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Publication Order of Liam Campbell Books

Fire And Ice (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
So Sure Of Death (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing Gold Can Stay (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Better To Rest (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missing, Presumed... (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Evidence (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spoils of the Dead (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Liam Campbell Series

An American writer of science-fiction, the mystery thriller novelist Dana Stabenow has become a highly prolific writer in her own right. Transporting the reader through her use of suspense and tension, she truly is a full master of her craft, knowing exactly what each and every one of her stories needs. This has evolved over time, allowing her to create a style and tone that really is unique to her as a writer of richly drawn fiction. Her use of characters is also something to be admired too, as she manages to get to the heart of some very real human truths with all of them. It is her series though which have really stood the test of time, many of them being straightforward mystery thriller novels that push the genre forwards as a whole. Falling into this would be her much loved and highly regarded ‘Liam Campbell’ series of novels, following the eponymous character as its lead. Over the course of the series, it sees Liam Campbell as an Alaskan State Trooper out to solve a whole variety of different crimes and mysteries. Looking at a number over-arcing narratives for each of the characters as well, it also features arcs for the stories of the characters featured throughout the series. This features elements of romance too, giving them and their motivations even greater levels of depth as the series itself progresses. With plenty of room to carry on growing indefinitely, this is one series that isn’t going away any time soon either, as the franchise goes from strength-to-strength.

Running for a total of five main books in the Liam Campbell series itself, there are also a number of smaller novellas as well. These include titles 4.25, ‘Missing, Presumed…’, and 4.5, ‘On the Evidence’, which would themselves be collected into ‘The Collected Short Stories’ in 2013. There would also be ‘The Liam Campbell Mysteries’, which would be released in 2012, collecting the first four books together into one whole collection. All of this makes up for a fully conclusive and whole series, running between the years of 1998 when it first started out, right up to 2012 with the fifth and final title so far.

Fire and Ice

Initially published through the Signet label in 1998, this would set up the overall franchise, ultimately allowing all of the pieces to fall into place. It would also paint the picture of Newenham for the first time too, really giving a full idea of rural Alaska as a whole. Giving a clear idea of what was to come through its use of foreshadowing, it definitely manages to establish the atmosphere as a whole.

A solid opening to the series, this is the title that really does tie everything together, setting the scene for much of what is to come. It’s also easy to see why it was named by none other than the Library Journal as the Best Mystery novel that was released in 1998. Establishing the central characters, it manages to build up the personality of Liam Campbell as the chief protagonist of the overall franchise as a whole. Using the setting of Alaska as its main backdrop as well, it takes the reader on a journey that really does allow the audience to paint a vivid picture in their mind.

Sent out to Newenham in Alaska, the formerly up-and-coming state trooper Liam Campbell was all ready to make it big in the city of Anchorage. Finding himself on the remote shores of Bristol Bay now, the disgraced Liam Campbell is looking to get his life back together, having had his life unravel in the city. Stepping off the plane and onto a crime scene, Liam comes across the body of a victim torn apart by a propeller at a Piper Super Club. Not just that though, it would seem that his former love and passion is also the prime suspect in the case; as Wyanet Chouinard is found standing over the corpse. Will he be able to prove her innocence and find the real killer? Can he get his life back together once more? What will become of all the fire and ice?

So Sure Of Death

First published in 1999, this was originally released through the Signet label once again, setting up the second part of the ‘Liam Campbell’ series. Following the eponymous state trooper once more, it heads off to Alaska again, charting the various mysteries and case files he has to solve. This was later followed up with ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ in 2000, ‘Better to Rest’ in 2002, and ‘Restless in the Grave’ in 2012.

Returning to solve the case once again, Liam Campbell has to deal this time with the ever icy secret embedded in the heart of one family. With two murders having recently taken place, one being the murder of seven people en masse, whilst the other was just one single person, he must work to solve them. This might prove to be harder than he’d initially anticipated though, as he realizes that he has issues with flying something which fully frightens him. Not only that, but it appears that there are sparks flying between him and the owner of the charter flight service, Wyanet Chouinard, who he sees on a daily basis. Will he find out who the real killer or killers are? Can he overcome his fears and what will become of him and Wyanet? Is he really so sure of death?

The Liam Campbell Series

This is a series that really shows Dana Stabenow at the peak of her writing career, showing some of the best examples that the thriller genre has to offer. With characters incorporated from other series of Stabenow’s as well, it really does have everything for the long-term readers of the author as well. Carefully crafting an air of suspense and tension that lingers over the entire series, it manages to create an ambiance that is quite unlike any other. Really familiarizing the readers with the area of Newenham, Alaska, it definitely gets a proper feel and sense of its environment as well. This is something that will allow the popularity of the series to continue rising, with more and more discovering it all the time.

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