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Legends of Abreia Books In Order

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Publication Order of Legends of Abreia Books

The Faceless Mage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unseen Heir (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hidden Queen (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Captive Throne (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Uncrowned Prince (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sundered Blade (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Legends of Abreia” is a series of novels by bestselling author Kenley Davidson that is best known for his bestselling young adult fantasy, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy fiction.

He loves to refer to himself as a word nerd, story lover, and incurable introvert that is often found hiding somewhere with a book or writing. Kenley is a native of Oregon and has said that reading has always been something she loved to do.
While she is now often swamped with playing with her needy four-legged friends, helping with homework, and her self-imposed writing deadlines, she usually grabs any moment she can to read.

Other addictions include reading the dictionary to find interesting words, coffee, researching random facts, and riding on roller coasters.

Nonetheless, much of her time is spent being a mother to two dogs and two kids, even as she invents all manner of reasons to procrastinate on doing her laundry.

Kenley Davidson penned “The Faceless Mage,” the first of the “Legends of Abreia” series of novels in 2020. The debut work garnered much popularity that she would decide to make it into the Legends of Abreia series.
According to the author, writing is something that she knew she would eventually come to do. She has been reading and writing ever since she was tall enough to see things behind the librarian at the checkout counter.
She can still remember how one day the librarian stared at her stack and asked if she was actually going to finish all of it.

When she was a teenager, she got interested in writing and ever since then her computer has always been full of poems, random bits of story ideas, character sketches, and blog posts or the occasional impassioned essay.
It was during her teenage years that she began thinking of one day writing a novel. But she would ultimately get married and have two kids and the demands of everyday living would get in the way.
Her writing came in fits and starts but ultimately she published her first work in 2020.

The “Legends of Abreia” is a series of standalone but interconnected fairy tale retellings which feature deeply satisfying happily ever afters, string heroines, mystery, and romance.

The first two novels in the series tell the story of Leisa and her lover Kyrion. Leisa is a skilled guardian who lives in a world of hidden magic and rival kingdoms who finds himself sent by her king on a dangerous quest.
Infiltrating the enemy kingdom of Garimore, she meets the masked and mysterious Raven who is known as an assassin.

Ultimately, the only man she can depend on is Kyrion but they will have to make some tough choices to be together. These tough choices will ultimately determine the fate of their kingdoms and hearts.
The third novel of the series, tells the story of Princess Evaraine whose marriage takes a dangerous turn when she forms an unexpected bond with Prince Dnaric, a tyrant king and a vanished fiance.
Over the course of the series, the author tells the stories of several characters who are introduced in the previous works.

It is a series with everything from arranged marriages, sweet romance, tense and conflicting emotions, family betrayals, and hidden secrets.

“The Faceless Mage” is the first novel of the “Legends of Abreia” series of novels by Kenley Davidson. We are introduced to Leisa whose only desire was to guard the princess and her magic until her family comes back.
However, things took a turn for the worse when the king demanded that she uses her extraordinary paranormal skills to spy on Garimore the rival kingdom.

Far from home and all alone, she is forced to live a lie that grows more perilous with each passing day. Her work is made even more complicated by the man that has to be one of the most dangerous people she ever faced.
Her enemy is a mysterious masked man who goes by the name Raven. He is feared in all the Five Kingdoms but he is not the man Leisa assumes he is.

He is lethal as he is silent and provokes her fear as much as her curiosity. He seems to have secrets that she desperately wants to learn.

Soon enough her already precarious mission turns deadly and she has to evade Raven if she is to be successful. This is something that no one has ever managed to do but Leisa is a stubborn woman.
If she fails to escape the Raven, the kingdom may have to pay in blood.

The second novel of the “Legends of Abreia” series of novels by Kenley Davidson is “The Unseen Heir.”

In this outing, Leisa comes back home to Farhall with information about the treachery of the rival kingdom Garimore. However, she does not get the hero’s welcome she was expecting.

Instead, she finds herself a prisoner to the growing suspicions and fears of the man she once looked up to as a father. To escape she may have to leave everything she used to believe in AS staying could betray the trust of the only man who once saved her life.
She finds herself torn between her debt and duty and flees with Kyrion as they head to the Kingdom of Shadows – which is the homeland of the night elves.

In the sanctuary of Dunmaren, she has to deal with her increasingly intense feelings for Kyrion, the hostility of people on the brink of war, and her fear of her very unique powers.
When they get some bad news from Farhall, both Kyrion, and Leisa need to make some tough choices regarding where to palace their loyalties.

Will Kyrion be able to find a path to peace that will not call for him to give up the woman he believes fate destined for him?
On her part, Leisa will have to make the choice between her heart and the kingdom she loves so much.

“The Hidden Queen” is the third novel of the “Legends of Abreia” series of novels.

In this work we are introduced to Princess Evaraine of Farhall who is engaged to a philandering prince she has never met.

In preparation for their upcoming nuptials, she travels to Garimore his home kingdom in an attempt to acclimatize herself to the uncomfortable new world of complicated fashion and scheming courtiers.
However, she first has to deal with more pressing concerns as compared to awkward tea parties and wedding gown fitting.

Her fiance has disappeared into thin air, she is being threatened by the king of Garimore and she is finding it increasingly difficult to harness her hidden magic.
She also has to deal with her growing feelings for the seemingly heartless but driven crown prince of the kingdom.

He is an intimidating man that she knows she should hate but she has been catching glimpses of his personality he never shows to the world.
To save her kingdom, she may have to give up what is her most dangerous secret, which could make her lose the only man she ever loved.

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