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Big Smoke Mountain (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King of Texas (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
The White River Raft (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trail Makers (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Branded Oak (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
Compass & Pack-Saddle (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cruise of the Blunderbuss (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down the Sabine (1910)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crooked Trail (1911)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saddles and Lariats (1912)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pike's Peak or Bust (1922)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lewis Bennett Miller was a prolific author of Western adventure novels who wrote a ton of bestselling novels during his long career.
During his life, he published several short stories and more than twenty novels about the American Southwest’s pioneer life.

He for the most part penned autobiographical stories that told of his childhood experiences living at Fort Blocker, Texas, where he had very many friends.
In some of his novels, he writes stories about his father’s life as a gold miner and pioneer in Texas.

Some of his most popular works include the 1910 published “The White River Raft, Big Smoke Mountain “which was published in 1929, and the 1918 published “The Branded Oak.”

Miller was born in Cooke County, Texas in 1861 and spent much of his childhood on the frontier in Texas.

Following a brief period living in Missouri, his family moved back to Texas, where they established themselves in Erath County, where they bought a farm.
When he was older, he left the farm to go to college and attended Texas Christian University then known as Add-Ran College, which was based in Thorp Spring.
After graduating with a degree in Greek and Latin, Miller became a professor at Add-Ran College for three years between 1881 and 1884.

After he left Add-Ran College, he did editorial work, working with local newspapers, even as he taught in several public schools in Texas.

After a while, he moved to Iowa where for four years between 1888 to 1892, he got a job working for a railroad company, while supplementing his income doing newspaper editorials.

At some point, he moved to Ohio to work for the “Farmer” periodical and “The National Stockman,” and it was during this time that he began publishing serials from the short stories he had been writing for many years.
After he had been living in Ohio for about a year, he moved to Louis, Missouri to become a full-time author. After publishing several novels and after living in St. Louis for many years, he moved back to Texas and the family farm.
He cared for his aging parents and worked on the farm, even as he continued writing and publishing his stories.
He would write for years until he died in 1933.

Given his profile and achievements, Lewis B. Miller became one of the most prominent of Texas Christian University’s alumni.

Following his death, the university began putting together a collection of papers documenting his pursuits and his writing career.

The collection at the university has been divided into personal, professional, and business materials.

The bulk of the collection consists of materials related to Lewis Miller’s writings including correspondence with publishers and fans, manuscripts, promotional material, publications, and illustrations.

Lewis B. Miller’s work “Boone’s Lick” is a work that beckons human beings just as powerfully as it does the wild game.

The work introduces Uncle Jabe and Rollin Adair who are mountaineers from North Carolina who are rolling down the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers on a dugout canoe.
They will then turn back and paddle up the Missouri River on the last leg of their adventure. In their adventures, they come across other adventurers just like themselves who are heading to Boone’s Lick and its glories.
One of these is John the Baptist, a bearded preacher who loves to sing “I am Bound for the Promised Land.”

Another interesting character whom they join up with is a widower named Cicero Tucker, who is traveling with Rosalie his fourteen-year-old daughter.
These last two they met while traveling down the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers.

It is a sweeping historical fiction novel that shows the brilliance of Lewis B. Miller and also shines a light on his historical accuracy.
This is a work that will keep you enthralled with its blend of adventure, humor, and sometimes a touch of romance, as it also tells the stories of some varied characters who traverse the magnificent American landscape.

“Cooper’s Fort” by Lewis B. Miller is set following the meeting of the pioneers, who made some prudent plans for their survival.

Colonel Ben Cooper is put in charge of the colony and his first order of business is to order the building of a fort and instruct every settler to move their cabins inside it.
But Mr. Tucker the half-American and half-Canadian known for making powder decides to remain on a small island down the Missouri River.

He has in the past been accused of spying for the British and selling powder to the Indians. However, over time he has proven that he is loyal to the fort and the other settlers.
While the fort goes through many tribulations, close calls, and hardships, they lose only a few men and stand together in unity.

The most interesting characters are a talented scout and schoolmaster named Rollin Adair, and Barton, an American lieutenant who intends to woo the daughter of the powder maker.
The latter is a huge rival to Rollin and his actions result in a lot of chaos in the colony. Ultimately, Rollin manages to control the man and makes him go back to Virginia, where he will not be so much of a nuisance.
It is an honest story of pioneer life full of drama far beyond the civilized areas of the American East that showcases the values the frontier colonists lived by.
While many things will have you disgusted, most of the characters teach and live by Christian morals and are guided by Biblical principles.

Even though they are not perfect, they forged the way to a civilized country that is now fit for the many people who live there today.

Lewis B. Miller’s novel “The King of Texas” is a work that tells the story of a failed lawyer named Owen Willoughby, who hails from St. Louis.

He had responded to an ad looking for a teacher for a wandering school based in the Texan Republic. But first, he will need to travel the Red and Mississippi Rivers by boat and then meet a wagon train at Shreveport.
The wagon train will take him to the wilds of the Texan wilderness, where he meets a man who calls himself King.

He also meets the King’s granddaughter who is heir to a massive fortune in land, which means she has all manner of men looking for her hand in marriage.
Just who will win her hand and become the next king?

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