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Lilian Monroe is a new adult romance and general romance author who has made a name for herself writing romance with elements of mystery and suspense. Lilian initially began writing stories in her free time and over time developed a love for romance and storytelling.

In the first days of her writing career, all she did was share her stories with friends and family. She has said that the leap from short stories to novels was challenging and exciting but she fell in love with the process.

She published “Doctor O” her debut novel in 2017 and has never looked back since. Monroe now has more than 60 works to her name which makes her one of the most prolific authors in the genre. She is a lover of everything romance especially when it involves images of muscular men with rippling muscles serving her hand and foot.

Lilian currently lives with her husband, their two children, twelve chickens, and three dogs. Her husband loves to make her happy by working shirtless in the year to show his rippling muscles that always take her breath away.

She spends most of her days teaching and writing English and reading and writing all things romance.

Lilian Monroe started out working as a civil engineer. She used to spend a lot of time watching people digging holes that would be filled up with concrete or making calculations in her office.

She was bored out of her mind and hence when she learned that she could self-publish on amazon, she could not have been more excited. Monroe read everything she could find on publishing and slowly worked the nerve to start writing.

After several months, she finally believed she had the confidence to do it. Still, it was quite a steep learning curve even though becoming a published author has been so rewarding.

On her Amazon author page, she jokes that she loves living in a jungle treehouse even though what she really likes is traveling. Although she was born in Canada, she has made use of the opportunities in writing to make a great living for herself as she travels all over the globe.

She has had stints in Australia and several other remote destinations, even though she now writes from beautiful Thailand.

Over the years, she has been experiencing an upsurge in popularity and her writing has been called hilarious and captivating by critics. In fact, it was none other than Charles Smith who called her writings smolderingly hot yet very entertaining.

Lilian Monroe follows a very tight schedule, which is what had made it possible for her to achieve as much success as she has.

She typically gets up at 6 am, gets a coffee, and then gets through her emails most of which come in the night due to the time difference between the United States and Thailand.

Monroe also deals with her social media and advertisements early in the morning. She then gets down to writing which she does in three blocks aiming for about 5,000 words each weekday.

In between her sessions, she will usually have breakfast and lunch, and also hit the beach or the gym. If she happens to be really stuck she takes a break and gets back to it when she clears her mind.

“Dirty Little Midlife Crisis” by Lilian Monroe is the story of Grant Greene. He is a lawyer who quit his high-powered but very stressful job in New York to move to the small town of Heart’s Cove nearly fifteen years ago.

After being left by his wife and being hit with a devastating heart attack, he knew the 100-hour workweeks were not for him. He bought a beautiful farm in the small settlement and spends his days working as a handyman.

He was in town for a job he had been called to when he has to rescue a beautiful woman who had been hit by some metal object that had exploded from some water pipes. Fiona is in town for a fortnight having come to spend the holidays with Simone her friend.

The two are soon great friends even though Fiona is shocked to learn that Grant is their real-life naked model at the cart class. It gets even more interesting when she learns that she finds out that her cabin is flooded and she has nowhere to live.

Grant invites her to his house and despite Fiona realizing how dangerous their attraction can be, she does not really have a choice.

Lilian Monroe’s “Dirty Little Midlife Mess” is the story of a woman that quit her job and moved to a new town. She had been offered a new job and immediately on arriving, she gets into a relationship with her handsome neighbor.

Simone could not be happier with her new life, even as she tries to find her footing in her new community. She had stumbled upon a great business opportunity and knew just the right person who could help her take advantage of it.

Wesley Byron, her neighbor is a handsome but reclusive man who agrees to help her. In return, he wants her help getting his family ready for a family event he is organizing for the weekend.

When his uncle arrives accompanied by his girlfriend, Wes goes into a panic and tells them he has a girlfriend. Introduced as Wes’s girlfriend Simone now has to try to entertain his guests even as she fights their growing attraction.

Simone and Wes both have baggage from previous relationships in which they had been terribly hurt. Over time, incorrect assumptions and past hurts threaten the future of this beautiful couple.

“Dirty Little Midlife Mistake” by Lilian Monroe is the story of a woman named Candice. She lost her husband three years ago and is now setting up a new business alongside her three friends.

When a Hollywood production decides to film in their locale, they jump at the opportunity to provide catering services.

While making a delivery, Candice is requested to step into a scene with Blake Hudson the lead actor. They have an intense on-screen chemistry that Blake, later on, seeks out Candice. He wants to explore their connection as he pursues her even as Candice has some baggage from the past.

Still, she is interested in seeing where everything might lead and starts spending time with Blake. She has a lot of pain from a past relationship, which may just hinder the development of something special with Blake.

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