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Leopold Borstinski is an independent author of crime and thriller fiction that is best known for the “Lagott Family” series of novels.

Before he became a bestselling author, Borstinski worked in business management for a slew of financial software companies. He has also worked in consulting, financial journalism, marketing, and product sales in addition to teaching.
Leopold published “The Heist” his debut novel in 2017 and has never stopped since. Since that time, he has put out more than a dozen novels across several series and single-standing titles.

Over the years, writing has become a passion and he usually published an average of two novels every year.

When he is not writing his novels, he can usually be found traveling all over the United States and Europe and has also been to Asia several times. Leopold is also the holder of a degree in Philosophy that he has not used in his writing endeavors.

He currently makes his home in London where he lives with his wife and child.

“The Heist” by Leopold Borstinski introduces Frank Lagott Jnr who has just gotten out of prison. He is now looking for some way to make some quick money so that he can escape from his many troubles.
Luckily for him, he has access to the people that would be of great help to him. His big idea is to become a bank robber at least one time and for this, he needs people he can trust.

Mary Lou his girlfriend is central to his plans, given that they can use her ample charms to get on the good side of one of the bank’s employees named Carter Reinfeldt.

The latter falls for their scheme and provides them with all the information but even with an inside man, a very skilled crew, and Frank Lagotti senior a mobster uncle, there is some serious trouble still coming.

It is not long before the gang members are on each other’s throats and even planning to kill each other. Frank junior has some beef with Frank senior even as the latter has his own plans.

It is not clear where Mary Lou’s allegiance lies and things get even more complicated when she falls for the reliable Carter, only to find that he is also planning to rob the bank. What had seemed like such an easy job might not be after all.

Leopold Borstinki’s novel “The Getaway” tells the story of a woman and man with two bags of cash.

The mob is intent on killing them while the Feds would do anything to catch them.

Following Frank and Mary Lou his girlfriend’s successful bank heist, they will need to flee across the United States before the mob kills them for stealing from their boss and the Feds find them.
As they head to California, the most important currency they need is trust as Mary Lou and Frank cannot be certain if love will be enough glue to keep them together.

By the time they reach California, they will have to fight some dangerous battle against trained police shooters and hired guns. They might have to kill everyone who stands in their path or else they would die.
This is a gripping crime noir novel that comes with some dangerous action sequences. Borstinski writes a violent work with danger coming out of every corner that will squeeze the chest of its readers.
Overall, Frank and Mary Lou become more real as individuals and the story comes with a lot of gripping suspense.

“Powder” by Leopold Borstinski opens with Mary Lou the bank robber needing to find a place to hide. She needs to find a place where she can be safe from the mob and finally be able to spend her hard-earned money.
But with a young family to keep safe, she is soon tired of the banality of life and is yearning for the adventure and excitement of her past criminal life.

As a woman in the criminal underworld of the 1970s, she has to prove that she still has the skills and chutzpah to do it once again. When a drug deal goes wrong, she finds her children under threat from some very bad people.
Mary Lou needs to find a way to save her family before they are taken out over a simple bag of drugs. Even better than the previous works, it is an intense and riveting story with the best of it is not knowing what would come next.
It also comes with a lot of turns and twists and some shocking surprises which makes for a gripping read.

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