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Lili St. Crow is a young adult fantasy author who writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, fantasy, science fiction, and romantic suspense novels as Lilith Saintcrow. Lili was born in New Mexico to an Air Force man and hence she lived all over the place as a child. Given how hard it was to make friends when she moved so much, she fell in love with writing as a ten-year-old. Her biggest motivation came when she won second place in a fiction writing contest and she has never looked back since then writing more than fifty novels in a variety of genres, several series, and single standing novels. As Lili St Crow, she published “Strange Angels” her debut novel in 2009. She was inspired to become a storyteller by several media from TV, film, and novels. She was a huge fan of “Vampire Hunter D,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Supernatural.” She has also been influenced by rock music which is something she grew up listening to just like her lead protagonist Dru in the “Strange Angels” series of novels. As for novels, she has been influenced by the likes of Stephen King, Tanith Lee, Alice Hoffman, Robert Aikman, LJ Smith, Algernon, and Algernon Blackwood among others. She currently lives with her husband and children in Vancouver, Washington.

Lili initially started as an adult fiction author before she got into young adult. She never thought she would be writing young adult fiction given how many troublesome themes and profanity was in her novels. However, her editor asked if she would love to write a young adult title, and surprisingly, she had something in her mind and had even begun writing the manuscript for what would become Strange Angels her debut. She sent in those first few chapters and put everything else on hold so that she could work on the manuscript full time and in a few weeks, she was offered a contract for a full series of novels. She was terrified given that she had never ventured into young adult novels and remembers asking her editor if she had actually read what she had submitted. There was a lot of death and f-bombs in the manuscript that she believed that it was inappropriate for the audience she was writing to. However, the editor insisted that some of that was part of the reason that they asked her to write a series. St. Crow was still terrified but decided to get on with it and see how it went. By 2011, she had five titles in the “Strange Angels” series and started writing the “Tale of Beauty and Madness” series in 2013.

“Strange Angels” by Lili St. Crow is a novel set in a world full of werewulfen, spooks, and suckers though most people except for Dru Anderson and her father are aware of the paranormal. The two move through the towns hunting shadowy things since Dru has a sixth sense called the touch which alerts her to impending doom. It also makes it possible for her to cast hexes and create wards among other critical skills for hunting the paranormal creatures in her world. With such skills, she backs up her father or when she is not helping, she stays at home and protects their rental house while he is out hunting the paranormal. One night, her father comes back home after several days of hunting vampires to change her life forever. He has come back as a rotting zombie and Dru has no choice but to shoot him and she now remains all alone in a big bad world. But her troubles are just beginning as the thing that had taken out her father is now coming after her. The novel follows Dru as she unwittingly seeks the assistance of a half-werewolf and half-vampire. She also vampire proofs her house to protect herself and goes on a quest to find and kill the villain that ha been responsible for her father’s untimely decease.

Lili St. Crow’s “Betrayals” picks up from the debut novel of the series. Graves and Dru have just made it to the Schola, where Christophe had instructed them to go and it is not long before Dru is in trouble. Djamphirs and wulfen typically do not mix and when you combine fast healing, superstrength, and teenage boys full of testosterone, fights become almost guaranteed. Dru has never run away from a good fight though she does not have the healing powers or strength that many of her peers have which means that she may find herself in danger if she gets into a fight. However, the biggest problem she has to deal with is finding out who she can trust. There is clearly someone after her life in the Schola and she does not know who that is. Failing that, they have planned to hand her over to Sergej the most powerful vampire. She needs to learn fast what she is what the Order means to her and the connection her mother has to Sergej. Graves is the only person she can trust though he is too busy with other Wolfen and does not have the time to offer her the help and support she urgently needs. As attacks on Dru and the Schola get increasingly dangerous, she knows that she has to formulate a plan if she is to stay alive. But finding someone to get her out of the Schola alive is going to be difficult.

St. Crow’s “Jealousy” opens to Dru believing she is finally safe as she is a resident at the continent’s largest Schola and has slowly started to learn what it means to be a half-human half-vampire svetocha. If she can make it through several weeks of rigorous training, she can finally earn her position in the Order and proceed to protect the normal people by fighting off the vampires intending to harm them. But she still has to deal with a web of betrayals and lies that are slowly but surely closing in on her just at the moment she had let down her guard. It could not be at a worse time given that her boyfriend has been acting weird of late, Christophe her mentor is missing and her bodyguards seem to have better information about what is happening than her. And then she also has to confront the strange nightly visits the vampire attacks and the stares from seemingly everyone. It is as if her life is in danger as someone up the chain of command in the Order wants her dead. The only saving grace is that they need to know how much she knows about the night of her mother’s decease. Dru had banished the night to the back of her mind but now needs to remember since it is the only way she can help get Christophe to get out of the murder charges leveled against him.

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