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A Woman's Place (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
With This Ring (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Privilege (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
A World of Difference (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Side of the Angels (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fascination (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

Leona Blair is a noteworthy American writer of romance, fiction, historical romance, and historical fiction stories. She has written several mind-blowing single books of romance in her career. They include A Woman’s Place, Privilege, A World of Difference, Fascination, With This Ring, etc. Blair is well-known for writing compelling stories featuring strong female characters in the lead roles. Her books have received epic responses in all the places of their release. Author Blair is famous for readers who have a particular taste in the historical romance genre. They like her typical description of lust and love in her stories. On many occasions, Blair’s books have garnered mixed reviews from noted critics. However, they have been overall successful.

With the success of her novels, Blair has managed to form a large fan-following for herself. She is followed by readers in all corners of the world. They eagerly wait for the release of her new books. Author Blair made her debut as a writer of romance stories with the 1981 book called A Woman’s Place. This book received huge appreciation and praise from one and all and helped Blair to establish herself as a noteworthy author. Following the success of her debut book, she went on to write a few more widely popular novels. Though Blair’s novels were published in the 80s and 90s, they are sought after even today. Their widescale publicity and popularity cannot be denied any reader who lives romance stories. Many aspiring writers look up to her work for inspiration and regard as a major influence in their life and career.

An exciting book written by author Linda Blair in her writing career is entitled ‘The Side of Angels’. It was released in 1993 by Bantam publication after its first release a year before. Author Blair has mentioned the central characters in this novel in the roles of Katherine Ballard, Sydney Benedict Ballard, Benedict Ballard, Rebecca Salter, Polly Benedict, Win Talley, and several others. Initially, Katherine Ballard is introduced as a young and happy girl. When she suddenly hears the final quarrel between her socialite glamorous mother named Sydney Benedict Ballard and her scholarly father, she feels her world has been destroyed. Her mother abandons her, while her father isolates himself from her due to his indulgence in his work.

As a result, Katherine is left all by herself to look after her and put her life together. She constructs a facade that helps her to withstand the shame of the notoriety of her mother. Katherine’s pain is understood only by her best friend named Rebecca Salter. Rebecca is determined, rebellious and shows unconditional love for Katherine. Several years later, Katherine is approached by her powerful matriarch grandmother named Polly Benedict, who had not acknowledged Katherine before. Polly invites Katherine to come and live with her on her large estate located in South Caroline, called Kel Regis. By giving this invitation to her struggling granddaughter, Polly hopes to give a new shape to her life. She even thinks of living out the frustrated ambitions of her life through Katherine. But, Katherine doesn’t appear to be an easy conquest for her.

It takes some time before the seductive way of living of the Benedicts wins her over. Kel Regis’ grandeur attracts Katherine and she begins to like the influence created by her Polly and her senator husband for her. Polly Benedict becomes happy to see that her beautiful, brilliant, and feisty granddaughter is already making her name by doing things she expected from her. However, Katherine plays a romantic gamble and turns her back one everything Polly dreamed for her. Her marriage to an American actor named Win Talley, who has a huge popularity in London, comes as a huge shock for Polly Benedict. And with this decision, Katherine finds herself in the crosshairs with everyone she loves, putting her fiercest passions, her deepest needs, and her ideals at stake. This book touches many issues that are close to women. Author Blair has done a fantastic job by creating this satisfying story of daughters and mothers, of women and men in love, which speaks to the heart and intellect of a woman.

Another mind-blowing novel written by Blair is called ‘Fascination’. It was also published by Bantam in 1998, after its original publication in 1997. This passionately involving novel is set in 1900 and shows how love was the deadly pastime of that time. Blair has depicted that the start of the 20th century was filled with grandeur, glamour, ruthless tycoons, etc. That time also consisted of fashionable women overcoming old conventions, rich Americans going to foreign trips, and the wayward passions that risk a woman’s pride and reputation unless she succeeds in resisting the pull of fascination. The lead characters mentioned in this novel include Miranda Cunningham, Cynthia, Paul, Louisa McAllister, Steven James, etc. Blair has set the story in Europe and America.

The novel opens by introducing Miranda Cunningham as a sophisticated and elegant wife living in New York. She boards a ship headed for England to meet her husband Paul. To give her company on the journey, she brings along her spoiled, but beautiful niece Cynthia, who intends to take the whole of Europe by storm and find a titled life partner to restore the lost prestige of her family. One of the other passengers on the luxury ship is an engaging and thoroughly modern woman named Louisa McAllister. She looks forward to seeing the world. All three women are different in many, but they end up falling in love with the same person. Steven James is a state senator hailing from New York. He has also boarded the same ship with the intention of investigating a business deal that could bring a huge change to his country and bring him enormous wealth.

Steven is a widower and is sought after by many women. He has not loved any lady as much as ladies have loved him. When desire blinds him and draws him closer to a storm filled with emotions and drastically change his life, a big transformation happens in the state of affairs. Later, the choices made by each of the 3 women unleash betrayal, intrigue, and jealousy that push them in the direction of the happiness that they seek or the lingering heartache waiting for them. The journey takes the characters from London to Cairo and back to the US. Meanwhile, the women bring about a shocking conclusion through their rivalry that puts a man’s love to test and reveals a woman’s heart’s hidden recess.

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