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Publication Order of Lewis Trilogy Books

Peter May is a Scottish author of fiction as well as producer and television writer. He is the creator and writer of television series The Standard and Squadron. May contributed to the High Road television series and wrote one episode for the Murder Not Proven television series.

He was born December 25, 1951 in Glasgow, Scotland. May has received awards for his writing in Europe and the United States. He has sold well over two million copies of his books in the U.K. alone and millions on an international level!

May went into journalism, where he earned attention as well as awards. By 26, May already had a novel published. He quit journalism when his first novel was adapted by the BBC television channel into a major dramatic series in order to write for television.

In the fifteen years after, May became a major television dramatist and quite successful in Scotland. May created a total of three television series, all for prime time viewing. He lives in France.

Peter May is the creator and author of the Lewis Trilogy. This fictional series kicked off in 2011 with the release of The Blackhouse, the debut novel in the series. The sequel came out the same year and is titled The Lewis Man. The third book came out in 2012 to make the series a trilogy; it is titled The Chessmen.

The Blackhouse would go on to win Crime Novel of the Year. It would also receive prestigious awards in France, where The Blackhouse won the national literature award there. The second novel in Peter May’s Lewis series, The Lewis Man, would also win a ten thousand euro prize and the Grand Prix des Lecteurs award from the French newspaper Le Telegramme.

The Blackhouse is the exciting debut novel in Peter May’s acclaimed Lewis Trilogy. If you crave books that are full of action and adventure and written with an expert hand, then you have got to check out this series for yourself and see what everyone else is talking about! This novel won the 2010 Prix Ancres Noires award, and for good reason!

This murder mystery is one for the ages and will have you turning the pages eagerly in order to find out what happens next! This mystery will have you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what is going to happen in this story that takes you on a voyage through the dark heart that runs through us all.

When it comes to the past, can we ever really escape it? That is the question that Peter May expertly explores in a crime novel that has captured the imaginations of numerous readers across the globe. This novel first hit France and was published in French before being translated to English.

When a murder takes place on one of the most remote islands in Scotland, everyone is shocked. The killing is absolutely brutal, and the case is being taken very seriously. That is why Detective Fin MacLeod has been called and is now on his way from Edinburgh to come and check the scene out. With any luck, his prompt arrival and investigation will yield some results.

Fin was born in Lewis, so the case is somewhat personal to him. Not only is this a chance to solve a killing, but it’s also a strange journey back into his past and to find his way home. In this Lewis community, one thing is for certain. Something is lurking just beneath the surface of this town.

Even though the residents appear to be close and fear the wrath of God, going to Church every Sunday or sometimes more and saying their prayers all of the time, something is definitely off here. Fin can’t put his finger on it, but it’s something very old and unusual going on.

As the detective continues his investigation, more and more information comes to light. The more that he looks into things, the more that secrets are bobbing up to the surface. Secrets that no doubt some people don’t want anyone knowing. He is the one that’s in charge of looking into things, but it’s not long before Fin finds out that he is being hunted as well.

Can the detective find out who the killer is and track them down? You’re going to have to pick up this thrilling crime novel by Peter May in order to find out for yourself! Check out the book that other readers have not been able to put down and find out whether the past ends up helping Detective Fin or taking him down completely.

The Lewis Man is the exciting second novel in Peter May’s Lewis Trilogy. The readers are reunited with a new case and the same old Detective in yet another gripping installment of the Lewis series from Peter May.

When a body is found in a peat bog located on the Isle of Lewis– perfectly preserved– it’s easy to see who the victim used to be. He is male, and Caucasian, and the people that find him think that he’s over two thousand years old. That is, until they see a tattoo of Elvis on the corpse’s arm that instantly debunks that hypothesis. That’s not the only thing marking the body; the corpse also has a few brutal stab wounds as well.

It turns out that the killing had to have been done during the second half of the twentieth century. Meanwhile, another body is alive and well and making big changes. Fin has left his entire life in Edinburgh behind; his wife, his job on the force, all of it. He’s gone back to the island that he was born on to lead a simple life.

The Detective Inspector has every intention on restoring his parent’s abode and even restoring old relationships. However, he’s shocked when DNA points to a family match between the body found and the father of his childhood crush.

Just like that, his peaceful homecoming is dashed. So what’s going on, and can Fin get to the bottom of this? Could a local older man be hiding secrets as well? Read The Lewis Man to find out, and check out the third novel in this engaging trilogy by acclaimed author Peter May.

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