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Publication Order of Lena Jones Mystery Books

The Lena Jones Mystery series is a series of mystery and thriller books written by one the renowned authors from the United States named Betty Webb. This series consists of a total of nine books, which were released between the years 2001 and 2016. Each and every book in this intriguing mystery series depicts the chief protagonist in the role of the character Lena Jones, who is shown as a detective hailing from Scotsdale, Arizona. Author Webb has set all the books of this series in her hometown of Scotsdale, Arizona. The series was begun by author Webb in the year 2001 and she also finished the writing work and published its debut novel in the same year. One of the initial books written in the series by author Webb is titled as ‘Desert Shadows’. The Poisoned Pen publication was the publisher of this book, which was released in the year 2004. The book consists of the important characters in the form of Gloriana Allerton and Lena Jones. At the start of the plot, author Webb has shown Gloriana Allerton as one of the popular publishers from Scottsdale. She is well known to participate frequently in the annual convention of the Southwest Publishers’. While attending one such convention of the famous publishers’ association, Gloriana Allerton gets poisoned and dies. When Lena Jones hears about this case, she becomes extremely shocked. Lena and Gloriana knew each other at the personal level and her murder news leaves her pretty much horrified. However, Lena Jones gets even more shocked when she comes to know that one of her friends from the Pima Indian is the prime accused in the murder of Gloriana Allerton.

Eventually, she decides to take the matter in her own hand and begin the investigation to find the truth and facts on her own. What she comes across during the initial investigation makes her very much disturbed. Lena learns about the rarely talked about the subject of the publishing business, which is called as the racist publishing. Lena Jones becomes very much horrified when she is attacked by a local group of extremist politicians and the members of a fascist group from the city. They try to terrorize her for her involvement in the case. All the extremist leaders fear that Lena Jones might become successful in unraveling the truth behind Gloriana Allerton’s murder as well as their involvement in it. Therefore, they try to stop her. Even though she gets targeted for assassination for a number of times because of her involvement in the investigation process, she does not think of giving in until she has solved the mystery behind Gloriana’s murder. When another attempt on Lena Jones’ life takes place, a comparison is paled to what will happen if she is given a chance to meet the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood in the State Prison complex of Arizona. As she is on her way to the visiting room of the Death Row, one of the black trustees looks into her face and calls her by the name of her mother.

The trustee is nicknamed Green because his eyes are startling green. As soon as she hears that name from the Green’s mouth, she goes into o the flashback and visualizes her past life. Lena Jones was shot in her head when she was 4 years old and was left to die. She lives somehow, but forgets her memory as well as the face of the person who fires the bullet at her. While growing up, she is made to live in a series of foster homes, where she faces many abusive environments. As a result, Lena Jones was left scarred physically as well as emotionally. After becoming an adult, she begins to look for her real parents with an intensity similar to that with which she looked for the killers in each of the mysterious cases that came to her. But now, when she thinks that the possible answer to all her questions throughout her growing years is about to get revealed, Lena Jones realizes that she might have to pay a heavy price for it. However, she seems to be ready to give whatever it takes in order to get acquainted with her true identity as well as her biological parents. What Lena Jones does not realize is that she might end up losing her own life in order to obtain the truth that she is looking for.

One of the other intriguing stories written by author Betty Webb in the Lena Jones mystery series is titled as ‘Desert Cut’. This story was also published by the Poisoned Pen publishers in the year 2008. Author Webb once again depicted Lena Jones in the lead role and has described her as being at the center of yet another gruesome murder mystery. The other important character depicted by her in the book is Warren Quinn, who is described as an Oscar winning director. The plot opens up showing Lena Jones and Warren Quinn scouting locations in order to film a documentary based on the Apache Wars in Arizona. Both Warren Quinn and private investigator Jones had not thought of coming across a horrifying thing during their search. At one of the locations, they come across the gruesomely mutilated dead body of a teenage young girl. The manner in which the girl was killed makes Lena Jones remember her own childhood, which was very much rough for her. Later, she goes on to clash with the local justice system and uncovers that the small town has some big hidden secrets, with the help of her investigation. She finds that Los Perdidos is not what it appears to be.

The original inhabitants belong to the ones who fought against the Geronimo and helped to establish the town. The current residents seem to have equipped themselves with arms so as to deal with the illegal immigrants coming through the Mexico-Arizona border. There also lives a small population, which is a foreign born and work and lives in Los Perdidos. While investigating the gruesome murder of the young girl, Lena Jones senses some sinister forces existing in the town. Shortly after, they come to know that 2 more girls have disappeared from Los Perdidos. With the increasing death toll, Lena decides to implement her own justice system. Eventually, she goes on to unmask the murderer and along with that, Lena also discovers a long chain of deadly crimes that was responsible for the subjugation of millions of women and girls from around the world. On the whole, the novel shows that the life in Los Perdidos is very hard and Lena Jones tries to bring down the crime rate with the help of her dedicated efforts.

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