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Museum of Thieves (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Lies (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Path of Beasts (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of The Rogues Books

Accidental Heroes (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secret Guardians (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Lian Tanner is an Australian, children`s and young adult fantasy writer who lives in Southern Tasmania. She was born in 1951 in Australia as the youngest child in her family which guaranteed an interesting and successful life. She has three older brothers and no sisters. She was a very shy child which is the main reason why she writes about bold girls. Lian studied Earth Sciences in the University since she liked enormous glaciers and volcanoes that shape the world. She later joined drama school where she started getting ideas on writing. After drama school, she worked as a professional actor for three years during which she toured Tasmanian schools. Lian Tanner worked both in Australia and Papua New Guinea as a teacher, professional actor and a freelance journalist. This provided her with the right background for writing. She was able to learn about dialogue and action. Apparently, she gets most of her ideas by walking on the beach. She has written a good number of books most of which were featured in The Keepers and The Hidden book series. Author has faced the law while busking and scuba diving. Lian also went into the African jungle looking a Japanese Second World War veteran. She likes books, horses, old bones, gardening, animals and secrets. Lian has read many books in her lifetime and still loves reading.

Her book Museum of Thieves which was published in 2010, won the 2010 Aurealis Award for Children Fiction. It was also a Notable Book in the 2011 Australian Children’s Book of the Year Award. Museum of Thieves was also nominated in the 2010 Australian Booksellers Award plus the Australian Speech Pathologists Award. This book was also selected as one of the Bank Streets Children’s Books and Committees Best Children’s Books of the Year. It was also placed among the 50 Books You Can’t Put Down during the Get Reading Australian campaign in 2011. The International Youth Library in Munich labelled it as the White Raven. City of Lies which is 2nd book in the Keepers Trilogy book series, won the Aurealis Award for Children’s Fiction.

Rats! Is the first book to be written by Lian Tanner, published in 2009. The book introduces Nicky, a girl whose world seems to be falling apart. Her dad has left home for a new girlfriend and her mum has sold their house. It seems that Nicky Bell has had enough change to last for a lifetime. Megan Stoat, a new girl in the school turns out to be her victim. Nicky and her friends decide to treat Megan horribly until she starts thinking of going back to where she came from. Monty, Nicky’s beloved pet rat is used to make the work easier. But Nicky has not considered Megan’s stepmother. Mrs. Stoat is a beautiful and tarrying woman who will give Nicky and her friends a hard time. This is a funny and fast-moving adventure about friendship change. It is easy for children to become bullies when faced with family problems. At the same, time we have parents who are very protective of their children as shown by Megan’s step mother. It also features the cutest pet rats ever to be featured in a story. This novel has a very intriguing premise, a beautiful setting and fascinating characters.

Museum Of Thieves is the 2nd novel to be authored by Lian Tanner. It is pioneer book in The Keepers Trilogy book series. Readers are welcomed into Jewel City where it’s wrong to be impatience and illegal to be bold. This is a world sanitized of fear and danger. It is filled with citizens who are over protected. They have forgotten to think or act for themselves. This pioneer book introduces Goldie Roth a young citizen of the Jewel City. On her neck is a silver guard-chain. She is required to follow in line according to the Blessed Guardians, just like all children in the city. Goldie has never explored life by herself and won’t be allowed out in the streets until Separation Day. This special day ends up being cancelled, forcing Goldie to run away. She has grown bold and impatient overtime due to lack of freedom. She risks both her life and those left behind. Apparently, there are many chaos outside. She ends up meeting a boy named Toadspit in the Museum of Dunt. All scary things in history were taken and stuffed into this museum. Goldie learns a lot of terrible secrets. The museum is full of strange and shifting rooms. Blessed Guardian’s leader has his own plans involving the museum. The Fugleman, has enacted a scheme in which he intends to use the museum for his ill purposes. He is a threat to everyone that Goldie loves. Her thieving skills are needed now more than ever. It requires a courageous thief to stop the leader from executing his plans. This story is very relevant to the world today where fear is used to rule and too much is scarified for safety.

The other award winning novel, City of Lies, continues talking about Goldie. This novel characterizes her as a trained thief and a skilled liar. Goldie and her friend Toadspit are supposed to be the Keepers of the museum. But when Toadspit’s sister is stolen, they are forced to follow the child-stealers to the neighboring city of Spoke. Taodspit ends up being captured and Goldie is caught up in a festival of lies, where every word she says means something else and no one can be trusted. Goldie discovers new secrets about child-stealers. She will need her skills as a thief in order to survive and save her friends.

Museum Of Thieves and City of Lies are the most thrilling tales which capture destiny and danger. These award winning novels dwell on a fearless girl gets a chance to grow up. She is called upon to protect the city, the museum and her friends. Lian Tanner has modeled an awesome character whose courage is shown by her struggle to overcome fear. Toadspit is another bratty, resentful and loyal character who has prevailed in the series. These are the most imaginative novels by Lian Tanner. They are full of drama and adventure. Much is captured about unexpected friends, doubts and misgivings and daring. The imaginary worlds used in the novels are very believable. The character work of these books is also very impressive. Turner has constructed her novels with discerning insights into her characters, making them authentic and unique.

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