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About Lex Croucher

Lex Croucher is a British historical romance author who has gained acclaim for their talent for creating captivating characters and poignant stories. They’ve been praised for their ability to craft protagonists with whom readers can strongly relate to, enabling audiences to become truly immersed in the stories. Lex’s writing is known to be entertaining and engaging, as they have a gift for creating compelling narratives with plenty of twists and turns.

In their debut novel ‘Reputation’, Lex introduced readers to a memorable cast of characters who navigated their way through a world that’s a twist on the Regency romance. Through the writing, Lex captures the hearts of their readers and brings the characters to life, allowing them to become intertwined in the lives of those they encounter. Croucher’s writing is full of beauty and emotion, and they’re able to capture the essence of their characters and the struggles faced in the stories.

They’re an author who has made their mark in the world of historical romance. With their talent for crafting characters that readers can connect with, they create stories that are full of emotion and intrigue. Their fiction is well-crafted and entertaining, and their protagonists are memorable and engaging. With ‘Reputation’, Lex has established themselves as an author who is capable of creating compelling and engaging narratives that are a pleasure to read, along with lots of comedy.

Lex Croucher is known for their ability to craft stories that are both compelling and amusing. Their use of humor is unique and has proven to be a hit with readers, as they’re able to make light of situations and convey a sense of levity and wit to their stories. They also have a knack for creating protagonists who are easy to relate to and understand, making their stories all the more entertaining.

In ‘Reputation’, Lex skillfully weaves humor and drama into the narrative, giving readers a story that is both full of emotion and laughter. Their characters are developed in such a way that readers find themselves drawn to them, and Croucher’s clever use of humor allows them to bring out the humanity in their characters. They are able to bring a lightness and warmth to their stories, which helps to create a compelling narrative that keeps readers engaged.

They’re an author with a real knack for making readers laugh. Their stories are full of wit and charm, and their characters are full of life and personality. With their use of humor, they are able to create stories that are both humorous and engaging. They’re also able to make light of situations, while still creating compelling stories that draw readers in. Lex is a true master of their craft, and their stories are sure to entertain and delight.

Early and Personal Life

Lex Croucher was always a voracious reader, growing up in Surrey. From a young age, Lex had a passion for exploring the world through books, and used the internet to make friends from around the globe. After graduating from university, Lex moved to London and, with their now elderly cat, began working in social media for NGOs.

In recent years, Lex has turned their love of literature into a career. Combining their passion for romance and comedy, Lex has written a series of historical rom coms for adults, as well as more fantasy led rom coms for teenagers. With a knack for creating memorable characters and intriguing plots, Lex has developed a loyal audience for their works of fiction.

Through their writing, Lex hopes to continue to inspire others to find joy and solace in literature, and to move beyond their comfort zone to discover the beauty of the world around them.

Writing Career

Lex Croucher has been a rising star in the literary world for some time now. Their debut novel, ‘Reputation,’ was released in 2021, and it received enthusiastic praise from readers and critics alike. Their follow-up book, ‘Infamous,’ was released the next year and was met with equal enthusiasm. Croucher’s third book, ‘Gwen and Art Are Not in Love,’ was released in 2023 and was a great success as well. Not to be outdone, her fourth book, ‘Trouble,’ hit shelves the same year and also gained a lot of attention.

Croucher’s works have been praised for their unique blend of humor and heart, and for their relatable characters. Lex has a knack for capturing real-life situations in a way that resonates with readers. Their books are sure to be enjoyed for years to come, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Lex Croucher’s stand-alone Regency rom-com, ‘Reputation,’ was released on July 8, 2021 by publisher St. Martin’s Griffin. This delightful novel was eagerly awaited by fans of Croucher’s previous works. The novel was met with positive reviews from both readers and critics alike.

Georgiana Ellers was once a middle-class girl, but had been abandoned by her parents and was now living with her dreary aunt and uncle. At a dull gathering, she met Frances Campbell, a member of the wealthy in-crowd who was living a life Georgiana had never seen before. Frances offered Georgiana a way in to a world of strange luxury, introducing her to the secrets of the upper class. But as Georgiana got further embroiled in the scandalous activities of the elite, she started to realise the cost of her new life could be more than she was willing to pay.

Gwen and Art Are Not in Love

On November 28th, 2023, Wednesday Books released the stand-alone Young Adult historical fantasy romance ‘Gwen and Art Are Not in Love.’ It was a long-awaited book from the publisher, and fans of the genre were eager to read it. This novel was an exciting and enthralling tale, and it is sure to please readers of all ages.

Arthur and Gwendoline, two descendants of the legendary King Arthur, have been betrothed since birth. Though they despise one another, they have to spend the summer together at Camelot in preparation for their wedding. Unexpectedly, they find they have more in common than they thought and form an unlikely alliance. As the annual royal tournament approaches, Arthur is drawn to Gwendoline’s brother and Gwendoline falls for the kingdom’s only lady knight, Bridget Leclair.

Together, the two must use their newfound bond to help each other navigate the royal court and its many secrets.

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