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Brendan Dubois is a world renowned mystery fiction and suspense writer. Born in1959 in New Hampshire, US, this award winning author started exercising his passion for writing at a very young age of 12 years. Brendan has a vast experience in print media, and has written over 20 novels and 150 mystery fictions short stories. He previously worked as a newspaper reporter in New Hampshire. In addition to his writing of short mystery and suspense stories, Brendan has been featured on many interviews and conferences about writing.

Brendan has written many mystery short stories that have won various awards, and he has on various occasions been honored for his great writing work by various organizations such as the Playboy Magazine. He twice won a Shamus Award for best short story of the year which is given by the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA). Shamus is an annual award that is given to acknowledge the best detective fiction genre novels and short stories of the year since 1983. His short stories includes the promise squad, thieves, the necessary brother, Fire burning bright, not much of a trade, the leap of faith (2015) and many others.

His novels which include Lewis Cole Mystery Series: Blood Foam, Fatal Harbor, Killer waves, Shattered shell, and dead sand have been read by many people across the world and anthologized in some states such as Japan. The RESURRECTION DAY has been widely published and read by many people across the world. With its ideal historic setting, 10 years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, in this novel Braden tries to explain what would have happened. It was published in 1999 and in 2000 RESURRCTION DAY was awarded as the Best Alternative History Novel of 1999 during the 58th World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago on second September.

Lewis Cole Series

Killer Waves (Lewis Cole Series)

Killer waves, one of the best Brendan Mystery Series novels, explain how Lewis Cole is at the risk of endangering the lives of his friends and thousands through his investigations. Just as the title suggest, this is a novel that explains how secrets unknown to Lewis would have led to severe consequences to many people.

Lewis Cole, a retired Department of Defense analyst, is shocked when he realizes a dead body with bullet wounds near his inlet of his beachfront home in Tyler Beach. As a magazine article writer, Lewis decides to write the story about this dead body. This is a strange incident that has never happened to Cole since he retired, and in the many years he has lived in Tyler Beach, New Hampshire. A day after he features the story of the man who was shot dead near his home, the Federal agents visits his home claiming to be from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The Federal agents explain the whole story revolving the death of the man and how his presence was dangerous to the community in that town. The agents describe the man as part of the drug dealers who supplies drugs into the town. Lewis now as a media personality, the Federal agents wants to work with him to unearth the whole drug-team and find out who was working with the dead man- the drug courier. They offer Lewis an opportunity to work with them, to help investigate the drug cartel in the town.

Because of the previous bitter experience he had with the government, Lewis at first refuses to comply with the Federal agents. But the government compels him into taking the offer when they take his job, saving and threatens to even take his home. The real mystery starts to be revealed when Lewis starts the job. His investigation leads him from his home town to the German U-boats that were captured after the World War II. He realizes that the whole story revolving around the death of the man was not about drugs and that the F.B.I seems to be hiding deep secrets that when revealed would risk the lives of Lewis’ friends and thousands of people. Will Lewis agree to risk the lives of his friends? Will he be able to know all the secrets being held by the Federal agents? Will he bring to light the main reasons for the shooting of the man?

Shattered Shell (Lewis Cole Series)

In this novel, Brendan Dubois creates an exceptional vivid picture of a New England coastal town, its calmness and scenic beauty. Just like many of his previous novel, he keep the readers glued and guessing on the next twist and turns of events in the book. The story is sets in middle January when the tourists starts to vacate the State of New Hampshire. During this time, as the tourist are leaving for their home State, it is found out that there are arsonists who are up to disturb the peace and security of this community in New Hampshire.

Ex-Department of Defense research analyst Lewis Cole hates to see his community under any threat. As a columnist for a Boston-based newspaper, Cole decides to investigate the matter when he realizes the lives of many people in his home town are at risk. He is even more agitated about the whole issue when his close friend is brutally beaten and raped. He now aims at diving into the deep in order to seek the justice for his fellow town residents. He is very thirsty to bring to book the arsonist behind the fires and attacks in the town that have even baffled the police department in Tyler Beach town- New Hampshire.

In his investigation to get to the root of the matter, Lewis Cole is yet to realize that the attacks are propagated by an unexplainable evil in Tyler beach. The evil, unknown and indescribable by Lewis is a mystery that is beyond the judicial system. It is a novel that presents many questions to the reader. Will Cole unveil the evil that lurks in his beloved Community? Will he be able to seek justice for the destruction and attacks that have happened in Tyler beach? With his unique and catchy description of events in this novel, Brendan Dubois keeps you wanting to read more and more to know how all these events will eventually turn out.

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