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Publication Order of The Bone Spindle Books

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About Leslie Vedder

Leslie Vedder, a remarkable American Young Adult writer, is a master in the world of storytelling. With a flair for crafting complex characters and developing compelling narratives, she has reliably kept her readers thoroughly entertained.

Her characters aren’t just names on a page, they’re well-built individuals with depth and persona, inviting readers into their carefully construed world. This skill, along with her original way of unfolding captivating plots, is a major reason why her literature is always gripping.

Having a unique approach to storytelling, Leslie always keeps her fans on their toes. Rather than following predictable trails, she explores untouched paths, infusing life into her tales that keeps her audience glued to every page.

Her protagonists aren’t standard either; they are drawn with raw reality, displaying relatable struggles and victories, making every storyline a journey of its own. This blend of creativity and reality contributes immensely to the overall strength and charm of her writing.

More than just a teller of tales, Leslie Vedder’s innate ability to create irresistible narratives is one of her distinct gifts. Her stories aren’t simply about journeys and destinations, but about experiences woven into the fabric of the narrative, making each reading experience immersive and profound.

It’s clear that Leslie’s talent for creating fascinating tales is more than a skill, it’s an inherent gift. This knack for narrative excellence truly sets her apart in the landscape of American Young Adult fiction.

For Leslie Vedder, merging compelling characters with engaging stories is second nature. The way she intertwines intriguing characters within deep narratives pockets creates an outstanding dynamic that’s both appealing and refreshing. It’s her remarkable ability to present something unique and untold, while staying true to an imaginative context that truly sets her apart.

This interplay of literary elements endows her work with a distinct individuality, highlighting her inherent talent to breathe life into words in a way that remains unforgettable long after one has turned the last page.

Early and Personal Life

From her early years, renowned author Leslie Vedder immersed herself in a captivating world of fantasy books, fanfiction, anime, and the timeless Lord of the Rings films.

It’s this imagined universe that sparked her love for fairy tale retellings featuring heroine adventurers, and ultimately inspired her to embellish the realm of her own creativity. High school choir brought her the gift of true love, anchoring her personal life amid her blossoming literary journey.

Leslie’s education played a pivotal role in honing her writing prowess, ultimately taking on a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. As she matured in her craft, and life, Leslie has found her sanctuary in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado.

Sharing this space with her wife and their two beloved house cats, Leslie has found the perfect blend of love, tranquility, and inspiration for her exceptional narrative capabilities.

When Leslie isn’t spinning magical tales or engrossed in her favorite books, she indulges in watching anime and sci-fi shows or taking tranquil walks in the woods, envisioning them as enchanted forests. Her sense of creativity also extends towards her love for classic video games – be it collecting all the Skulltulas in Zelda or rescuing all the Dalmations in Kingdom Hearts.

Indeed, the life of Leslie Vedder is as charming and engaging as the narratives she conjures.

Writing Career

Leslie Vedder took the literary world by storm with her debut Young Adult novel, ‘The Bone Spindle,’ which was released in 2022. This work, which emerged as an ABA Indie bestseller, marked the beginning of the much-loved ‘Bone Spindle’ series. The series showcases her remarkable talent in spinning captivating fantasies, resonating strongly with her readers.

This series continued to build momentum with the release of ‘The Severed Thread’ in 2023 and ‘The Cursed Rose’ in 2024. As she continues to write, Vedder shows no sign of slowing down. Her readers eagerly anticipate more of her imaginative narratives set in spellbinding landscapes.

The Bone Spindle

Leslie Vedder’s ‘The Bone Spindle’ was officially published on January 11, 2022, by the Razorbill. This book marks the start of ‘The Bone Spindle’ series, establishing the characters and the foundation of the enchanting fantasy world. The novel promises to whisk readers away on a captivating adventure steeped in imagination and wonder.

Fi is an intellectual treasure hunter and riddle solver who unexpectedly inherits the spirit of a cursed prince, Briar Rose, inside her. Alongside her strong-willed companion Shane, they embark on a journey to break this century-old curse.

They face numerous obstacles, including threatening magic, Witch Hunters, and deceitful exes. Amidst these challenges, Fi confronts her biggest fear—the prospect of falling in love with the trapped prince.

The Severed Thread

Leslie Vedder’s ‘The Severed Thread’ was officially published on February 7, 2023, by Razorbill once again. This book marks the highly-anticipated second installment of ‘The Bone Spindle’ series. In this sequel, Vedder delves deeper into the magical world, intricately weaving the narratives and development of the beloved characters.

In the riveting sequel Fi and her bold partner Shane continue their adventure; the awakened prince and Andar’s fate still hang in the balance. Threats abound, from the Spindle Witch and Witch Hunters to Fi’s Butterfly Curse.

Shane risks all to save her friend Red, whilst battling the Spindle Witch’s right-hand figure. As Briar Rose battles his own growing darkness, their collective hope lies in cracking a mysterious book code and unveiling centuries-old secrets, leading to the potential downfall of the Spindle Witch—if they can outlive the danger.

The Cursed Rose

Leslie Vedder continued to enthrall her readers with the third installment of ‘The Bone Spindle’ series, ‘The Cursed Rose’, published on February 6, 2024, by Razorbill. This installment expands the enigmatic fantasy world and characters that readers have grown to love. It further solidifies Vedder’s place as a masterful storyteller in the realm of Young Adult fantasy fiction.

Fi is entrapped in a tower with the transformed Briar Rose, her only escape hinging on decoding the ancient Rose Witches riddle. Meanwhile, Shane, driven to save her partner and Andar, seeks a weapon gifted by the enigmatic Lord of the Butterflies, believed to herald the Spindle Witch’s downfall.

Her devotion to Red strengthens, despite his betrayal exposing her to the cruelly wielded power of the Spindle Witch’s executioner, the Wraith. As Andar’s future teeters on the brink, Fi and Shane face their greatest challenge yet—the enigmatic Tomb of Queen Aurora.

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