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Lene Kaaberbol is a Danish writer born in 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Primarily known for her work with Children’s Fantasy as well as Crime fiction, Lene received the Nordic Children’s Book Prize in 2004.


Lene Kaaberbol grew up in the small town of Malling. Lene knew she was destined for greatness within the literary arena at a very early age, writing her first two books by the age of 15. The fact that they were both published is a feat few young authors can boast of today though at a later date her publisher requested her to rewrite the second book to reflect the transformations in her writing style.

Lene Kaaberbol has written several dozen novels over the last few decades years. The quality of her work has attracted to her considerable recognition and praise, the author garnering numerous national and international awards over time.

With her novels translated into over thirty languages, Lene has been described as an author of considerable skill capable of constructing unique and engaging universes, plots, and characters.

Her writing style captivates her readers, her worlds drawing them in even as her characters make you laugh, cry and ruminate.

Asked about her tastes, Lene Kaaberbol has admitted that her love lies first and foremost within the genre of fantasy. She likes writing for children and has attracted considerable success through her Young Adult novels.

However, she has dabbled in fiction for adults. Her works have attracted comparisons with certain blockbuster movies, her tales packed with an incredible amount of suspense and interpersonal friction even while steering clear of unnecessary melodrama.

Having graduated from Aarhus Katedralskole and boasting a degree in English and Dramaturgy, Lene Kaaberbol has worked in a variety of fields, at one point in time earning a living as a cleaning lady.

+The shamer’s Daughter

Dina has her mother’s gift, the power to draw shamed confessions by looking into the eyes of her targets. It isn’t a gift she chose to inherit. In fact, as far as Dina is concerned, her power is more of a curse than anything, eliciting fear and hostility everywhere she goes, this despite only seeking simple friendship from her simple life.

When Dina’s mother is summoned to solve a bloody triple murder at Dunark Castle, Dina will have to come to terms with her power, lest she let her mother fall prey to the revolting dragons of Dunark.

Lene explains the idea from which she created of the Shamer in the note she writes to her readers within the first few pages of this, the first novel in the Shamer series. She speaks of ‘The Look’ an ability her mother, and every mother, seemed to possess, this strange power to glean the truth of her wrongs from her mind by simply meeting her gaze.

The idea of the Shamer is unique and should intrigue most readers of fantasy.

Lene doesn’t make much effort to stress the magic in her world, instead emphasizing the Dina’s story and the various interpersonal conflicts she encounters.

The Shamer’s Daughter follows Dina Tonnerre, daughter to the shamer, a woman that can elicit the secrets of her target by simply looking into their eyes, shaming them in the process.

Because she inherited her mother’s power, Dina has never had any real friends, excluding her insufferable family. Dina’s lonely life takes a drastic turn when she finds herself caught up in a murder.

Lene Kaababerbol’s story is very fast paced; the events flow into one another well enough, though some people might complain about the many characters that spend the majority of the story sitting around and doing nothing.

Most of the conflict in the story emanates from Dina herself and the sometimes idiotic actions she takes though her age somewhat excuses her actions and mannerisms. At ten years old, Dina, while likable, isn’t very believable as a protagonist. She is simply too wise for her age and many times she feels a lot like a mouth piece for Lene herself.

The primary message of the book is the importance of truth and trust, this most prominently manifested by Dina’s mother, the woman willing to put her life and that of her child on the line to maintain her integrity.

The Shamer’s daughter is a decent novel for young readers though some parents and guardians might wince at some of the insults.

+The Shamer’s Signet

Because of Dina’s Shamer powers, not even Davin, her brother, is willing to meet her gaze. Dina soon learns the true extent of the danger she’s facing when nefarious forces kidnap her and force her to use her ability against the innocent.

It is up to Davin to help Dina escape captivity.

The Shamer’s Signet is the second novel in the Shamer series. In the Shamer’s Signet, Lene continues to explore the world within which Dina lives, this time not only exploring Dina’s life but providing readers a glimpse into the life of Davin, her brother, and the experiences and hardships he must endure as a result of his connection to two shamers.

Readers that enjoyed the first novel in the series will like the Shamer’s Signet, which catches up with Dina and her Family, now settled in a highlander clan with people that still maintain their loyalty to the Raven’s house.

Even though times are dark and dangerous for shamers, people still come from afar to seek out the intervention of the shamers. Dina must stay close to her mother to better learn the craft since she will one day take her place and perform the duties expected of her.

The author’s decision to shift the perspective of the book between two characters makes for a very refreshing tale.

For some people, The Shamer’s Signet dragged and was longer than it needed to be. Rose is an interesting addition to the cast and brings a lot of comic relief to the story. Overall, Lene Kaaberbol approaches the young adult genre like few other authors.
She makes almost no effort to inject romance into the book, dashing the hopes of many a young adult reader. The friendships and the adventure make The Shamer’s signet an interesting read, none the less. The story is fast paced and there are elements of darkness that Lene dares to approach which were absent in the first novel.

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