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Publication Order of Lesser Books

Lesser series by Penelope Sky
Author Penelope Sky writes the “Lesser” series of romantic suspense novels. The series stars Camille, a sassy heroine that tries getting rid of one man that’s obsessed with her and ends up in a worse situation than she started out in.

There are three books to the series, and it’s recommended to read all three in publication order, to get the fullest reading experience possible.

There are two men at the center of the trilogy, and trying to get Camille’s attention. There’s the man stalking her, named Grave. And there is Cauldron, the guy that tries helping Camille with this problem, and he’s also the man that tries having a romance with her. Grave and Cauldron are brothers.

“Lesser Evil” is the first novel in the “Lesser” series and was released in 2022. When Camille attempted to leave. But Grave still forced her into staying. He is obsessed with her, and not in the good sort of way. Griffin might be out of the game, however he gives her the necessary piece of information that can help set her free.

There is just one guy that Grave is afraid of. If she wants the guy dead, Griffin suggests she make this alliance. She asks who the guy is, and is given the name Cauldron Beaufort, and she didn’t get the name from him.

So Camille goes to Cap-Ferrat, located in the south of France, and finds this powerful man there. However he is not the least little bit interested in helping her out. Not for free, anyway. If she wants his protection, she will need to make it worth his while.

Sassy heroine, alpha hole, 10/10 steam. A dark romance.

Penelope is fantastic with how she uses her words and is a pro at captivating her readers with them, making them helpless but to keep on reading well after they should’ve closed the book up for the night and gone to bed. Camille and Cauldron set readers and the pages of this book on fire. The steam and passion between them is simply fantastic. All of the angst and drama had readers hooked right off the bat.

“Better Man” is the second novel in the “Lesser” series and was released in 2022. All this time, Camille had believed that Cauldron was the answer to each and every single one of her problems.

But no. Now the guy is a much bigger problem. This is just a relationship of convenience which, obviously, takes a turn into love, or does it? Camille just needs some protection, and Cauldron’s the one able to provide it, but after just a few crafty stalking techniques from Camille.

Passion which leads to heartbreak. A rule that is broken. New enemies which are made. Brothers reuniting. This is a novel that has it all; including two alpha males that are catching feelings for their women.

This book picks right up where the first book left off. Camille had acted like she was going to leave however her heart just melts for Cauldron and she winds up back in his arms yet again.

Camille and Cauldron’s relationship is very rocky to start out, she hates the guy, and can’t stand to be around him, wanting to escape, and you can’t really blame her after he’s done to her. However he then has a change of heart and really does want to try, however trying is just so very hard for him.

The novel also focuses some on Elise and Grave, with Grave finally moving on from wanting Camille after he meets the straight talking Elise. Their relationship is just supposed to be nothing more than merely a fling until their contract has ended, however it does not fully end.

“Harder Betrayal” is the third novel in the “Lesser” series and was released in 2022. Camille knew full well that a relationship with Cauldron would not be at all easy. However she underestimated exactly how challenging it could possibly be. She walked away from him, something that Cauldron was never expecting would actually happen

How can you even love somebody that refuses to love you back? And how can you love somebody that betrays you not just the once, but twice? Cauldron, as it turns out, has never been in love before and looks for any excuse he can find to push Camille away. They both never expected to share this connection with each other.

Is Cauldron going to let the only woman to ever make him feel walk out of his life for good? The woman that was able to get him to reunite with his brother and have a little talk with his dad. What is her walking out the door on him going to do to him?

Even though Cauldron and Camille are the main characters, Penelope also provides a glimpse of Grave and Elise, too. Grave has come a long way from fighting with his brother about everything and abducting Camille since he believes that he loves her.

Elise stepped into Grave’s life in order to do a job. However along the way, the two did start to have a connection with each other. Is Elise going to remember that this is just another job and to control her feelings, or are the feelings going to take over? And how will Grave handle his own feelings, particularly after he saw ho much his brother has just suffered?

Camille is so assertive and strong and stuck to her guns throughout. It’s interesting to see the progression of Cauldron’s character and just how much he really did care for Camille. Readers also want to know Bartholomew’s story, and he alone makes up for Elise and Graves’ storyline feeling a bit rushed, since you don’t really feel Graves’ feelings for Elise, they sorta just end up together.

Fans of the novel found this to be a very enjoyable conclusion to the trilogy, and it’s been well worth waiting for. It’s incredible to see how these characters are each connected in their own ways. Readers enjoyed getting the glimpses of Bartholomew and cannot wait to jump right into reading his story next.

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