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Liana Liu is an American author of fiction. She was born in New York City, grew up there, and still calls the city home. She went to the University of Minnesota where she received an M.F.A. in fiction writing and has been putting it to good use ever since.

Liana Liu is the author of The Memory Key, published in 2015. She is also the author of follow-up novel Shadow Girl, which was published in 2017 to critical acclaim.

The main character in The Memory Key is Lora Mint. She is an individual that focuses on one thing and one thing only: not forgetting. She must not forget. Her mother has been passed for five years. Yet Lora has difficulty and must struggle to remember every single detail about her. From things that happened the night she left in her car and she never came back.

This is not the average world, however. The entire population is beset upon by a viral form of the memory-affecting disease Alzheimer’s called Vergets Disease. Like many people, Lora must rely upon her memory key to help her remember things. This memory key is a chip that is issued standard and it is embedded in the brain for the purpose of preserving memories like a human brain would do naturally. Lora usually has the help of the key, but then a random accident out of the blue does some serious damage to her key.

As a result, Lora’s memories are suddenly all over the place. When a forgotten moment reappears in her head, she has trouble understanding what it means. It’s from the night that her mother disappeared, and it could change everything. The chip might be lying to her, but why would it do that? Is this a manufactured memory, or is this something that the chip never stored and is from her mind alone? Lora doesn’t know whether she can rely on these memories that may have been forgotten.

With her ability to recall more memories from her past strengthening but also starting to be more of a burden than she can handle? Lora may be able to remember for now, but for how long? And what if she knows the truth but it doesn’t remember because this new brain activity is going to drive her crazy? Not knowing who to trust, let alone her own mind, Lora is plunged into a confusing world that is just as lonely as life has been ever since she lost her mother.

Lora longs to have her mother back again, so the resurgence of these strange and fractured memories is an upsetting but also a welcome intrusion into her life. But with her mother’s death bringing up questions of what really happened that night, Lora’s memories may lead her to more information than she initially ever bargained for. In a world where almost everything is electronically recalled, can she rely upon her organic mind to give her the correct information? You’ll have to pick up this exciting first book by Liana Liu and live every twist and turn for yourself!

Liana Liu’s exciting second book is titled Shadow Girl. In this gripping novel, Liu brings us the story of a girl that is trying to claim her identity, all while being a somewhat unwitting participant in what happens to a wealthy dynasty. In the house located on Arrow Island, there is a certain air of supernatural mystery about the place. Mei is the main character in Shadow Girl, and she arrives to the house feeling relieved.

Mei is actually happy to get a break from how her life normally is. The idea of spending an entire summer tutoring the daughter of some rich man in a mansion sounds pretty fun. At least she will get a break from all of her urban and domestic problems. Her mother is way too needy, and her brother is getting into trouble all of the time. Together they live in a very small apartment located in the city with a lot of people. It’s great just to get some fresh air and get out of the normal surroundings that she’s used to. If she can help a kid get some better grades, why not?

It doesn’t seem like it is going to be that hard to tutor Ella Morison. She seems like a sweet girl that is well-behaved and very sweet. While she seems like a really well-adjusted kid, Mei should be more worried about herself. Gradually she starts to believe that there is something very off going on in the home on Arrow Island and within the household in general. Still, Mei wants to mind her own business and tries to stick to tutoring.

Even though she is trying to stick to what she has to do, there are a few things distracting her. For one, the family seems to be having a lot of problems. Mei is also developing feelings for Henry, who is Ella’s brother. And on top of that, she’s been hearing some pretty creepy unexplained noises during the night. They’re weird sounds, from thumping to cries and howling. Mei isn’t the type to get scared over nothing, but the sounds are starting to creep her out big time.

Mei tries to listen to the reasonable side of her mind. She doesn’t really believe in the strange things that could be out there like ghosts or homes being haunted. Yet the family she’s working for does seem to have a lot of problems, and it does really seem like the mansion on the island might have some secrets locked away. What are they and what kind of danger might be hiding in this house that seems darker than she really ever would have believed?

What started out at the dream summer has turned into a nightmare for Mei. She is beginning to think that there might be something real and dark hiding within this house. What seems like such a nice home could be harboring an evil spirit that could take down not only this family but Mei along with them. Check out this spooky book and see how the story ends for yourself!

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