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Lessor and Moore Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Lessor and Moore Mystery Books

Stuff to Die For (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stuff to Spy For (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Much Stuff (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hot Stuff (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reel Stuff (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

As a painter, artist, musician and songwriter, Don Bruns is an extremely creative individual with a singular voice, but it is a writer for which he is perhaps most known. Producing scores of thriller and mystery novels, he is a highly prolific American novelist with a unique and idiosyncratic perspective. Creating tension fuelled stories, he builds narratives that flow at a rapid and suspense fuelled pace that really carry the reader along for the ride. Setting his stories on the international stage, he definitely manages to capture a true sense of what the form is actually about. Taking the thriller template he then molds it into something new and exciting, all of his very own, putting his own personal stamp on it. Over the course of his writing career he has also gone on to create a range of series and franchises, each with their own iconic protagonists leading them. One particular series is that of his ‘Lessor and Moore Mystery’ series, also known as the ‘Stuff’ franchise of mystery thriller novels. These follow the various exploits of private investigators Skip Moore and James Lessor, as they work together to solve a variety of different cases. Starting out in dead-end jobs, it sees them attempting to start their own business together, but, over the course of the books, find themselves solving various mysteries. Becoming private investigators together, it takes a look at their relationship, having fun with the interplay of the friendship between the two of them. Proving to be a successful and popular franchise, this series has found readers worldwide, something which it will continue to do for many years to come.

Running for a total of seven books so far and counting, the series itself started out in 2007 with the debut novel ‘Stuff to Die For’. These ran until 2013 with the final book ‘Reel Stuff’, although there is plenty of room to continue the series indefinitely beyond. There was also ‘The Stuff Series Collection’, which came out in 2016, and would make up the series omnibus of the franchise so far. With the series largely taking place in South Florida, it features the two twenty-four year old protagonists trying to make sense of the newfound detective agency business and the world around them. Reaching a worldwide audience though, the series has managed to gain international acclaim, with readers from all backgrounds appreciating the series as a whole.

Stuff To Die For

Originally brought out in 2006 in January, this was first released through the ‘Oceanview Publishing’ imprint. It would mark the first in the series of the ‘Lessor and Moore Mystery’ series, also known as the ‘Stuff’ franchise from Don Bruns. Creating the style and the tone, it really manages to bring to life the world of the characters, along with giving readers a clear idea of what’s to come as well.

Working as a fun and exciting story of two individuals finding themselves apparently in over their head, this is the ideal ‘fish out of water’ story. Establishing the characters of James Lessor and Skip Moore, it manages to build their personalities through the set of challenges that they face. It also works at setting up the location of South Florida, bringing it to life, with its atmosphere and ambiance. Foreshadowing the stories to come, it also manages to provide a real sense of what the forthcoming series will be about too.

At the age of twenty-four both Skip Moore and James Lessor feel as if they’re going nowhere fast, as they dream of doing more in life. James is working as a line cook in the Cap’n Crab, whilst Skip is a security salesman to people who don’t need it, or can’t afford it. That’s when James suddenly receives a surprise inheritance, which allows him to purchase a white box truck with the intention of the both of them starting a removal business. This then throws them into a world of mystery and intrigue after they discover a bloodied human finger among one of their hauls. Can they keep one step ahead of the perpetrators and remain safe? Who did it and why? What else will they find among the stuff to die for?

Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Released through the ‘Oceanview Publishing’ outlet once again, this continue on from where the last left off. With this being initially published in 2008 on the 1st of September, this would provide the next mystery to solve for the ever intrepid duo. Developing their characters overall, it places them in an entirely new scenario, with a whole new mystery to solve as well.

This time Skip and James hope to reinvent their business as the ‘Less or Moore’ catering service, providing cheap affordable meals to the public. Using their white truck, they hope to use the hungry disciples of the Cashdollar tent revival as their base clientele after it comes to town. Headed by the Reverend Preston Cashdollar, they feel like this could be the perfect opportunity, but it soon transpires that not everything is as it seems with the Reverend and his organization. Fronting a corrupt outfit, the church turns out to be nothing more than a greedy scheme, something which Moore and and Lessor soon stumble upon. Will they be able to keep one step ahead of the Reverend, or will they become another victim? Can they hide their knowledge and expose the corruption? What is the stuff dreams are made of?

The Lessor and Moore Mystery/Stuff Series

As a collection of taut intelligent mystery thriller novels, any fans of the genre really can’t go wrong with this series of stories. Fun and inventive, Bruns past as a stand-up comedian definitely shows here, as he clearly has an ear for witty and snappy dialogue. Humorous as they are suspense fuelled, these really manage to speak to the reader almost directly, allowing them to relate on a personal level. Immersive and well planned out, they carry the reader along at a seemingly effortless pace too, drawing them in and keeping there. With more and more readers discovering this series every day too, it definitely looks set to continue growing in popularity for a long time yet.

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