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Publication Order of Liam Mulligan Books

Rogue Island (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cliff Walk (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Providence Rag (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Scourge of Vipers (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dread Line (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Liam Mulligan is not only a protagonist of the best-selling series of Journalistic mysteries by Bruce Desilva, he is a great story in himself. Mulligan is a man of grit, who lives on his own terms and fights the bluff. He is a hard-nosed, investigative journalist in Providence, Rhode Island who is a brave heart and fights corruption, politicians and the social cynicism, all at the same time.

Right from the publication of the first book in this crime series, Rogue Island, Mulligan touches heart and soul of the readers. The character is so intrepid that it grips you as you know him. He is a God who knows everything. Like a true crusader of Rhode Island, he knows the complete city, the wise– priests, politicians and cops, and the vice- gangsters and prostitutes. Though, wise are the ones who use vice in a wise way!

He is sassy, not boring at all but a hard core professional who knows his business very well. He doesn’t compromise on his ideals and selflessly fights to bring out the truth on the top of table. It is very interesting to read the book till the end to test his limits as you would find your imagination testing yours! No guessing works in these books.

Facing off the intricate vices engulfed in our social and political culture, a total avalanche of human emotions is what welcomes you when you read Desilva’s Liam Mulligan book series. It is a read-till-the-end book which is very hard to put aside once you start flipping the pages. Within few minutes of your reading you will find yourself cramming the whole new world in front of your eyes.

The writing style of Bruce DeSilva is very simple and progressive. The language is lucid and gripping. The author’s words are engraved with his four decade of experience as a journalist. There is so much of information that he shares with all of his characters—the protagonist Mulligan, his acquaintances and the female character. Each one of them are symbolic of uniqueness of human life on this planet.

Rogue Island

Talking about the first book in the series, Rogue Island is a mighty tale to uncover the layers of hidden truth and save the ravaged town of protagonist from the powerful clutches of corrupted politicians and gangsters. It is true crime novel you would cringe to read till the end. The whole bouquet of emotions fall apart with the emotional catharsis Mulligan faces when his childhood acquaintances and loved ones are perishing. He decided to weed out the problem and struggles to search the truth.

He finds out that a whole array of system is carefully plotted to burn down the neighborhood he grew up in and the public is helpless. His loved ones are dying and he wants to launch an investigation and discover the truth. Transfixing the reader, the plot is followed by a series of struggles faced by mulligan including threatening, beating, arrest, arson, murder, job suspension and public unrest. Mulligan keeps on digging till the truth is discovered and justice is served.

The book received very positive reviews and was Edgar Award Finalist for the Best First Novel Category in 2011. The rave reviews of the book welcomed another best seller—Cliff Walk in the following year.

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk is an enticing story by DeSilva. It is a tightly packed mystery that explores another dimension of human life that revolves around how treacherous and scandalous one can be despite being the most reputed and religious, and cast the evils of pornography and child abuse on the ones who are vulnerable. As you read the book your adoration for Mulligan would reach a peak.

The plot of the story is set in Rhode Island where prostitution is legal now. The shrewd reporter Liam Mulligan suspects political willingness, commissions and payoffs behind the flesh trade. Despite being a part of the puppet newspaper, Milligan decides to expose the governor’s abysmal ploy.
The horrific discovery of a child’s arm in a garbage stack, followed by dead body of Internet pornographer at Cliff Walk, the reader is hooked to find the truth with Mulligan. The book leaves you find new answer to questions related to morality, religion and sexual orientations. It not only touches a very sensitive and important issue but handles it quite diligently.

Each of the book in the Liam Mulligan Series by Bruce DeSilva is a roller coaster ride of human realities. Despite being a hard core investigating novel series comprising real life face offs that include brutality and fallacious personas empowered by imprudence of social, cultural, religious and political obliviousness, the Liam Mulligan win as an unfaltering hero who treasure the true pearls of human life.

The author never fails to win the love of a reader by including humor and cynicism at the same time. Each of the character is valid and necessary to the series. The clan of Mulligan include characters such as ‘Thanks-Dad’ who is Mulligan’s friend and son of newspaper publisher he works for, Attila- the Nun who later becomes the governor and shuns the nun-ism and the state’s Attorney General.

All the five books in the series are grappling as they leave something with you afterwards. The reader wants to know more about the Mulligan and the writer never fails his promise. The great success of initial books Rhode Islands and Cliff Walk inspired the prolific Bruce DeSelva to come up with
Providence Rag, inspired by a true story. Herein the Mulligan challenges ethics of newspaper. The story revolves around a juvenile serial killer who is imprisoned for the butchering of 5 people. The charges seem far from reality for a young kid and Mulligan decides to investigate. There is so much to discover about the Laws and the Trials finds out the hero. It is definitely a recommended read for any Mulligan fan.

In 2015 Bruce Desilva came with A Scourge of Vipers. Another top selling book where Mulligan questions intentions of Attila the Nun who turned into state’s governor and wants to authorize sports gambling. The book talks about organized crime through nexus of professional sports leagues and politicians. It is very intriguing book.

The latest offering The Dread Line is eagerly awaited by the readers in 2016 after the Mulligan was fired from the newspaper last year.

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