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Publication Order of Lexi O'Malley Books

Lexi O’Malley is a series of novels written by D.M. Buckley. The books follow the exploits of an out of luck programmer that tries her hand solving crimes as a last resort.

+The Story

These days, it is a little difficult to determine what constitutes a cozy mystery and what doesn’t. Some people think the Lexi O’Malley series is a cozy mystery. Others disagree with the sentiment.

The story centers on Lexi O’Malley. When first introduced, Lexi is thirty-two years old and down on her luck. She trained as a software programmer. However, not only did the trade turn out to be a little too boring for her tastes and but she hasn’t been able to find work since losing her last job.

Even worse, she is pretty much out of money, and all the attitude in the world isn’t going to put food on the table for her. Lexi thought that her love for animals meant that she could find success by changing careers.

However, that doesn’t work out quite as she imagined when Lexi realizes that her job taking caring of elephants at the zoo requires her to clean the poop out of their habitats. And even when it seems like she could compromise on the issue, the job evaporates, leaving Lexi O’Malley completely out of options.

The only bright spot comes in the form of Lexi’s Aunt Scarlet, though she does not immediately appreciate the opportunity for what it is. When Aunt Scarlett loses her dog Bubba, she tasks Lexi with finding him, an offer Lexi considers to be the very representation of her hitting rock bottom.

In all her life, she never thought she would be reduced to canine investigative work. But once she actually undertakes the task, it changes her life. First, she locates the dog but only after it’s been beaten to the edge of death.

Then someone sees fit to invade the privacy of her Aunt’s home. And rather than calling the police, Lexi concludes that she is more than up to the challenge, putting her mind to scrutinizing the life of Aunt Scarlett’s handyman and solving a disturbing mystery.

With this one case under her belt, Lexi O’Malleyt cements her place in the private eye landscape. She might not have the patience for finding lost animals, but Lexi finds that she is more than capable of finding criminals, even when they are masquerading under false identities.

Lexi O’Malley’s journey into Private Eye work isn’t easy. As a newly minted investigator, Lexi struggles to learn the ropes of the trade, a task that is only made more complicated by the people she encounters along the way.

Chief amongst Lexi’s obstacles is Nick Romano, a friend from childhood and a private investigator in his own right who soon becomes her nemesis and causes her all manner of trouble.

While Lexi initially accepts to work with a few training wheels, it doesn’t take her long to get the knack of things, this driving her to begin taking solo assignments. Lexi’s biggest weapon as an investigator is her gut instinct and her attitude.

Lexi always knows just when to push and prod and shove until she gets answers. And once she gets her hands on a mystery, she doesn’t let it go until she unravels it.

The Lexi O’Malley series speaks to fans of Cozy mysteries because it has such a quirky cast of characters, this including Lexi’s friend Darcie. The mysteries are written to be engaging and to give readers something to puzzle out.

They are not dark and demented, and they are not overly complex. It could be argued that the focus of the Lexi O’Malley series is Lexi herself and the journey she undertakes to re-event her existence as a detective.

The books have been accused of putting a little too much focus on humor. And the jokes do not always land, with the slapstick comedy only ever appealing to a select audience amongst fans of the cozy mystery genre.

It has been suggested that D.M. Buckley is still evolving as an author. Given time, she will learn to balance her humor with proper character development and intrigue.

+The Author

D.M Buckley has been telling stories for years. As a child, her creativity took to crafting for her hordes of imaginary friends that accompanied her on grand adventures. Buckley’s imagination was so intense that it became commonplace for her to confuse her real cousins with the imaginary cousins who were always visiting her from far far away.

As an adult, Buckley was very enthusiastic about writing. However, problems got in the way. With a child to think about and financial issues to overcome, Buckley chose to ignore her publishing dreams so that she could pay the bills.

As with most writers, Buckley’s seemingly hectic life achieved a state of normalcy and that granted her the opportunity she had been seeking to find her pen, get some paper and to begin writing.

Lexi O’Malley was Buckley’s first creation. Since writing her first chapter, Buckley has spent every opportunity available to her creating new adventures for the young private investigator to undertake.


Lexi O’Malley has no kind words for her life. At thirty-two years of age, she is technically unemployed. It isn’t like she enjoyed her boring work as a software programmer. But at least she had money, something that she is sorely lacking at the present.

An attempt at a career change does little to improve her prospects, especially when the only opportunity available to her is her Aunt Scarlett who tasks her with finding her dog Bubba. While dog investigator isn’t the most appealing job title for Lexi, she none the less takes the job.

When Lexi finds the dog in a dire situation and her Aunt’s home is ransacked, she is forced to don her investigative hat.


Nick Romano is Lexi O’Malley’s childhood friend. After getting him shot, Lexi is guilted into doing some work for Romano investigations. Her first solo assignment is to deliver an affidavit, a job that takes an unexpected tur when stumbles into her target’s home only to barely escape a thunderous explosion. And that is only just the beginning of her adventure.

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