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Lightning Strikes Books In Order

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Publication Order of Lightning Strikes Books

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Lightning Strikes is a series of romance books by American romance, fiction, and suspense author Barbara Freethy. The series holds three books well-crafted by the author that combines romance and mystery. Barbara Freethy mastered the art of writing from an early stage by massively reading and most romantic books from her mother’s extensive library. After working in many parts of the country, she finally settled fulltime, and writing has been doing so for a long time.
She wrote this series from 2015 to 2016. Barbara has authored many books over the years including series and novellas which have gained high reviews and rewarded heavily including being given the title of The New York Bestselling Author.

Beautiful Storm

The trilogy, Lighting Strikes, opens with the book Beautiful Storm. Different happenings in life can change a lot about how an individual goes about their living. This occurrence is the case that happens to the character in this book who gets a complete change of life after the loss of her father in a lightning storm.

Alicia happens to lose her father during a fierce electrical storm. This issue throws her off balance and changes her life by a great extent. All of a sudden she becomes overwhelmed with chasing lightening during the night to get excellent shots and still works as a photographer in Miami. During one of her recordings, she notices something that looks like murder but does not get the full glimpse of this happening. On reaching the site of this happening she only finds a military tag that belongs to Lillian Valdez. Lilian has been reported missing for about two months, and this offers a clue on her whereabouts.

Alicia decides to use this to unravel this mystery which came on her path. She uncovers a trait of things that will take her all the way to Miami, a Cuban-American territory. In the course of her investigations, she comes along Michael Cordero, a young man with a lot that he is battling with on the inside. Lilian is a close friend with Michael from childhood, and therefore he feels obliged to help in the search for her no matter what it takes.

But the two are not aware that danger looms in the darkness in connection to this case. Someone is ready to kill with the aim of hiding the events that transpired leading to Lilian’s disappearance. It’s a rough journey for the two which risks their lives.

The beautiful storm is an incredibly developed story with characters being turned to the unexpected to bring out the different themes that have been put forward by the author. The mystery created is also mind-blowing and keeps the reader suspenseful all along.

Lightning Lingers

Lightning Lingers is the second installment by the #1 NY Times Bestselling Author’s series Lightning Strikes. Barbara tells the story of a doctor whose brother and family have landed in a great mess, and she has to seek the help of her high school boyfriend to solve the issue. Lost love is used to borrow a favor and in the process past feelings are brought to life.

Tj lands in a great deal of a mess which threatens his life and that of his family. He passes strict instructions to his sister, Katherine Barrett not to look into the issue and mainly not to involve the police. But she chooses to ignore the instructions and save her brother. In the process, he asks for help from Jake Monroe, her high school sweetheart whom she broke his heart some years back. Jake has been waiting for this day and immediately swings to action. They both fly to a very dangerous place in Mexico as they search for her brother.

Jake is still addicted to Katherine and cannot ignore her despite what she did to him years ago. They both embark on a journey that will bring a huge load of their past to life. Love comes back to, and they cannot ignore the fact that they are bringing back what was lost as they combine efforts to rescue TJ. This adventure will unravel a lot include huge secrets that will change their perception of family, society and each other.

Lightening lingers also introduces the reader to the effects that lightning has on forests, planes, and buildings. More to these, the book gives an insight into the menace of corruption in the society and the dire consequences that result from tolerating it in a country. This piece is highly educative as the different themes are exposed across the book.

Summer Rain

Summer Rain is the third book in the trilogy lightning strikes. Strangers sometimes turn into lovers giving one more answers than they seek. Danielle Monroe is suffering emotionally and needs answers concerning her past and more so her family. Meeting Patrick makes a complete change of things for the better.
After she moves to moves back to Washington DC, Danielle is after ensuring that she is in a position where she can land on a high political career through getting a good job. But, the mystery of her father’s death of which she is not aware of keeps thwarting her efforts. Kane, on the other hand, is out to get answers that left him in a very tight spot after an absolute tragedy that befell him and which has also limited his progress.

Patrick approaches Daniela solely with the aim of getting an insight into what happened. But as they work together to unearth the root of all these happenings, love comes about, and the two become inseparable. As they search for the truth more society dirt is dug out including the high level of corruption that exists. They have to go through all these junks so that they can get to understand what has truly been going on in the country and surely it is not an easy journey for Daniela and Patrick.

The mystery keeps getting bigger and bigger as a plane with senators explodes, weird lightning after which the pilot, and the disappearance of Monroe’s father. It is that book that you will want to go over and over again moving with the dynamic characters through the story.

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