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Publication Order of Leone Scamarcio Books

Leone Scamarcio Series
Leone Scamarcio is the protagonist in a crime-mystery series by Nadia Dalbuono. The series documents the life of Leone Scamarcio, a law enforcement officer who wants nothing but to uphold the law and ensure things are done right. The detective is good at his job, and this will earn him enemies who will strive to eliminate him right at the start of the series. This is a difficult journey riddled by corruption, crime, and violence. There is going to be blood, bodies will keep falling from the skies, and the detective will find it difficult to upholding his values and staying alive.

The Few
The Few is the first book in the Leone Scamarcio series. This book introduces Detective Leone Scamarcio, a man who is determined to live his life away from his family’s influence. Scamarcio’s father is a retired Mafioso boss, but his son turns away from the family business to become a cop. Scamarcio has witnessed tremendous growth in his career and now falls among the most honest people in Italy. Things change when Scamarcio is given explicit photos of prominent government officials and is requested to handle the mess. His honesty is about to be put to the test, and it is only a matter of time before the detective is forced to make some tough choices.

A young man is stabbed inside his Rome apartment, and a little girl has vanished in thin air in Elba. Now, Scamarcio has his hands full. He has to solve these two crimes while figuring out what to do with the photographs handed to him. The investigations start, and all leads point to the prime minister as the culprit. The prime minister is a multi-media baron and also the most powerful person in the country. The case spins out of control, and now Scamarcio finds himself in trouble as well. His past is threatening to catch up with him.

The honest detective is forced to navigate the dark currents that characterize the Italian society. He will be shocked to realize nothing is as it seems. As the bodies continue to pile up, Scamarcio will be forced to confront drug lords, corrupt politicians, and underworld murderers who will take out anyone for money. His shadowy past does not help the detective in any way as secrets he wanted to take to his grave are revealed. Will Scamarcio be able to stop all the evil, or is it true that some are above the law?

This book starts with a steady pace and is packed with action from start to finish. Join detective Scamarcio as he takes his investigations from the beaches of Elba to the middle of Rome. The author captures both the romantic and dark sides of these two regions as well as Italy. There are many other exciting characters, as well as numerous adventures to undertake.

The Few is a dark thriller that will introduce you to the world of corrupt politicians, child traffickers, and sex workers. While everything about this world is horrifying, it is disturbingly real. The narrative is intricately woven and comes with twists and turns almost on every page. The plot is quite complex, making this a perfect choice if you are looking for a sophisticated read.

The American
The American is the second book in the Leone Scamarcio series. The Autumn is just setting in, and the numbers outside soup kitchens continue to grow. The economic crisis is not getting any better, and people are becoming frustrated by the day. There is a lot of tension in the air, and most of Rome’s inhabitants are searching for a ray of light to illuminate their dark days.

Detective Leone Scamarcio gets a call about suicide in Ponte Sant’ Angelo, just next to the city of Vatican. From his expensive suit, Scamarcio can tell that the dead man is a businessman frustrated by the hard times. On a closer look, Scamarcio notices a troubling similarity between this scene and another one he witnessed back in 1982. The dead businessman has plaster in his pockets. The detective does additional tests that make him believe that this death is not suicide.

The previous scene was a murder where Roberto Calvi, otherwise known as God’s Banker, is taken out by influential people. Scamarcio experienced a lot of pressure from powerful forces then, and he is sure that this one is not going to be any different. This is not the only shocking discovery that Scamarcio is going to make. There are many connections between America’s dirty wars, 9/11, and the Mafia. The violence by Italy against its people is becoming evident, and Scamarcio is forced to take up responsibilities that are way above him.

Away from work, Scamarcio is dealing with many personal issues. Is it possible that this man can balance both work and his struggles and still emerge victoriously? How about the fire he and his colleagues are facing at work? Can the department work without the support of the state and the church? The department has been under fire before, and the consequences were terrible. Is the police force ready to go through all this again to solve a single crime?
This is a well-plotted mystery piece that comes with a good dose of political intrigue. The story weaves through the US, Italy, and the Vatican. This book is fast-paced, and the way the story is told will leave you at the edge of your seat. Yet again, you get to meet Scamarcio as he works to accomplish what he does best. Unfortunately, there will be many forces hindering his progress, not to mention the dangers that surround him in every step he takes.
The Few is every thriller lover’s dream. From a charming main character to an intricate plot, this novel has it all and much more. There is no doubt that the author has done her research, making it easy for her to weave real-life events and places into her story effortlessly.

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