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Three of Hearts (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pair of Fools (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Monstrous Matches Books

Stalked by the Kraken (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deceived by the Gargoyles (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Found by the Lake Monster (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ensnared by the Werewolf (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Entranced by the Basilisks (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hoarded by the Dragon (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Married to the Devil (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Lillian Lark

Lillian Lark is a highly acclaimed American author known for her captivating paranormal romance novels. With her incredible talent for crafting characters and protagonists, she has gained a loyal following of readers eager to dive into her imaginative worlds. Lark’s stories are not only entertaining to read but also deeply engaging, drawing readers in with their compelling narratives. Her gift for storytelling shines through in each of her novels, making them irresistible page-turners.

When it comes to crafting characters, Lillian Lark is simply unmatched. Whether it’s the fierce and independent heroine or the brooding and enigmatic hero, Lark has a knack for bringing her characters to life. Each character is uniquely developed, giving them depth and making them relatable to readers. The chemistry between her protagonists is electric, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they navigate their otherworldly romances.

Beyond her exceptional character development, Lark’s storytelling prowess is what truly sets her apart. She has an uncanny ability to create intricate and engaging plots that keep readers hooked from beginning to end. Her stories are often filled with suspense, mystery, and just the right amount of heart-pounding romance. Lark’s descriptive prose paints vivid pictures, transporting readers into a world where the paranormal comes alive.

Whether readers are a fan of supernatural romance or simply enjoy a well-crafted story, Lillian Lark is an author worth exploring. Her talent for crafting characters and weaving engaging narratives make her novels an absolute delight to read. So dive into one of her books and get ready to be swept away into a world of love, magic, and thrilling adventures.

Lillian Lark is a master at blending compelling characters with engaging stories, creating a truly unique and fresh reading experience. Her ability to craft dynamic protagonists and intricately weave their tales is nothing short of extraordinary.

What makes Lark’s approach so captivating is the way she seamlessly combines character development with plot progression. Her protagonists come alive on the pages, each possessing their own distinct voice, motivations, and flaws. As readers follow their journeys, they can’t help but be drawn into their emotions and experiences, developing a genuine connection.

In a saturated genre, Lillian Lark manages to carve out her own space by infusing her novels with a distinct freshness. Her ability to combine compelling characters with engaging stories is unparalleled, making each book a delightful and memorable reading experience. So if you’re looking for a break from the ordinary and crave a narrative that feels both familiar and refreshingly new, Lillian Lark is the author to turn to.

Early and Personal Life

Lillian Lark, an American novelist, hails from the vibrant and saltiest city in Utah. Growing up, she developed a deep passion for reading, immersing herself in stories spanning various genres. From fantasy to romance, Lark found inspiration in the vast world of literature.

Through her love for reading, Lillian Lark discovered her own talent for writing. As she delved into different novels, she began to feel a spark of creativity within herself. Encouraged by her love for storytelling, she embarked on her own writing journey, determined to share her unique voice with the world.

With her three mischievous feline companions by her side, Lillian Lark pours her heart and soul into crafting compelling narratives that evoke a range of emotions. Her love for writing sexy stories that twist the reader’s heart and mind is evident in her works, which beautifully blend passion, romance, and the unexpected.

As a writer, Lillian Lark continues to evolve and grow, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and personal experiences. Each new project pushes her boundaries, allowing her to explore different themes and challenge herself creatively. With her unwavering dedication and love for storytelling, Lillian Lark captivates readers, enticing them into a world where imagination meets desire.

Writing Career

Lillian Lark has established a dynamic career as a writer with a diverse range of series, novels, and contributions to collections. Her notable works include the Harpies of a Feather series, featuring “Three of Hearts” (2020) and “Pair of Fools” (2021). She has also delved into the Monstrous Matches series, producing thrilling titles like “Stalked by the Kraken” (2021) and “Deceived by the Gargoyles” (2022).

In addition, Lark has written standalone novels such as “Tangled Wires” (2020) and “Her Vigilante” (2020), while also making contributions to the anthology collection “Into the Woods” (2022). With her captivating storytelling, Lillian Lark continues to excite readers, and her future work promises to be equally enchanting.

Entranced by the Basilisks

“Entranced by the Basilisks” is an enchanting fantasy monster romance novel written by Lillian Lark. It was published on December 30, 2022, and made available on the Kindle platform. As the third installment in the “Monstrous Matches” series, it continues to explore self-contained romances within the fascinating world created by the author.

Emilia finds herself cursed after unintentionally opening a powerful magical book. This curse not only endangers her loved ones but also compounds her recent discovery that supernatural beings exist. Tensions rise as her boss, who holds answers, brings in the alluring expert Jasper, adding a layer of complexity to their group dynamic.

As Emilia grapples with her own internal conflict, the outcome of their collaborative efforts becomes increasingly uncertain.

Pair of Fools

“Pair of Fools” is an enthralling fantasy monster romance novel written by Lillian Lark. It was self-published on November 18, 2021, showcasing the author’s independent spirit in bringing her work to readers. As the second installment in the “Harpies of a Feather” series, it offers another captivating self-contained love story set within the richly imagined world created by Lillian Lark.

A trapped harpy named Sophie Shirazi finds herself entangled in an unexpected deal with a demon rival, weakening her every moment they spend apart. Their complex relationship takes a surprising turn when the demon, Mace, seeks Sophie’s help. As they navigate their shared bond and the debts looming over them, they must confront their pasts and find a way to set things right.

Will they be able to untangle themselves from their circumstances or will their connection become too strong to let go?

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