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Small Town Hearts (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shaadi Set-Up (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beauty and the Besharam (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Decoy Girlfriend (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrapped with a Beau (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lillie Vale is a bestselling author of young adult romance and general romance novels who has been a winner of the Rainbow Books List selection.

The author has made a name for herself writing about girls who fight back, food as it pertains to love, the different ways in which people feel haunted, and the secrets we keep.

Vale was born in Mumbai, India but spent much of her childhood and early teenage years in North Dakota, Texas, and Mississippi. She now makes her home in a small town in Indiana where the woods creep and the corn whispers.

The author went to college and got her MBA degree before she decided to become a career world builder who tends to have a liking for a good monster metaphor and sometimes sinks ships.

For the longest time, Vale has been dreaming of going back to the seaside and ivy-covered crumbling castles.

Lillie made her debut with the publishing of “Small Town Hearts” in 2019. While she primarily writes romance, fantasy will always be a genre close to her heart since she loves research and adores world-building.

She also loves to read young adult thrillers and realistic contemporary fiction.

Just like many of her contemporaries, some of Lillie Vale’s fondest and earliest memories were at the library. She loved going to the library where she used to devour everything she could get her hands on.

She still makes use of some of the stories she used to read as inspiration for the plotlines and scenes in her current works. Since she loved reading so much it was only natural that she would also start writing stories.

This hobby would soon evolve into text-based role playing and fan fiction and ultimately she made the decision that she would become a fiction author. She penned her first full-length work while she was in graduate school and NaNoWriMo came around.

In 2015, Lilie joined Wattpad but it was not until several months later that she would start posting her stories. She was coming to the tail end of her master’s program and deciding to give her all to writing.

She used to write when she had sleepless nights or when she could steal a few moments here and there that she utilized fully.

While writing online was not new to her, writing on Wattpad enable her to find a community of readers that would become her fans.

Aside from being very active as an author, Lillie Vale also engages in hobbies and recreation. Whenever she is not writing her novels, she can often be found cooking.

If she had not found a career in fiction writing, she would probably have been running a cooking channel on YouTube or a food blog.

Since she does not have much time for running a YouTube channel or food blog, she now makes do with watching cooking shows such as Sense8 and Love, Victor.

Lillie Vale’s novel “The Shaadi Set Up” introduces Milan Rao and Rita Chitniss who had been high school sweethearts and the envy of everyone until he betrayed her.

Half a dozen years later, Rita pursued her passion for furniture and made it into a career and is now dating Neil who could be something of a perfect boyfriend.

The last she needs is for Milan to come back into her life but her mother who has always been a believer in second chances sets up a meeting. Milan proves to be just as confident, cocky, and charming as he had always been.

But this time, he needs to take advantage of her business skills rather than her heart as he needs her help selling a hard-to-flip house for his real estate company. Even though Rita agrees to work with him, she promises to be very careful.

To prove that they are over, she signs herself and her new boyfriend to a matchmaking site known for being trustworthy and for its success stories. She intended to show people that she had moved on but the site throws her a curveball.

Instead of matching her with her perfect man in Neil, it tells her that her perfect match is Milan. Ignoring her mother and the website may be easy but spending time with the man makes ignoring the growing attraction almost impossible.

“Small Town Hearts” by Lillie Vale is the story of Babe Vogel, a girl that just graduated from high school and is looking forward to a whole summer of enjoyment.

Life could be any more fun as she lives in Oar’s Rest a sleepy college town in Maine in a lighthouse home.

She has just been hired at the Busy Bean as a barista but freaks out about major changes coming to her life when her two best friends leave to go to college later in the year.

Things had gotten even worse when a reckless kiss caused a nasty breakup between the three of them. Moreover, her ex-girlfriend just came back into town and has brought with her a slew of bad and good memories.

On the other hand, is the cute artist Levi Keller, who has been spending a lot of time at the coffee shop.

He is an out-of-town tourist and even though she knows better than to fall for a traveler, who will leave when the season ends, she cannot help but want him.

It is a very atmospheric story full of endearing even if messy characters that light up a swoony summer romance.

Lillie Vale’s novel “Beauty and the Besharam” is the story of Kavya Joshi, a high-achieving seventeen-year-old. She has always heard that she is too much, too mouthy, and too ambitious.

As such, when Ian Jun her nemesis is witness to her very public breakup just as junior year is winding down, she decides to spend the summer working at children’s birthday parties and lying low.

However, her plan goes haywire when she learns that the role of Belle which she was gunning for is given to another while she is cast as Ariel. She also learns that the role of Prince Eric will be given to Ian.

Exhausted by Ian and Kavya’s years-long feud, their friends team up and come up with a plan to bring an end to their rivalry.

They soon convince them to participate in some interesting set of challenges but as the competition escalates, things escalate and the romantic tension is palpable.

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