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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Lido / Mornings with Rosemary (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The 24-Hour Café (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Island Home (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vintage Shop of Second Chances (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lifeline (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Libby Page is a general fiction author that is best known for her debut novel “The Lido” that she published in 2018. Before she became a bestselling author, she worked in marketing and moonlighted as an author.
Earlier on, she went to The London College of Fashion where she got her bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism. Upon graduating from college, she found a job with the Guadian working as a journalist.

Her debut novel “The Lido” was preempted for six figures in the United States and for six figures in the United Kingdom. It would then be published by Simon & Schuster in the United States and Orion in the United Kingdom in addition to a dozen other territories across the globe.

Writing is something that she has been doing ever since she was a kid and she penned “Love Pink,” an illustrated book to raise awareness about Breast Cancer Care when she was just 16.
Aside from her writing, Libby has led campaigns to demand fairer internships and has spoken in parliament and on TV in support of fair pay for people working as interns. she is also an avid swimmer and can always be found trying to find new swimming spots in London where she makes her home.

Page always wanted to be an author and does not remember any time she did not want to be a fiction author. But as she got older, she realized that people did not just become authors.

Becoming an author had its own challenges and hence she opted to study journalism as then she would be guaranteed to write while working her day job. Moreover, it would make it possible to write for herself on the side or so she thought.
Libby always loved fashion and the history of it and hence she majored in fashion journalism, even though her course was broader in covering anything journalism. During her years of study, she interned a lot at magazines but eventually realized this was not for her.
While she loved working for the Guardian, she soon realized that she was not in the headspace to be imaginative when she got home in the evening.

Since writing fiction had always been her passion she quit her job at the Guardian and found another in marketing. The change in jobs worked well for Libby Page since she did something very different during the day.
This meant she had a lot of energy and creativity to write fiction in the evenings. She would then begin writing the manuscript for The Lido.

Libby Page was 24 when she first sold her first novel and she has said that she has been incredibly lucky to have things go the way they have. She first had the idea for “The Lido” in 2014 and spent half the year planning it out.

It was in 2015 that she began writing in earnest, writing at the weekends, in the evenings, on her lunch breaks, and in the mornings before work. Later on, she quit her job and moved to Paris where she wrote at an intense pace for six weeks.
During this time, she wrote about half of her manuscript before she moved back to London where she found another job in marketing. With her motivation so high, it took just a few months before she was done and then she began querying literary agents.
It took her about a year before she found an agent and she had her fair share of rejections too. She was just about to give up when she learned that there was a new agency being launched that needed new authors.

She contacted them and they enthusiastically replied. Things happened so fast after that and by 2017, she had signed several deals and published her novel in 2018.

“The Lido” by Libby Page tells the story of a twenty-six-year-old woman named Kate who is riddled with panic attacks and anxiety. At the opening of the story, she lives in Brixton, London, and is employed by a local paper where she covers small and very forgettable stories.
When she is charged with writing a story about the closing of the outdoor recreation and pool center known as the lido, she meets an eighty-six-year-old widow named Rosemary who was been swimming at the center ever since it was opened in her childhood.
It was there that she met George her husband and at the lido, she also found communion while married and after the death of her husband. The lido had become a central part of her life for years.

As Kate investigates the history of the lido while working with a charming photographer, she produces a beautiful portrait of the lido and the life of Rosemary, a singularly uniquewoman.

What had begun as a simple local interest story results in a beautiful friendship that sustains both Kate and Rosemary. The two work together to rally the community as they fight against the closure of the lido.

Libby Page’s “The 24-Hour Cafe” is a delightful and heartwarming story set in London. The story takes place at a London cafe known as “Stella’s” over 24 hours.

The cafe comes with its own unique style as it shares glimpses of the lives of Mona and Hanna who are best friends and actresses at the cafe. During the 24 hours, we get to know the friends and some of the patrons of the restaurant.
We get glimpses into the people including what they go through, what matters to them, and how their lives are impacted by how they interact with each other. At the center of it, are Mona and Hannah, who work and live together.
The cafe is the vehicle that makes it possible to continue to chase their dream given how flexible their jobs are. Hannah dreams of becoming a singer while all Mona dreams of is becoming a dancer.

For the longest time, they had been like sisters rather than friends even though things have gone downhill in the recent past as the two girls grew apart. Will they be able to fix things or have they reached a point of no return?
It is an intriguing story of heartache, life, dreams, love, and friendships as they show people at their worst and best when their lives are falling apart and when they are at their happiest.

“The Island Home” by Libby Page tells the story of two siblings that are just reuniting. At the opening of the novel, a London teacher named Lorna is waiting for an overnight train alongside Ella her teenage daughter.

They are hoping to get into an overnight train to disembark at Fort William before taking the short ferry hop to the island of Kip. Lorna had run away from the Hebridean island more than two decades earlier, leaving behind Jack and the rest of her family.
When her parents died she has to go back home for the funeral which meant confronting the past she left behind. He will also have to face Jack and Alice his wife and Molly their daughter all of whom she has never met.

We get insights into Lorna’s experiences, particularly from the perspective of Alice her sister-in-law. We also get to listen in to the intriguing interactions between Molly and Ella in addition to the other members of the community.
It makes for a wonderful and thoughtful celebration of found family and community.

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