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Publication Order of Poppy McAllister Mystery Books

Class Reunions Are Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Snacks are Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Restaurant Weeks Are Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Theater Nights Are Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wine Tastings Are Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beauty Expos Are Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Antique Auctions Are Murder (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mischief Nights are Murder (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Libby Klein

Creating cozy mystery novels is something that the American writer Libby Klein has excelled at for a long time now, having produced a impressive backlog of work. Focusing on mysteries, she comes from a long rich tradition, with a number of influences that she has cited, including Wilde and Fforde to name but a few. It is her experiences that she has accumulated over the years, which she has effectively put back into her work as an author of fiction, something which has proven to be successful as time has gone on.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in and around Cape May, New Jersey, this would come to shape a lot of the work that was to come from Libby Klein as an author. She would also go on to attend Lower Cape May Regional High School during the eighties, something that would also come to inform a lot of her future stories. Over the years she would come to build upon her love of reading as well as writing, something which would feature heavily throughout her education.

Involving herself in the arts of culinary sciences along with theater, she has also worked as a stay-at-home mom in the past too. Now a grandmother, she also sometimes works as a Vice President of a technology company, whilst also working as a novelist of fiction. Currently working from her home in North Virginia, she continues to deliver work on a regular basis, which will carry on for a fairly long time yet.

Writing Career

Bringing her first book out in 2018, Libby Klein would come a long way extremely quickly, rapidly establishing a profile for herself. This would also be the first in the series of ‘Poppy McAllister Mystery’ which would be what she largely made her name with. Creating the now iconic character, she managed to set herself apart from the other authors, bringing her own distinctive voice into the spotlight.

This has all lead to her achieving worldwide acclaim, with her characters resonating with readers from all across the world. Receiving good reviews for her work, she has been praised by both critics and the public alike in equal measure. This is something that she continues to build upon, with more books expected to be released sometime soon in the near future.

Midnight Snacks are Murder

Originally published in 2018 on the 31st of July, this would mark the second book to come out in the series of books titled ‘A Poppy McAllister Mystery’ collection. Moving on from the first title, where the character was firmly established, this manages to take the story in another interesting direction, whilst also remaining true to the original. Released through the ‘Kensington Publishing Corporation’ outlet, it would also work on its own merit, with it’s mystery being entirely self-contained.

A cozy mystery novel that firmly knows what it is, this self-aware, fun and entertaining book really does make the most of its material. Taking the leading character of Poppy McAllister, who has already been firmly established in the previous title, it seeks to develop her overall as a person. It then proceeds to evolve the setting as well, with many of the surrounding characters getting some of the limelight too. This makes for a more whole and complete world, something which Klein definitely manages, as she further established the New Jersey community of Cape May.

Trying to get her gluten-free baking business off of the ground, Poppy McAllister is hoping to turn over a new leaf, whilst helping her aunt renovate her Victorian guest house. That’s when her aunt, who’s prone to sleepwalking, is accused of committing murder, and it is up to Poppy to help save the day and prove her innocence. Not only that, but Aunt Ginny, who is currently being prescribed a particular sleeping pill, keeps finding herself stealing the belongings of neighbors. Dubbed the ‘Snack Bandit’ by local authorities, she is then implicated in the murder of a humanitarian who works with young and troubled teens. Will Poppy be able to help her and find the actual killer before it’s too late? Can she help her aunt out of trouble? What will become of them as they find that midnight snacks are murder?

Restaurant Weeks are Murder

Published once in 2019 this time, this would arrive on the 26th of February, almost half a year after the release of the second. This would be the third title in the ‘Poppy McAllister Mystery’ series of novels, with it providing another cozy mystery for its now loyal following. Published through ‘Kensington Publishing Corporation’ again too, it manages to capture the spark of what made the first two great as well.

Taking place once again in the world of Cape May, this provides yet another inventive cozy mystery in this otherwise seemingly serene world. With Poppy McAllister now being a firmly established character, she really comes into her own here, building upon what’s come before, whilst taking her in a whole new direction. Giving the surrounding environment a more complete feel too, it really lets the reader to feel as if they’re actually there. This is done with each of the characters too, as each of them has their own unique and distinctive personality setting them apart from the rest. This would also come with a set of seven recipes from Poppy’s Kitchen, which readers could go on and use for themselves.

Opening her Jersey Shore Bed and Breakfast, Poppy McAllister is achieving her dreams finally, as she has waited for this day for so long. Needing to team up with her former fiancée Tim, though, means she also has to come into contact with his new partner Gigi, who is extremely condescending. With Restaurant Week up ahead though, they need to put their differences to one side and work together to provide the best gluten free menu out there. That’s when a competition judge winds up dead, and it appears that he died following eating Poppy’s cannoli, leading to her being the main suspect. Can she clear her name and find the real murderer before it’s too late? Why would someone want to kill the judge? Who is the real culprit behind all of this, as they realize restaurant weeks are murder?

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