so they evade the slavering jaws of death. The only loophole for the two love birds is making it through the wildwood though their survival chances are nearly zero.

It is an extremely horrible place, branded dreadful by witnesses who lost their loved ones or personally set off for wild adventures there. His main challenge is winding through the dreaded place, with high hopes of survival. As he embarks on his journey full of weird adventures, he definitely has to counter many challenges to finally come out successful.

In the fifth book, “Trigon Daze”, Vanx sees the destructive and mysterious forces of Trigon destroying the Paragon Isle. He is able to visualize that using the mirror of portent. The new enemy seems to be well equipped with seemingly incontestable fighters, armed to the tooth. He, therefore, has to think on his feet in order to clear them because if not, they will destroy his homeland, resulting in massive loss of lives and property as well. He has to do everything within his power to counter the enemy.

Vanx sends Gallarel to her brother, the crown prince of parydon, to notify him of the invasion. In the process, Vanx sees the dragons driven by wizards attacking his homeland. This clearly demonstrates that the foundation of their laid-down strategy is skyrocketed by the supernatural. It is not a merely physical fight.For that reason, Vanx decides to torture the cocooned witch so he gets furnished with relevant information on how to go about what transpires.

Luckily, he manages to gather substantial information on how to free Chelda who is trapped in Shadowmane. He also figures out how to transport his treacherous friends back to Zyth. Vanx, Chelda, Sir Poopsalot, Prince Russets and others do all they can to keep the trigon from destroying the heart tree.

The most saddening part is that there is a more powerful force behind the mighty Trigon. Vanx and his crew members have to think deeply on unveiling the tremendous force behind these fighters so they traverse the danger zone. It is indeed a daunting prospect, so they have to swiftly come up with good ideas to make it work.

This is only but a tip of an iceberg in comparison with the real book. It is undoubtedly evident that the author has much more in store for the readers in this wonderfully crafted piece of art. His profound description of the fantasies lays foundations for even more imaginative skills to any dimension of the readers’ choice. To demonstrate his tremendous capacity, he has written other full length and captivating series along the same lane.

A good example is” The Wardstone Trilogy” that has greatly secured ground for his fame. At one point, he was jailed and spent several years in prison. Despite the challenges, he still went along coming up with other full -length incredible pieces.Fortunately; he was released and has been clean ever since. He attributes his salvation to writing. He is definitely a gifted figure in the writing domain. Overall, the turned in piece is immensely appealing.

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