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Levenham Love Story Books In Order

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Publication Order of Levenham Love Story Books

Rocking Horse Hill (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer and the Groomsman (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Santa and the Saddler (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chrissy and the Burroughs Boy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eddie and the Show Queen (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scarlett and the Model Man (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Levenham Love Story novel series is a wonderful series of contemporary romance, fiction, chick lit, and cultural stories. It is penned by a bestselling Australian author named Cathryn Hein. This series began in 2014 with the publishing of its debut novel caled Rocking Horse Hill. After the worldwide success of this novel Cathryn Hein added a few more titles in the series in the subsequent years. In each book, she has described a different love story featuring non-recurring characters. The main characters are usually seen indulging in love affairs that lead them on the path of difficulties. However, they manage to overcome all the difficulties and succeed in achieving their love in the end.

A few of the prominent characters depicted in the novels by Cathryn Hein include Emily Wallace-Jones, Digby Wallace-Jones, Felicity Townsend, Josh Sinclair, Harry Argyle, Summer Taylor, Binky, Danny Burroughs, Beth Wells, Chrissy James, Nick Burroughs, Alice Lindner, Eddie Argyle, and several others. Cathryn Hein has set the plots of all the novels in a small town called Levenham in rural South Australia. This is how the series has gotten its name. Every love story described by the author is unique in its own. They feature unique characters that come from different strata of society and indulging in different professional careers. Some parts of the series are set around the time of Christmas celebrations. There are characters that portray roles displaying a second chance at love.

Overall, the series is quite wonderful to read. A large number of audience from different corners of the world have come in support of this series and its novels. They have loved and appreciated every story developed by Cathryn Hein in the series and enjoyed it fully. Many critics have also given their genuinely positive reviews for the books on various literary platforms, both online and offline. This has allowed the novels to achieve much more success. Several fellow authors of Cathryn Hein have also extended their support to her, saying that she has done an incredible job in coming up with such wonderful stories. Along with the fans of Cathryn, they also want more from her and expect that she develops more stories in the contemporary romance genre and them in this excellent series in years to come.

The debut book of the Levenham Love Story series written by author Cathryn Hein is entitled ‘Rocking Horse Hill’. It was self-released in 2014 by Cathryn Hein. This novel features the essential characters in the roles of Felicity Townsend, Emily, Wallace-jones, Josh Sinclair, Digby, etc. Initially, it is depicted that Emily Wallace-Jones and Digby are siblings. One day, Digby comes home with a fiance, a relationship that he had kept hidden from everyone, and everyone is surprised. They don’t know how to react to it. Digby’s fiance is none other than Felicity Townsend. The shock on Digby’s family members is because of the difference between the social status between them and Felicity’s family. Digby belongs to a family of rich aristocrats, while Felicity comes from a poor background.

The only one who shows some support to Felicity and Digby’s relationship is Emily. She does not behave with them the way she was dealt with when she had revealed her relationship with Josh Sinclair, her first love. As she was in her teenage years at that time, her family disapproved of her relationship and tore them apart. Now, Josh has come back in Emily’s life again with the hope of a second chance. As Felicity makes herself comfortable in her new family, she is suspected of having ill intentions towards the historic property of the family named Rocking Horse Hill, which belongs to Emily. The property is currently owned by Digby, who has promised Emily that she can take it whenever she wants.

Though Emily is worried about her future, she decides to take the side of Felicity and her brother. However, the happiness is short-lived as a near-fatal tragedy sets several uncontrollable events in motion that goes on to change the whole family forever. This novel describes an emotional story of second chance at love and family turmoil. It seems much more interesting to read because of its beautiful setting in rural Australia. The second volume of this series is known as ‘Summer and the Groomsman’. It was also self-released by the author in 2015. The lead pair of this book include Harry Argyle and Summer Taylor. Initially, it is mentioned that Harry Argyle has a near miss with a wild horse while returning home in his car. In his anger, he approaches the horse’s owner, Summer Taylor, and gives her a piece of his mouth. Summer is beautician and has arrived in town recently.

When she is confronted by the bad-tempered Harry Argyle, she does not know whether she should be afraid for her darling horse named Binky or herself. Binky has a habit of escaping and it is not Summer’s fault. The paddock that she has rented for keeping Binky has a broken fence and the owner doesn’t fix it even after repeated requests from her. So, Binky finds it easy to sneak out whenever he feels an appetite. Even though Summer finds Harry to be a well-built, muscled man, she doesn’t get intimidated by him. Later, Harry books a session at a spa for his wedding party and is surprised to find that Summer works there. As none of them likes the sight of the other, they fall into more trouble when they learn that they have been paired together for the session. And as expected, the session turns into a disaster. But this time, Harry realizes that Summer was sweet and he was too harsh on her. So, he approaches her to accept his mistake and set things right between them.

Summer seems to be in no mood to forgive Harry, in spite of seeing his soft side. But, she gives in and ends up forming a good bond with Harry. The two go on to develop a liking for each other and indulge in a love affair. Harry wonders if their love will be able to prosper or Summer’s horse will again cause problems between them. This novel depicts a sweet story involving two different personalities who get back together after indulging in a war of words initially.

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