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Publication Order of Legion Books

Legion is a series of science fiction novellas that follow the exploits of a specialist with multiple personalities. Legion is the brainchild of Brandon Sanderson.

+The Story
The Legion series began publication in 2012. The books immediately stood out because of their length. Brandon Sanderson writes science fiction and fantasy, and his novels normally ran on for so much longer than he intends that he is sometimes forced to divide and publish them in parts.

So it came as quite the surprise for his fans when he wrote ‘Legion’, the first book in the series whose story was told over the course of 88 pages. According to Sanderson, the idea for Legion had haunted him for a long time.

But he only sat down to write the first book in 2011. The author was flying home from France when he realized that the time had finally come for him to put his story on paper.

His agent was pretty receptive to his manuscript and the first Legion novel garnered so much interest that it only took the pair a year to attract the interest of Hollywood.

Legion tells the story of Stephen Leeds. Stephen is rich. He has earned his fortune by consulting for individuals and companies on some of the most complicated issues and problems the world has ever seen.

Stephen’s success is the result of his incredible intellect. There are few people in the world who can think as quickly or as effectively as Stephen. His genius-level intellectual abilities are so powerful that he can learn any skill within a matter of hours.

However, the human brain is a finite storage unit that does not have the capacity to generate and deploy every skillset the average human being could possibly require as they go about their daily business.

Or at the very least, Stephen as a person realized a long time ago that he did not have the capacity to keep learning and utilizing every skillset he encountered along the way.

So he created a workaround. Stephen took each of his unique skillsets and channeled them into a distinct hallucination. What began as a simple exercise of convenience, a means of cataloging Stephen’s extensive abilities quickly evolved into something all the more complicated.

First, Stephen’s hallucinations, the figments of his imagination which he had created merely to house his skills, came to life, with each taking on an entirely unique personality.

These hallucinations could think for themselves. They could also execute entire intelligent conversations with Stephen and with one another. But if that wasn’t disturbing enough, Stephen Leeds came to the startling realization that his hallucinations had complete control over the knowledge and the skills he had worked so hard to acquire.

And whenever he needed to dip his toes into that vast database of information, he had to present his request to the hallucinations that littered his brain.

The development would have driven most people insane. But by the time the events of the first Legion novel roll around, Stephen Leeds is very much sane. A cursory glance wouldn’t immediately set him apart from the next successful, wealthy consultant in line.

Only those with whom Stephen has a close personal relationship know of his turmoil. For the most part, the first Legion novel finds the hero having adjusted to his condition. To Stephen, who also goes by Legion, his hallucinations are no different from his friends.

From JC the trigger-happy navy seal to Armando the photography expert, Stephen treats his personalities like normal people. He has them set up in different rooms in his mind that best represent their quirks.

And even though they number in the dozens, Stephen believes that he has a decent amount of control over their actions. The different novellas in the Legion series find Stephen taking on clients with interesting problems, such as the case of the inventor who created the camera that can take pictures of the past and then disappeared.

Stephen relies heavily on the guidance of his personalities and the skills he has invested into them to survive the hurdles and obstacles that his work presents. Stephen believes that if he hadn’t generated the hallucinations to house his intelligence, he would have gone mad.

But he also realizes that the hallucinations are a detriment to his personal life. The hero spends a lot of time trying and largely failing to pursue normal relationships with normal people.

The biggest draw of the Legion series is the interactions between Stephen and his personalities. Most readers seem to agree that Sanderson’s mysteries and plots in these novels are not so interesting as to prove memorable.

Readers keep flocking to the Legion books because they cannot get enough of the protagonist’s quirky hallucinations.

Lionsgate expressed an interest in turning the Legion series into a television show in 2013. But then, a few years later, plans were made to create a television series based on an X-Men character also called Legion and that killed Lionsgate’s original objectives for Sanderson’s property.

Legion is a very smart man who has multiple personalities that help him manage his many skills. The hallucinations have wreaked havoc upon Legion’s personal life but they are also an invaluable resource.

Legion is a consultant who helps people and companies solve complicated problems. In this case, Legion has been charged with finding a man called Balubal Razon. The inventor created a camera that can take pictures of the past.

If the wrong people get their hands on it, it could change everything.

+Skin Deep
Legion earns a living by helping people solve complicated problems. He does this with the help of the many personalities clanking about in his head. This time, he has been charged with finding and returning a stolen corpse.

But this is more than just an issue of honoring the dead. The dead body belongs to a leading figure in the field of biotechnology who thought that the body could be used as a massive storage device.

Legion’s employers believe that the corpse has a secret that has been embedded into its cells.

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