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Publication Order of Demon Hunting Books

Demon Hunting in Dixie (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Hunting in the Deep South (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Hunting With a Dixie Deb (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Hunting with a Sexy Ex (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

So I Married A Demon Slayer(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lexi George is an American writer famous for using young adult fantasy and paranormal romance in her writing. Her famous books `demon hunting in Dixie’ and `so I married a demon slayer’ has featured in the demon hunting series. She was born and brought up in South Alabama, US. She is currently pursuing two careers where she writes at night and during the day she works as an appellate lawyer. She grew up in a humble rural community. In fact there was only one county store which used to sell all kinds of goods .Having grown up in an area which was surrounded by cotton, she eventually became a tomboy. Due to her back ground, she could walk and run without shoes, get into ditches and even climb trees. Her father used to trade clocks while her mother was an English teacher in a local high school.

During her childhood days, her mother made her find interest in reading different types of books. Further, she became a fun of writing poetry during her third grade. Unfortunately, all the poems she wrote were bad. She didn’t lose hope. Instead she continued loving English language in her high school and college days. Having majored in public relations and minored in English, she somehow deviated from writing poetry to concentrate on her major course. However, she passed her exams well and finally landed a lucrative job where she has been working as an appellate attorney. Her job description entails dealing with rude people. Today she has concluded that all human beings are rude naturally. Further, she reads and writes transcripts from criminals.

Lexi has written many books. Two of her early books are; Demon Hunting in Dixie and so I married a demon slayer. These books have featured in the demon hunting series .They talk about hunky demon hunters and the sassy Southern heroines. The `Demon Hunting in Dixie’ book was launched in the year 2011.It shows the setting of Alabama and is written in third person. This book brings out a character by the name Addy Corwin. She is a florist who has a bad attitude. Her mother is mad since she has refused to take her mother’s words very seriously. A hunk who is well build and looks like a real warrior shows up and Addy tried to get his attention. He goes by the name Brand Dalvahni. Naturally, he looks very sexy. Addy is very sure that he is not from Hannah; her Alabama hometown. Addy mother thinks he is from Yankee or European. Addy cannot resist him and does not give any attention of where he comes from. She believes he is too hot.

Further, Brand gets the attention of Addy and things start happening in a strange way. Brand says he wants to rescue her .Things get worse and corpses start walking on the streets of Hannah. Dogs start to talk and Addy does not get what is happening so she sticks with the demon hunter. Dalvahni; the demon slayer decides to rescue Addy but it’s all in vain. From this book we get to understand the use of paranormal romance. Addy; the florist falls in love with a demon and she comes to learn that when it’s too late. The demon slayer did not know anything to do with love until he came to Hannah. He used to do his duties and hunt only. The sense of humor is well outlined more so in the funeral. This is basically a make believe world where we have flying cats, talking dogs, restaurants growing trees etc. There are many graphic sex scenes in the book. The title is eye catching. In addition, the book cover makes one get interested to find what the book is about. Dixie is shown as a place covered by fog .Addy is shown as a lady in a long sexy dress that is red in color and Brand is looking at her. There is a moon on the right shoulder of Addy. This makes the book eye catching and worth reading.

The second book `so I married a demon slayer’ is an Anthology with three stories; the first has been done by Lexi George, Second by Kathy Love and the thirds by Angie Fox. These stories feature the Deep South areas that are filled with lusty humidity. In addition, there are new demon slayers that look very hot and sexy. Kathy has done a hot magazine .The main demon is the CEO while the subsidiary demons are the guys in the mail room. They work as undercover demons. A model by the name Charlie Bowen is featured where he does photography. Charlie wants his photos to be the cover photos of the hot magazine but falls for Ava Wells who is a hot model. Secondly in the Angie Fox story, there is a character by the name Shiloh who works at a casino in Vegas. Damien who is a demon slayer appears beautiful to Shiloh. She wants to help him kill all the demons .Later they end up getting married. The third story by Lexi George is about a bride who used to wear demons dust. The bride later learns she is married demon-slayer warrior after some demons try to attack her.

The book `so I married a demon slayer’ uses anthologies. This is due to the fact that, it has used three authors on the same book. The stores are good to read in case you have limited time since they are short stories. This is the right book to read if you like less paranormal romance.

Currently, there are no books that have made it in a TV show or a movie.

Lexi George has other books that have featured in the hunting demon series which include; Demon hunting in Deep South, Demon hunting in a dive bar, and Demon hunting with a Dixie deb. Lexi books are a game changer since they give a cutting edge of professional writing. They have a sense of humor, eccentric perspectives and are full of fun. In addition, they end in a happy ending. If you are looking for books that are engaging and are professionally written, Lexi George books should be your perfect choice.

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