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An English writer of some repute, the novelist Leigh Russell has been writing for some time now, providing her unique take on the crime genre to much acclaim. She has managed to carve herself a highly influential and hugely successful niche within the marketplace, taking the common tropes and cliches of the genre and subverting them to her own end. Winning awards she has not only gained the respect and recognition of her peers and contemporaries, but the general public as well, with a writing career that is both critically and commercially successful.

Early and Personal Life

Born and bred in England she is a resolutely British author in both her outlook and writing style, having built herself a formula that is entirely unique to her. Growing up in England, she always had a strong passion for both reading and writing from a very early age, taking in inspiration from the world around her as she saw it. Over time this would slowly filter back into her material, as she managed to build up her backlog of work, leading to her becoming the successful author that she is today.

Attending the University of Kent later on she was to gain her master’s degree in English and American literature, something which would greatly help to inform both her and her work. Taking four years out to study, she read a vast quantity of books, all the while helping to inform her and her material, thus creating the career that she currently has today. This also helped her to find her own voice during the process, as it was through the analysis of various of other different styles and tones that she made her progress.

She then went on to become an English teacher herself, a role she filled for many years within a secondary school, providing an education, all the while continuing with her own. One facet she did focus on was that of Specific Learning Difficulties, an area that she analyzed and taught in for many years, as she aimed to get the best from her pupils. This all helped to further hone and refine her craft, accentuating both her style and tone, creating her voice that was to follow in the years to come.

She now lives in Middlesex in England where she continues to write whilst raising her two daughters, living happily married as a full time writer. Bringing out more and more books with each passing year, she has gone onto become one of the most successful and revered authors within her field to date. As further titles are set to be released on the horizon, it appears that this is something that wont be stopping anytime soon, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

The first book in her soon to become long and illustrious writing career was the first in the ever popular franchise of DI Geraldine novels featuring the eponymous detective. Setting up her as the protagonist, the first three books in this series also featured the character D.S. Ian Peterson, someone who was soon going to become a character of their own series. Titled ‘Cut Short’, though, this DI Geraldine debut was not only going to establish an entirely new franchise, but an entirely new writer as well.

Alongside her DI Geraldine novels, of which there are eight so far and counting, as well as her D.S. Ian Peterson books, which also total three so far, she also has her Lucy Hall series. Featuring the character of Lucy Hall, it looks at her life on the path to becoming an investigative reporter, along with all the mysteries she gets involved in. Set over two books so far and counting, these titles feature the somewhat younger character of a woman in her twenties finding her way in the world.

Gaining the CWA New Blood Dagger for her initial book, she was awarded by the British Crime Writers’ Association with their award for new and, as yet unpublished, novels. This then paved the way for her to become a more successful and highly influential crime writer, creating a sense of momentum behind her work. With both critical followed by commercial success, she was soon well on her way to becoming an internationally renowned and respected author of crime fiction.

With more books set to come out in the future, she continues to write her series full-time, with none of them stopping anytime soon it seems. Lecturing and teaching as well, she continues to keep herself active in a number of different pursuits, as both an educator and a full-time writer. This looks set to continue on into the foreseeable future, as she expands upon her many series, with her franchises growing in popularity worldwide, something that shall continue for some time yet.

Dead End

Originally published in 2011, this was to be the third book in the DI Geraldine series, as it continued on from where the previous one left off. This was also to be the book that saw off D.S. Ian Paterson as the supporting character, leading to his own offshoot series of novels under his own name. With the style and the tone already firmly established, it carries on in much the same vein as before, providing the readers with more of what they’re looking for, whilst offering some surprised along the way.

When the body of Abigail Kirby is found murdered with her tongue cut-out, it is up to Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel to solve the case. Soon after that the witness who came forward after seeing her tragically bleed to death is then also mudered, being blinded beforehand. This then sets about a horrific turn of events that Geraldine must get to the bottom of otherwise they could unravel fast, with her in the middle of them. Who is doing these gruesome murders? Can they be stopped before it’s too late? Where will they find the next clue, or will they simply hit another dead end?

Blood Axe

Setting up the third title in the D.S. Ian Peterson spin-off series, this book managed to further develop the character, whilst building upon his backstory as a whole. Initially published in 2015 on the 15th of July, this was brought out through the No Exit Press publishing label to an already eager public. Using her now trademarked style, this is a title which clearly shows Russell at the top of her game as an author, with another exciting instalment in the overall series.

Investigating a series of increasingly gruesome murders arising all across York, detective inspector Ian Peterson is soon on the case to solve them. Apparently being done at random, there doesn’t seem to be any way of connecting them either, as Peterson must do whatever it takes to connect the dots. With no clues left behind either, it seems that the chase appears to now be on, as Peterson vows to catch the killer and bring them justice finally. Why is the killer doing this? Can they be caught before it’s too late? When will they come across the blood axe?

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