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Publication Order of Lies Books

Lies Series
Lies is a mystery series featuring Del Honeycutt and Sabrina. These two start as strangers, but as they work to unravel their shared histories, a relationship begins to develop. Sabrina is a renowned mystery author, and her curiosity will lead her to many dangerous paths. Del is the perfect companions, always there to help chase past demons. Join there two lovable characters on their adventures that often take them many years in the past. You can expect numerous hair-raising moments and building tension that will often leave you at the edge of your seat. This series is written in a way that you can enjoy each book as a standalone.

All Lies
All Lies is the first book in the Lies series. The book stars Del Honeycutt and Sabrina. Del’s father tells his son that he thinks that he comes from a long line of idiots on his death bed. This is a statement that Del agrees with. His grandfather was involved in criminal activities over 85 years ago, leaving behind an unresolved mystery. Del works at a boring job, and his father didn’t live a remarkable life either. Tired of living a lonely life, Del decides to try internet dating. His efforts pay off when a woman named Izzy responds to him and plans a meeting.

Izzy does show up at the agreed location. Still, it is clear that he has little interest in Del. Throughout their short date, Izzy only asks about his family history. She ends up leaving halfway through lunch. There was no connection between these two, and Del just wants to forget about the date. However, the following day the Boston Police are at Del’s doorstep because Izzy was murdered after ending the date. When Izzy’s half-sister, Sabrina, reaches out with little information about their shared history, Del is thrown into a world of dark family secrets and unresolved murders. As Del and Sabrina work to resolve centuries-old secrets, they will face a ruthless killer. This killer will do everything to ensure that the mystery remains unresolved.

This book will take you on a wild ride through Chicago, Iowa, Fairfield, Nebraska, and Brazil. As the bodies start to pile, Del and Sabrina will have to watch over their shoulders for their own safety and loved ones. While this case draws these two characters close, Sabrina is telling a monstrous lie, and there is no telling how Del will react once the truth is revealed. Join these two awesome characters in a tale that spans 3 generations. There is going to be romance, suspense, and treasure hunting as the mystery unfolds. Will Del and Sabrina resolve the mystery and stop the killers? What will become of their budding relationship?

All Lies is a mystery story based on historical facts. The author must have done research before writing this book. It seems the author did his homework as far as the research is concerned. Hernandez’s narration style is just right for this genre, and you will find it hard to put the book down once you start reading. Are you in the mood for a well-thought-out suspense-filled, and intriguing story? This book will not disappoint you. You are going to enjoy meeting Del and Sabrina and joining them on their action-packed adventure. Will these two lovebirds resolve the mystery? Why was the truth so protected considering the event happened many decades ago? Read the story to the end to find out.

Fatal Lies
Fatal Lies is book two in the Lies series. Once again, you get to interact with Del and Sabrina. These two are now an item, and their relationship couldn’t be doing better. Sabrina’s love for writing mysteries about hidden identities, political intrigue, and dangerous family secrets draw them to yet another thrilling ride. Thanks to a note sent to along estranged daughter, this duo is drawn into yet another dangerous adventure.

Daisy Leduc lived alone, and she felt like the world had forgotten about her, just like she wanted. However, when she is murdered, Del and Sabrina are forced into a 30-year old mystery characterized by murder, a long-forgotten serial killer, and treacherous secrets. Daisy’s estranged daughter receives a package just before her mother is murdered. The note instructs her to contact Sabrina in case Daisy is killed. When Daisy’s body is discovered, the daughter follows her instructions even though everyone wonders why a dying woman chose to trust Sabrina with her secrets.

Sabrina’s curiosity gets the better of her, and soon enough, she and Del are helping a daughter uncover her mother’s secrets. A little digging reveals that the real Daisy, but under a different name, died 30 years earlier. So, who sent that note, and why did she assume Daisy’s identity? Did the real Daisy die of natural causes, or was she also murdered? Why would a woman walk away from everything she knew and never attempt to reach out to her loved ones?
This book is told from Del’s perspective, who projects a mix of realism, self-deprecation, and sarcasm. The dynamic between Del and Sabrina is one of the things you will like about this story. As the mystery is unfolding, the author delves deep into Sabrina’s life and past. You will get to learn about her years in jail and the circumstances that led to her incarceration. While Sabrina’s life is not the focus in this story, it is fun to hear about her time in jail. Through her story, you learn about the plight of other innocent women who find themselves in prison.

Fatal Lies is a gripping story that starts with a riveting scene, and the tension doesn’t ease up until the last page. The book introduces new characters that you are surely going to love. Right from the beginning, this story captures your attention, and once Del and Sabrina start their investigation, it is all a wild ride to the end. You can expect to get more emotionally invested in the characters, the more you get to know them. Sabrina is obviously the strong one in the relationship. Still, it is sweet that Del is always there to hold her hand and support her despite all the dangers.

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