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Lisa Tentler is a noteworthy American writer of romance, thriller, and mystery stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Rarity Cove series and the Chasing Evil Trilogy series. Additionally, Tentler has penned a single novel called Fallen and a novella called Cold Season. Tentler’s books have fared very well in the publishing world. They have succeeded in reaching out to a large number of readers across the globe. In 2012, Tentler participated with ThrillerFest with her first novel and became a finalist for the Best First Novel. She has also been a finalist for the Daphne du Maurier Award on two occasions. Tentler is proud to have received the Maggie Award, which is a highlight of her writing career. She feels blessed to have won this prestigious award and achieved tremendous success over the years.

Author Tentler was born in Kingsport, Tennessee, United States. As of today, she resides in Atlanta and works from the comfort of her home. Various authors and reviewers have labeled Tentler’s books as page-turning romance, taut, and heart-stopping suspense. They have even declared her as a rising star of mystery and romantic suspense. Prior to beginning her career in the field of publishing, Tentler worked as an editor and writer in public relations for almost 2 decades. She claims to have been getting the urge to write fiction and pursue her passion for a long time. And when the time was right and she could not hold the urges anymore, she decided to try her hand at writing fiction.

Fortunately for her, the road moving forward kept becoming easy, thereby, motivating her even more. With her first manuscript, Tentler won a few awards at contests organized by the RWA chapter. One among them was the Maggie Award of Excellence. Being a Kingsport native has taught many life lessons to the author. While growing up, she used to read a lot. The author whose work came to Tentler’s notice was Nancy Drew. After going through a number of Nancy Drew books, Tentler felt the need to move on and try other genres as well. Subsequently, she set her eyes on her mother’s collection of historical romance novels.

Though she was too young to read such books, her mother never stopped her as she believed that Tentler should get exposure to various literary works as possible and as early as possible. She believed it would help the author in the long run. As Tentler grew older, her interests moved to stories of contemporary, dark romantic thrillers. As this genre interested her very much, she chose to develop her writing career in this genre as well. Tentler’s successful writing career allowed her to become a proud member of various writers’ associations, including the MWA, the ITW, and the RWA. She is happily married and lives with her husband named Robert in Atlanta.

Tentler is very fond of pets and keeps several cats and dogs at her home. The author believes that her creativity is mostly inspired by settings. Many of her stories take place on the southeastern coast. The specific reason for this is that she has always romanticized near the beach. Even her debut novel is set in the beautiful city of New Orleans. Tentler has visited this city many times and is mesmerized by its history and culture. Other than the settings, there are a number of other things that inspire Tentler, including the topics that she wishes to explore. This can be understood from the diversity of the characters that she has created in her books over the years, including law enforcement officers, physical therapists, psychologists, ER doctors, cafe owners, etc.

By creating such characters, Tentler gets the chance to know more about such professions, thereby, helping her to create realistic characters. As a writer, the most difficult part for Tentler is writing the opening paragraphs of new chapters. Her attempts to get the first two paragraphs rights often make her consume several hours. Tentler believes that there is no real cure for writer’s block except the determination of the writer to keep trying and improving over time. For Tentler, writing is an experience that she tends to do for personal satisfaction as well as for serving her readers. She likes to write stories and characters that speak to her and at the same time, she also keeps the expectations of readers at the back of her mind. Overall, Tentler has enjoyed her career very much and is hopeful of doing it for many more years to come.

A successful series written by author Leslie Tentler is known as the Chasing Evil series. Its books were released between 2011 and 2012. Tentler has created the lead characters in the books in the form of Rain Sommers, Trevor Rivette, Caitlyn Cahill, Reid Novak, Eric MacFarlane, Mia Hale, etc. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Midnight Caller’. It was released by Mira publication in 2011. Tentler has set this novel in New Orleans, Louisiana. Initially, Rain Sommers is introduced as a psychologist. She hosts a late-night radio show where she answers the queries of the callers over the phone.

Sommers has faced all kinds of crazy people and knows how to deal with them. But, when a caller becomes obsessed with her long-murdered mom and herself, she becomes too much scared. When she brings the matter to the notice of FBI agent Trevor Rivette, he believes that the caller is the same person who had killed her mother. With further investigation, Trevor succeeds in finding out that the killer is a vampire and he has a lust for blood that only Sommers can satisfy. As Trevor indulges more, he discovers that his own secrets from the past and present are interconnected with this case.

The second volume of the series is known as ‘Midnight Fear’. It was also published by Mira in 2011. This novel features the lead characters in the form of Reid Novak and Caitlyn Cahill. The book opens by mentioning that Caitlyn Cahill gets recurring nightmares in which she sees her brother standing with a butcher’s knife in his hand and his eyes filled with hatred for her. A couple of years ago, Caitlyn had gone against the wishes of her father and worked with the FBI to catch her troubled brother in connection with a series of murders. He was caught and sent to life imprisonment. When Caitlyn tells about the nightmares to Reid Novak, the FBI agent she had worked with to get her brother arrested, he thinks that there is a copycat killer on the loose. Reid suspects that this new killer knows everything about Caitlyn and her family and finds it fun to terrorize her with a cat & mouse game. Reid Novak vows to do whatever it takes to save the life of the woman he has begun to love.

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