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Publication Order of Lennox Books

Lennox (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Glasgow Kiss (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deep Dark Sleep (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Men And Broken Hearts (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Craig Russell takes us deep into the life of one private investigator by the name of Lennox. The first novel in this series goes by that name and it has been described by many critics as well as supporters as really fascinating work. The year is 1953 just at the aftermath of World War 2 and in the streets of the city of Glasgow; another world war seems to be brewing. But this time, it all has to do with crime lords and their gangs and the war of supremacy in this city. The murder of a member of a family that has twins, by the name of Tam and Frankie McGahem sparks some intriguing run of events. First Tam is murdered in cold blood by two men, who upon answering the door, Tam found himself staring down the barrels of shotguns and that’s how his life ended. His brother comes to Lennox for help in identifying who actually ordered the hit on Tam. Lennox instinctively refuses to help Frankie but later on in that day, Frankie is found dead. His head has actually been severely disfigured.

The first suspect is Lennox and in order to prove his innocence, he actually has to come out and find who actually it was that killed the twins. He has to actually dodge some of the most dangerous men and this does not just include Glasgow’s deadly killers but others from outside as well. Lennox has to make sure that he stays alive despite being hunted down and make sure that he solves the crime no matter the cost. The Three Kings, as the crime bosses of the Glasgow gangs are terribly known are some of the characters that you will find really deadly as this series progresses. This crime series is actually one of the best that has ever been written and you will find the book really intriguing and it will keep you glued from page one up to the last one. The different writing styles that have been incorporated into this series is just brilliant in its own right. Russell just goes out of his way to make sure that Lennox, his character is well represented and makes sure that there are no loopholes to keep the reader in doubt as to how brilliant the plot is.

Lennox is actually the post product of the world war that has just ended and this has made him into a really compelling man that is just fascinating to read. The humor in the books is just on another level of its own and you will absolutely be smiling through the pages. The second installment in this Lennox series goes by the name of The Long Glasgow Kiss. This novel does not disappoint at all from the last one and you will find the rich as well as incredible writing that we have come to expect from Craig Russell. The Glasgow streets in the 1950s is not really somewhere that you would like to end up in and this is due to all the dangerous activity that is taking place here. In this second book in the series, Lennox finds himself in an even dangerous mêlée. There has been a murder in a dog racing track. One of the owners of this establishment is bludgeoned to death by a statue of his favorite dog and it is up to Lennox to solve this crime and find out who it actually was that did this. During the night of the murder, Lennox was with the deceased’s daughter so there is no cause to actually suspect him.

In the process of investigating this murder, he finds out that the deceased, Jimmy Macfarlane was not just into dog racing and he runs another cartel right under the noses of the people in this dog racing establishment. One of the Three Kings’ crime bosses by the name of Willie Sneddon is involved in the murder but what surprises Lennox the more is the existence of a far more mysterious and dangerous player that actually makes the Three Kings look like kids in their own game. So, Lennox has to be even more careful as he realizes that he has to be the one who ultimately has to track this mysterious guy. Well, this book is fast paced and you will love each page that you open as it is really intriguing. Craig delves into the minds of his characters really superbly and blends into their surroundings to give the most detailed as well as spectacular accounts that you can ever think of. The books are just amazing in their own right and crime series have never been this interesting to read.

Other books from the series too have really engaging insights and are absolutely relevant and no book goes out of its boundaries. The books stay on track to deliver the best on the life of this private investigator that is on a very dangerous track but he has only himself for back up. Having served in the world war that has just ended, Lennox is described as a guy who really is amazing and brings out the book in a very vivid detail that is just unrivaled. Each time you open a book that is on this series, you will find yourself clearly submerged in the streets of Glasgow in the 50s and it is really fascinating. Every detail is captured very brilliantly and the author leaves no room for doubts at all from you as the reader. There are four novels in this series that is just filled all the styles of writing that make reading a crime novel fun and endearing at the same time. Craig Russell is a writer that does every book in very crystal detail and makes sure that the story goes in line with what was relevant form the beginning. The characters are more amazing and you will feel like a part of them once you embark on reading this series. Overall, it is a really awesome book that any fan of this genre will really adore.

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