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Publication Order of 53 Letters for My Lover Books

53 Letters For My Lover (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
From His Lips (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Paper Swan (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mists of The Serengeti (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moti on the Water (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Blossoms (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Leylah Attar is an American published author. She is known for writing romantic novels that appeal to women but anyone can read!

Attar enjoys writing all types of stories around the subject of love. A writer of contemporary romance and women’s fiction, she was won multiple awards for her work. She has also had her books appear on various best seller’s lists, from Wall Street Journal to USA Today. She has won the 2017 Indie Reader Discovery Award and received the Writer’s Digest Award in 2019.

The author writes romance in a unique way, from romantic suspense with obvious dark undertones to light romantic fare. Her original stories and the emotionally engaging characters that make them up are part of what makes her writing so popular with readers.

She enjoys writing and when she is not busy doing that she can usually be discovered taking part of some of her many other hobbies, interests, and passions. These include spending time with family, taking in new experiences and places through travel, enjoying delicious food of all sorts, or just snapping some photos and pursuing her photography.

She will occasionally, like everyone else, go online and surf the Internet. Attar admits that sometimes she does go into the rabbit hole and is online for too long, but says that she can usually be convinced to take a break with the offering of some chocolate.

The author’s first novel was published in 2014 and was the start of the 53 Letters series. The first novel in the series is of course titled 53 Letters For My Lover. She quickly followed that up with a companion to the first book, titled From His Lips. Attar has also released several stand alone fictional novels, such as The Paper Swan and Mists of the Serengeti.

53 Letters For My Lover is the debut novel in the series by the same name (53 Letters). If you are interested in a unique story with tons of romance and don’t mind content that pushes the envelope, then check this series out. Note that it may not be suitable for those that are under the age of 18 or who are easily upset by sensational content.

Love stories are usually pretty straight forward, as the good guy gets the girl and they all live happily ever after. Things are not quite so straight forward in this love story from Leylah Attar, who’s crossing all of the lines and keeping things from being anything but black and white.

Here, good can be bad, and bad can be very good. It’s all a manner of perspective. In this story, readers get to meet Shayda Hijazi. She’s a woman that plays many parts that women can relate to. She is a wife, and a mother, playing these roles to perfection. On top of that, she also makes it a point to be perfect as a daughter.

It’s been 33 years of her life, and during that time, Shayda has always pulled her weight and played her part. She always follows the rules, never stepping outside of them. When it comes to her family, that is her life. So she keeps secrets in the closet, puts her dreams to the side, and does what is required of her in order to keep her family safe and together.

Things have been working well for some time now, even if she isn’t personally satisfied all of the time. Now she is about to encounter something that has the power to destroy all that she has worked so hard to achieve. The one thing that she never saw coming to mess all of this up is love, the sole thing in life that she has never really found.

Then there is the character of Troy Heathgate. He’s a man that you just can’t put in a cage. Refusing to be tamed, his personality is all about chasing what excites him. A little dangerous, this is a guy that does what he wants when he wants to do it. He’s used to making his own rules and treating life like his own personal game.

Troy is used to getting what he wants. But what will he do when he finds that there’s something out there that he cannot have, but would give up the world for? Little does he know that he may run into a woman like Shayda. The coincidence of it all is that even though they were born in different parts of the world, they came into the world on the exact same day.

Once their two worlds come together by chance, nothing will be as it was for these two again. This unique tale takes place over the course of three decades and contains all of the classic romance themes that romance readers will love. Full of passion, love, intimacy, loyalty, sensuality and emotions, 53 Letters is the story of people trying their best to live their lives and seize some sort of happiness.

Will Troy find the one thing that convinces him to totally change the way that he lives his life? Will Shayda find that there is more to the world than just fulfilling the traditional role that a woman is expected to fulfill? You’re going to have to pick up a copy of this book if you want to find out!

From His Lips is a brief companion story meant to go along with the first novel. Readers who loved the first book should check out this shorter story after they are done!

The main character of Troy Heathgate returns in a short but sensuous tale of love. From the outside, Troy seems like he’s got everything in life worth having. Not only is he intelligent, he’s got a body of muscles that just screams out brawny. His looks are good too, with a winning smile that’s won the ladies over more than once.

Even with all of this, Troy knows that there’s still one thing missing from his life. He’s fallen in love and wants to do whatever it takes to get this woman into his life. Even if she is married. Troy’s fallen hard, but will she fall for him in return? Read From His Lips to find out!

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