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Publication Order of A Carson Stables Mystery Books

Reining in Murder (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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There are very few writers who convert their career experiences into books which have become hugely popular amongst readers. Leigh Hearon is one such writer who has been a Private Investigator and in fact runs her own private investigative agency. The agency named Hearon Investigative Services started operations in 1992 and has been running since then. While there could be many such private investigators making a living out of their investigative and sleuthing skills, there is something which makes Hearon different from others. Many of her books including the likes of 48 Hours, Court TV, Forensic Files and many other publications are based on her real life cases. This is awesome and that is one of the main reasons why she has been able stand apart from the crowd. Coming to her personal life Hearon had a fascination for horse riding during her entire childhood. She still continues to show her interest in horses and even now she owns a Saddleboard Mare by the name Jolie Jeune Femme. She owns a superb fifty-five acre farm and the sight of Jolie with two rescue mare running around her farm is something which she enjoys even today. She lives with her husband in her farm and enjoy life to the fullest combining her writing skills with her fascination for nature.

A Look At Her Personal Life

She was born in Camas, Washington which she calls a sleepy little town. She was raised in the Bay Area and did her early studies in Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys Canon. She completed her graduation from Lewis & Clark University in Portland. She then joined as a small time newspaper in Oregon. She wrote a small article on nuclear facility and it was a controversial article generating lot of controversy and outrage. This made her to realize that she had a flair for writing and she then completed a Degree in Public Affairs Journalism from American University. She wanted to start a career in journalism and when she realized that it was not taking her anywhere she decided to enter the world of advertising which she calls as “sleazy”. She eventually worked for Microsoft where she was employed as a copywriter during the 1980 and early 1990s. Though it was a luxurious employment she was the one who was not comfortable sitting in the office. She accidentally got in the world of private investigation. She quit Microsoft in 1992 and stated working as a private investigator charging $125 an hour. Thus started her career in private investigation and also her foray in book writing began in right earnest.

A Look At A Few Of Her Books

Two her books Reining In Murder and Saddle Up For Murder are perhaps well known and therefore it would be not a bad idea to do a review of the same. It will help to have a better insight into her style of writing. In fact it will also help us to know as to how she actually runs her private investigation career because many of her works are based on her actual work with clients.

Saddle Up For Murder

Being a lover of horse riding and also being an avid private detective, this book of Hearon reflects both these skills in this book. Annie Carson who is a stable owner and a horse trainer is concerned about the sudden and random losses of local livestock. She believes that it could be because of attacks by feral animals which are known to stalk the farms and ranches of Olympic Peninsula County. However, she is in for a shock when one of her own flock of animals is found dead and the death is because of brutal slaughtering. She is certainly upset about it because it is her personal loss. As she starts investigating the unnatural death of animals, she gets into dangerous territories. She finds the body a young woman hanging in a hay barn of hers. Within no time she finds that she has mysteries which are neck deep to solve. One such mystery also surrounds her private life. She does have enviable sleuthing skills which however are not to the liking of the local Sheriff. As she moves forward in investigation of the death, little does she know that the murder trail could be leading straight to her home and she could be in trouble.

Reining In Murder

This story also revolves Annie Carson. It all starts when Annie rescues an awesome thoroughbred which has been left to die in a roadside rollover. The horse survives but the driver is not so lucky. The horse is taken care of, rehabilitated and is handed back to the owner Hilda Colbert, who is a neurotic and who believes putting the horse permanently to pasture. The turning point occurs when in three days two deaths occur in this small and peaceful Olympic Peninsula County. Annie, being the detective she is starts to investigate the murders. Given her proven investigative skills she is confident of tracking down the killer. However, little does she know that she is not dealing with an ordinary or circumstantial killer. She is dealing with somebody who is ruthless, highly intelligent and would not hesitate to eliminate many more who come in the way. Extremely well written, this is a very fast paced book which certainly will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. Almost each one of them would like to complete the book in one sitting because it is unputdownable.


Given the fact that she is a successful investigator, many of her readers believe that she has quite a few more books up her sleeve. This is not wrong and we could in the next few years see many more such rasping mystery and detective books coming along the way. It also is possible that quite a few of her works could be made into movies or TV serials because they perfectly fit the bill. Hence at the end of the day there is no denying the fact that Leigh Hearon is a multi-talented personality and will be remembered not only for her books but for other reasons too.

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