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Lesley Pearse is a British author of fiction. She is known for her literary forays into historical romance series. Her books have done quite well, as Pearse is the author of over three million copies just in the U.K. Her recent books Faith and Hope and Gypsy have been bestsellers as part of the Penguin paperbacks series. She lives close to Bristol and has three daughters as well as a grandson.

She is the author of the Belle series, which has three books in it. Belle was published in 2011, The Promise in 2012, and Survivor rounded out the trilogy in 2014. It was well received by readers, enough so that a 2016 collection of the Belle series came out called The Complete Belle Collection.

Lesley Pearse is also the author of several standalone novels. Her debut novel was titled Georgia and came out in 1993. Her novels Tara, Charity, Ellie, Camellia, Rosie, and Charlie came out quickly after. She wrote several more novels, the most recent being The Woman in the Wood. Pearse also contributed to the Great Escapes collection in 2008.

Belle is the first novel in the Belle series. It is 1910 in London, and a young girl has grown up in a brothel all her life without ever knowing it. Now that she is 15 years old, she has suddenly discovered that all is not as it seems in the Seven Dials. Even though she grew up there, Belle’s life is forever changed and her innocence gone forever when she sees one of the girls that lives there brutally murdered.

Belle flees the house but her luck is not to turn around. She is caught up off of the streets by the same person that killed the girl in the Seven Dials. Belle is sold in Paris straight into prostitution, the very fate that she had been spared for years. Instead of living in a bubble as part of the sex trade world, she is now directly part of it unwillingly. But she can’t do anything about it except for go along with it for a time as she is taken to the lively city of New Orleans.

In this exciting and historical city, Belle gradually begins to come into her own. Now of age, she gradually learns how to operate skill fully within her life as a courtesan and even adapts to enjoy it. However, she is always thinking of the home she left behind. Even though she is the golden girl for right now of the prostitution world in this bustling southern city, she knows that she only has so long to dominate this cage before it turns into a prison once more that holds her forever.

But getting out of there might be even tougher than she thought. Belle finds that her life is being threatened by some men who want her attention, of all things. All she has is herself on this journey to get out of danger and back into her life the way it used to be– or maybe something totally different. Belle must find her boldness and courage in order to get by, and all the while she is looking for a way to get back home. Reuniting with any family and friends that are still there would mean everything to her.

Belle has only herself in this exciting debut novel from Lesley Pearse. But can she find her source of true happiness or will it be gone forever? Belle is a strong leading woman for our times and a strong protagonist. Pick it up for yourself to see what happens with this saucy heroine that seems pulled right out of the middle of history.

The Promise is the second book in the popular Belle series. It is 1914 in London and Belle Reilly is back as the main character in this bestselling book from Lesley Pearse. She’s wanted a certain life as long as she can remember, a life that had to be put on hold while she made it happen when she was trapped as a prostitute in the world of New Orleans. But that life is no more and she is so happy to leave it behind.

She is married now to her sweet husband. His name is Jimmy and he supports her as she supports them both on the hat shop she finally opened– her dream for so long, ever since she was young. But they can’t see what’s coming as the first world war gathers on the horizon and it is certain that a storm is coming. Belle’s life is so crazy but it’s about to change more than she ever knew possible– is she ready for it?

Jimmy enlists to be in the army and when he heads out for the Ypres battlefields, Belle doesn’t know what to do. She is racked by fear as her husband goes off to fight a war. All that she knows is that she can no longer watch as the war rages on. Belle knows that she has to volunteer to tend to the wounded. She ends up joining the Red Cross to help the war effort and do her part for her country as her husband is doing.

But when she is sent all the way to France and she is working there as an ambulance driver, the past comes flooding back to Belle. She also runs into Etienne, a man from long ago that was a big part of her childhood. Now he is all grown up, and Belle is torn between loyalty to her husband and the forbidden passion of a person she has a history with. With so much happening all around them, Belle is torn.

She doesn’t know what to do as the past comes into the present and she is still separated from her husband. Belle must do what she can to survive the most brutal world war in the history of humankind and hope that her husband will come back to her. But what about being happy? Pick up this fascinating novel in the Belle series to find out whether Belle can ever really be happy or if– despite her best efforts– she loses everything.

Lesley Pearse is an English author of fiction. Hailing from the U.K., she is one of the most popular novelists in the U.K. as well as internationally. With many fans from everywhere all over the globe and being able to write bestsellers, Pearse has sold over two million copies of her novels to this date, she is a storyteller that has mastered gripping storylines and the art of creating a novel that is an absolute page-turner.

Pearse enjoys introducing her readers to characters that they will connect with and care about. While other books in the genre she writes in rely on formulas to get from the beginning to the end, she doesn’t use any formula to write her novels. The genres that they are set in also vary from genres that aren’t totally defined, from crime to historical adventure or engaging books like Trust Me, which was based on the real events of child migrants from England that were being sent over to Australia after the war.

Her life is as interesting as the fiction that she writes, and perhaps even stranger. Lesley Pearse has had a very dramatic and eventful life. Her mother died when she was just three years old under circumstances that were tragic. Their father had been at work at sea and a neighbor spied Lesley and her brother outside without coats and that led to finding out that their mother had died.

Lesley and her brother ended up in orphanages for three years after their mother died because their father was in the Royal Marines. They eventually got to go home again when their father remarried a sharp ex-Army nurse and was joined later by two more kids that were adopted by their father and stepmother, as well as a series of foster children that would come through.

It’s safe to say that there was a fair amount of constant change as well as a lack of certainty or emotional stability or reliability in her early life. These themes of her early years made their way into her books as recurring themes about what happens to children who go through tough times or are emotionally damaged. Her childhood was very unique and her early experiences have also been expressed through her fiction and her gift for telling stories and writing.

Her first novel was published in 1993 and is called Georgia. It was followed by the novels Tara, Charity, Ellie, and several more. She has also been published in the Great Escapes Collection.

Pearse’s Belle Series debuted in 2011 with the publication of Belle. It was followed by The Promise, where main character Belle is desperate to do anything to make her life better. The third book in the series came out in 2014 and is titled Survivor.

Belle is set in London in 1910 and is the debut novel in the Belle series by Lesley Pearse. Belle is 15 years old at the time of this novel. As a young girl, she has lived in the Seven Dials in a brothel for all of her life and for most of it had no idea what was really going on in the name of commerce upstairs.

But she finds out about that and death too when one of the girls is murdered and she is witness to it. Belle is taken from her home and sold into prostitution in Paris by the killer. Now her entire world is not her own and when she is to go to New Orleans halfway across the planet, she is going to blossom from a young girl into a young woman that is more in control of her fate than ever.

Belle is a simple courtesan, but she knows that the assets she has now will not last. She is going to have to find a way out of this world, whether finding something else to do or escaping completely. Belle has to get out and get away from the men who want her attention and this world entirely. But the road ahead will be full of dangers, even for someone as resourceful as she is.

Does Belle have the courage within herself to try and escape? Will she have any allies out there in her quest for freedom? Read this exciting book from wonderful author Lesley Pearse to find out!

The Promise is set in 1914 in London and reunites the reader with Belle Reilly in this sequel to Belle. Belle has finally found happiness and a life she has always wanted thanks to her husband Jimmy. Now she has achieved another dream that she has always wanted to follow; owning and running a hat shop. But when the first world war starts to slowly arrive like a ship on the horizon, Belle’s crazy life is about to change in ways that she never even saw coming.

Then her husband enlists in the Army and is sent to the battlefields. Belle starts to realize slowly that her entire life is on the verge of falling apart. But she is resilient and will not stand by and watch it happen. Belle volunteers to help treat the wounded and ends up working abroad as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross In France.

It is there that she meets Etienne, a mysterious man who she first met when she was a child. Belle knows that she still loves her husband but never expected to meet the man who played such an important role in her youth here in Europe. As she continues to talk to him, the young woman and former courtesan finds herself torn when it comes to matters of the heart.

Will the lure of forbidden passion be enough to make her forsake her marriage or will she stay loyal to the man that she married? As Belle’s past continues to rise up and haunt her, she’s faced with a series of tests of character that will reveal who she really is and what she’s made of. With the war raging and her husband still at risk, she will follow her destiny and make a choice. What will it be? Pick up The Promise to find out!

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