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Legends of the First Empire Books In Order

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Publication Order of First Empire Books

Chronological Order of First Empire Books

The Legends of the First Empire is a fantasy series by Michael J. Sullivan. In this world, the Rhunes (humans) have multiplied such that they are now a threat to the Frey(elves). Once a human worrier kills two Fhrey, an attack is planned, and this starts a war that will lead to destruction but also self-discovery. This series flows perfectly, possibly because all the books in it were written before publishing. If you are a fantasy stories fan, this is one series that you do not want to miss.

Age of Myth

Age of Myth is the first book in The Legends of the First Empire Series. The book starts with the killing of a Fhrey. Raithe and his father made a decision to cross the river in search of food. There was no food in their village, and while no one crossed the river, Raithe’s father thought that there was no harm in going to the other side to hunt. How wrong he is. When his father is murdered, Raithe fights back, and he ends up killing a god. This incident earns Raithe a sidekick named Malcolm and starts a rebellion that is sure to bring trouble in the land of the Rhunes.

The sensible thing to do would be to unite the Rhunes to fight their common enemy. However, thanks to the long-standing enmity amongst them, uniting is an impossible task. The humans are fortunate to have some Fhrey who side with them and are willing to help. Leading this group of friendly Fhrey is Nyphron, and there is also Grygor, a cool giant, among them. You will also meet Suri, who could see future events and even talked to nature. Suri will save humans and her friends numerous times, but there is a time where she will be forced to save herself. This story also comes with revelations that will leave you in tears.
This book mostly introduces the main characters while explaining how the humans are getting ready for the upcoming war. The cast is lovable, especially the realistic yet compelling female characters. They may not have mega martial arts or sword skills, but they sure do leave a mark. Notable characters include Suri, Persephone, and Minna, the white wolf to mention but few. Meet the inexperienced chieftain, the insecure ex-slave, the crazy mystic, and the troublesome beauty all in one story. The plot flows well, and despite all that is happening, the book is addictive. Can the humans defeat the gods while they are still divided? Will the friendly Fhrey keep their word and fight their fellow gods for the sake of the humans?

Age of Myth is a story about the underdog. It is a tale about staying hopeful even when nothing seems to be going as planned. Amid deception and betrayal, there is hope that things will get better. The discoveries and inventions add funny touches to the story amidst all the sad moments. From his writing, it is clear that Michael J Sullivan understands the human psyche and heart. The growth that the main characters go through is tremendous, which makes this also read like a coming of age story. If you are looking for an intriguing fantasy story with demons, dragons, dwarves, and elves, this is a perfect choice.
Age of the Sword

Age of the Sword is the second book in The Legends of the First Empire Series. This book starts a few months after the end of the first one. Now that the age of the myth is over, it has been proven that the gods are mortal. The battle started in the first book still continues, and the giants have managed to destroy most of what was left of the village. However, new heroes begin to emerge from the most unexpected areas, and there is some hope. Bitter rivalries among the humans continue to work to their disadvantage and the enemy without penetrates their territory. It is also hard to imagine that the clan can win against an enemy who can be indistinguishable from the gods, thanks to their magical powers.

Well, Raithe will discover that there is an answer to this problem, but it can only be found in a land far away, where a dour race calls home. However, the dour race despises both the Fhrey and humankind, so getting any information from them is not going to be easy. Join this odd team as it embarks on an adventure to lands that they had never explored before. During their journey, these characters will also discover themselves as they try to understand the steps that have led to their current position. Since time is running out and Raithe and his friend have to find the answers before it is too late, Suri, Arion, and Persephone bring their A-game and unique skills.

In this book, the author takes you on an epic journey characterized by adventure, magic, heroism, love, betrayal, and loss. Persephone manages to call her people to follow her to Tirre, a town close to the sea. Here they will have to unite and fight against their enemy if they want to live. Join the gifted seer, the fhrey’s sorceress, and a band of misfits searching for answers and a new home for their people. Their search will lead them deep into Elan, where an ancient enemy awaits. What becomes of this group? Will they all survive and manage to get the answers they seek?

Age of the Sword, just like the first book in this series, flows very well. The adventures the characters are involved in are epic. Also, the dangers help to keep the tension high as you get deeper into this story. Among the things you will like about this book is the pacing, the flawless narration, and the strong theme of empowerment in women. Given this is a primitive society, it is admirable that women are also at the forefront in confronting the enemy. Roan’s inventions are over the top. It is also commendable that those with deep psychological scars are working to heal them. The author also offers a glimpse of what will happen in the future, especially in Gifford’s life.

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