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Leona Deakin
Leona Deakin is a mystery writer known for her unique and captivating psychological thrillers. Deakin has enjoyed a long career as a psychologist. This explains why she is so knowledgeable on the subject in all her works. The talented author previously worked for West Yorkshire Police before she became an occupational psychologist. Deakin currently resides in Leeds with her family.

Gone stars Dr. Augusta Bloom, a private detective and psychologist specializing in Child counseling and her partner Marcus Jameson. At the begging of this book, we meet Dr. Augusta as she works with 14-year-old Seraphine Walker. The teenager stabbed the caretaker at her school, and the psychologist is trying to identify what drives her. This is not the first time this has been observed, and there is fear that things could get worse in future. Dr. Augusta is deep into this case when her partner approaches her with another intriguing one.

A family friend’s mother disappears after getting a birthday card with a “Your Gift is the game, dare to play” message, and her kin is worried. After a little digging, Dr. Augusta and Marcus discover that that three other people have disappeared right after receiving the strange birthday card. Initially, the detectives do not think much of the disappearances. After all, this is just a game. However, the family members of the missing people put pressure on them, and when the number of disappearances continues to rise, the police finally get involved.

Dr. Augusta is determined to get to the root of this case. First, she and her partner discover that the strange cards came with a link, but how are the people who get the card’s picked? After doing their investigations, the detectives realize that all the missing people are somehow connected. Even worse, while the missing people may seem like the victims, they may be more dangerous to those who are trying to find them. Will the detective continue with their search knowing they are putting their lives in danger? What if the missing people do not want to be found?

Join Dr. Augusta and Marcus as they work together with the police to resolve the mystery behind the disappearances. Both the main characters are quirky, and a joy to meet and their way of thinking is extraordinary. Once the two detectives discover the link between the missing people, everything about this case becomes clear. Away from the missing people, the story about the psychologically disturbed kid continues. The two stories are told simultaneously, and the author manages to do all this without compromising the flow.

Gone is a perfect choice if you are in the mood for a thrilling, solid, and scary ride. The dynamic between Dr. Augusta and Marcus works perfectly, and it is clear that the author is not new to psychology. It may take a while for you to guess what is happening, and the well-placed twists and turns will only push the tension higher. That said, the truth is revealed in bits, so you will know exactly what happens to those who are reported to have gone missing. Overall, this is an exciting thriller with a unique storyline, great characters, and relentless pace.

Anomaly stars William York, a talented psychologist and a Sorella Grey, a captivating woman who shows up when William needs a friend. Thanks to a brutal exclusion from a partnership, William attempts to end his life. William finds nothing positive about life, and eliminating himself seems like the only viable solution. While his efforts are unsuccessful, something is different when he wakes up. As William tries to rationalize the changes he encounters after the failed suicide, he meets Sorella. This kind woman takes him with her to her village, where William is confronted with even more questions.

Well, first of all, the technology is rural North Yorkshire is so advanced, and William is curious to know why this is the case. Another bizarre thing pushes him to think about his reality. One time, William parks his car only to be met by a dilapidated road a few hours later. What happened to his car and the road that was perfectly smooth a few hours ago? Also, it hasn’t escaped William that Sorella’s community is fearful and suspicious of him. Does William imagine these things, or did that bump to his head cause more damage than he anticipated? Why does he think that the community expects the worst from him?

Slowly, the truth unravels as William discovers an advanced world that also comes with a dark secret. While everything looks harmonious and peaceful on the surface, there is something dark and sinister about this place. William will learn about the different ways discoveries on the human mind have changed the world. Thanks to brain enhancements, intellect and empathy have been increased. This has led to a decrease in conflict and prejudice. The experiences in this new world are both quizzical and thought-provoking, and as the truth comes to light, William thinks he may once again lose his reason to live.

This is a hard book to classify because it contains everything from science and relationships to nature and civilization. Through different stories involving the relationship between William and Sorella, the author tells a story of loss, second chances, and self-discovery. The narrative unfolds quickly with clearly dropped details to make the story believable. While there is nothing ordinary about William’s experiences, the normality and teasing in the conversations between these two will put a smile on your face. How will William react to the truth? Will Sorella help him in digesting the unexpected discoveries?

Anomaly is a deep and captivating read. This book will make you think about the different ways people choose to deal with sad and scary situations and the consequences that come with their choices. The story also touches on time travel, psychology, and the changes that may come with technology advancement. In short, this is a well-written story and a perfect mix of everyday life, loss, love, and everything in between. The suspense will keep you turning the pages, and by the time you get to the end, it will be apparent that the ride was worth your time.

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