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Leon Uris was one of the highly renowned authors from America who was well known for writing several successful novels based on the historical fiction and literature & fiction genres. He was particularly famous for his novels titled Trinity and Exodus. Before taking up writing as a career, author Uris used to serve in the Marine Corps during the World War Two. After that, he used to work for a newspaper agency and write during the spare times. Uris would not take his writing seriously in the beginning until one of his articles was bought by the Esquire magazine. Later, he got more interested with the topic of Israel and this motivated him to carry out some extensive research work in his novel ‘Exodus’. After spending a couple of years on the research work, he was finally able to write and publish the novel to a great success. Author Uris started his career as a published author with the novel titled ‘Battle Cry’ that was released in the year 1953. The last novel written by him, ‘O’Hara’s Choice’ had come out in the year 2003. Author Uris was born on August 3, 1924 and died on June 21, 2003. His birth had taken place in Baltimore, Maryland, the United States; in a Jewish American family. His father, Wolf William was an immigrant from Poland and used to work as a paperhanger and storekeeper. Uris’s mother was of a Russian America descent. He later spoke of his father that his father faced harsh realities and failure in Czarist Russia because of being a Jew and this had made him very much bitter.

At the age of 6, author Uris took inspiration from his dog’s death and wrote an operetta. His parents enrolled him in a few schools in Baltimore and Norfolk, Virginia, but he never completed his high school graduation. In fact, Uris failed three times in the subject of English. He was 17 years old and studying in his senior high school year when the Japanese forces had attacked the Pearl Harbor. Post this, he enlisted himself in the Marine Corps of the United States Army. Uris went on to serve with the second Battalion of the 6th Marines in the South Pacific. During that time, he was posted as a radioman in New Zealand. Uris served between the 1942 and 1944. In between, he suffered from malaria, dengue fever, and asthma recurrence. As a result of that, he had to miss the decimation of the battalion at Saipan. Author Uris was then sent to San Francisco for getting better treatment for malaria. There, he met a Marine sergeant named Betty Beck, whom he married in the year 1945. When his service got ended, Uris began working for a newspaper. He used to write articles, mostly about his experiences during the war time.

In Battle Cry, he depicted the courage and toughness of the U.S. Marines who fought in the Pacific. This helped the novel to become a bestselling one in many countries. Uris was approached by the Warner Brothers company in Hollywood for helping them to make a movie based on the novel. He wrote the original script of the film and it also became very popular with the viewers. Uris also wrote a novel set in Greece during the war time. It was titled as ‘The Angry Hills’. Author Uris is best known for his work in writing the novel Exodus. Many critics believe that Uris was so much interested and motivated by the plot of the novel based in Israel that he financed all the cost of his research on his own. For this purpose, he had to sell the film rights of the novel to MGM in advance. He also raised some amount of money by writing articles related to the Sinai Campaign in newspapers. Eventually, author Uris spent 2 years in research for Exodus and finally released it in the year 1958. After the success of this novel, author Uris published some of his other subsequent works, all of which helped him in increasing his popularity as an author. Uris married 3 times in his lifetime. With his 1st wife Betty Beck, he had 3 children. Majorie Edwards was his second wife who committed suicide, after which he married Jill Peabody. This marriage too ended in a divorce like his first marriage. Altogether, author Uris had 5 children. Uris died because of renal failure at his home located in Long Island. His body was cremated at the Quantico Cemetery. A few of the papers of author Leon Uris are kept at the Texas University’s Harry Ransom Center.

One of the initial books written by author Leon Uris is titled as ‘Exodus’. This book was published in the year 1958 by the Bantam publication. The setting of the story in the book is done in Israel and Cyprus during the time of the year 1946. A number of critics consider it to be a towering book of the most dramatic and geopolitical event of the 20th century. Author Uris has portrayed the birth of a nation in the middle of a war, which caused the beginning of a struggle for getting the control of power. The tale that swept the readers with fury tells the story of a nurse from America and a freedom fighter from Israel, who get caught in the heartbreaking, glorious, and triumphant era. The novel was not only liked by the critics and the readers, but it also went on to become a bestselling book of all time. It was later translated into more than a dozen foreign languages and was also adapted into a film in the year 1960. The movie starred Paul Newman and was directed by Otto Preminger.

One of the other novels written and published initially by author Leon Uris is titled as ‘Trinity’. It was released in the year 1976 by the Avon publication. The story of this book depicts a powerful and sweeping epic adventure which deals with the terrible beauty of Ireland at the time of its bloody and long freedom struggle. The main characters include a young and idealistic Catholic rebel, and a beautiful and valiant Protestant girl, who defies her heritage and goes on to join the rebel in his brave attempt. Overall, the plot shows a tale of danger and love, victory, and a portrait of the people divided by faith, prejudice, and class. The story also depicts the unforgettable saga related to the fires that caused the devastation of the majestic lands and the thirsty flames burning inside the human heart.

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