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The Lew Fonesca Series, written by one of the best American writers that ever lived, Stuart Melvin Kaminsky, is among the most fascinating series in history. The series is predominated by all-time character by the name, Lew Fonesca, who you would like to read about.

Stuart Melvin was born in the year 1934 in Illinois, the State of Chicago in the United States. Kaminsky is well known amongst the readers of novels; having written captivating novels based on mystery stories niche. Apart from writing novels, Stuart Kaminsky was a film professor. In addition to the Lew Fonesca series, Stuart Melvin Kaminsky, is famous for his other two long series’. In this writing, Stuart wrote about a private detective by the name Toby Peters. He describes the detective as one of the protagonists. In another novel which he titled, A Cold Red Sunrise, he features Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov who is the inspector in the Moscow Police Department. Kaminsky received many awards because of his creative and fascinating work of art, which is novel writing; mystery stories niche. Because of his novel, A Cold Red Sunrise, he had won the Edgar Award back in the year 1989.

Many people have been asking about the life of Kaminsky in relation to his good and moving writing work. Apart from being a writer of novels, Kaminsky has gone to school and had been in the teaching industry for about sixteen years. Kaminsky was brought up in the State of Chicago. He went to the University of Illinois where he attained a bachelor degree in Journalism and a master degree in English. After getting the two from Illinois he later joined the Northwestern University where he had graduated with a Ph.D. in Speech. Later he was deployed in the same university where he had taught film studies. Also, it is reported that he had been in Florida for six good years, teaching.

Stuart Kaminsky’s series, Lew Fonesca, involves legal notice between the administration institutions of Sarasota City. Sarasota is one of the cities in the US. The city is located in the county of Sarasota, southwestern of America in the State of Florida.

Even from the title of the series itself, we get that the series involves a major character by the name Lew Fonesca. The Lew Fonesca series consist of four novels. The first two in the series being Vengeance, which Kaminsky had written in the year 1999, and the second of them is Retribution, which he had two years later that is the year 2001. Lew Fonesca is described as a peeper, conducting business without a license. His office is situated in Sarasota, in the State of Florida. It was depicted that Lew was an investigator in the State Attorney’s Office in Illinois, the county of Cook, before joining the peeper’s group in Sarasota. It is said that because of personal mid-life crisis he got tired of being an investigator but still had the experience and all it is required to be an investigator. It is reported that the crisis became as a result of his wife’s death. The death of his wife was caused by an accident where a driver had hit her and instead of reporting the incident, he decided to run and assume he had done nothing. After leaving his job, he landed in Florida. In Florida, he works to help children and women. What a trait. Lew Fonesca likes to be left alone but his friend never ceases to help him. In the series, his different friends are featured; we have Ames, the owner of the DQ and drives a scooter, an alcoholic woman who is said to be wealthy and black petty who is said to be the thief in Sarasota.

Apart from in the series Lew Fonesca, he also appears in the many short stories done by Stuart Kaminsky. For instance, in the story, the Snow Birds Lew Fonesca tells his customers to call him Cal.

In the first novel of the series Lew Fonesca, Vengeance, is where we find Lew Fonesca the main character of the series. It is depicted that it has been three years down the line from the time that he had resigned from the State Attorney’s office where he was working as a researcher and an investigator. We meet Lew Fonesca driving his Toyota car which is being described as a rattling type. Stuart Kaminsky says that he is driving to go as far as he can to quench or kill memories in his mind about his wife who had died in an instant, described to be the mystery. It is depicted that Lew broke down in Sarasota in a Dairy Queen parking area. After the occurrence, his worthy friends came out and tried to make comfortable by offering him the basics he needed. He got work, to maintain himself, in the local attorney’s office. After sometime Lew gets work which sounds like coinciding with his problem, he is deployed by Carl Sebastian in finding his wife who had been missing. Lew finds difficulties in the investigation. Get a copy, read and find out whether he accomplishes the task.

The second of Stuart’s Lew Fonesca series novel is Retribution, Stuart wrote this series in a manner that the next novel picks up on the previous novel in the series. This creates a good and a fantastic flow during reading. In this novel, it is said that Lew has finished a good number of his cases in his new occupation. Previously, in Vengeance, it depicted that Lew saved a young lady who is said to have never had anybody in her life for assistance. The lady got involved with one of the author’s best-selling and instantly a lot of the most expensive manuscripts are reported to be stolen. Again this adds to Lew’s problems, he fears that if his clients and his employees find out that he is related with the lady in any way that will affect his job and his reputation too.

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