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Lillim Callina Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Lillim Callina Chronicles Books

When he was in second grade, J.A Cipriano, New York Times Bestselling author, J.A Cipriano’s teacher handed out journals to every student in his class to write down anything that they wanted. The students were first instructed to write the things that they did not like. J.A Cipriano decided to write down the reason why he did not like writing. Cipriano’s reasoning was exceedingly simple, he had bad handwriting. Despite the fact that he had bad handwriting, J.A Cipriano was still destined to be an engineer. Unfortunately, as time went by, Cipriano realised that he loved to write. One of the major highlights of his writing career is when he won a writing contest for his state. Cipriano was rewarded with a big dinner, and his teacher on the other was all dressed up.

J.A Cipriano continued to pen down short stories, and a year later, when he was in sixth grade, he won yet another contest. When he joined seventh grade, J. A Cipriano broke his arm and got it cast. Cipriano had the cast signed up by two well-established authors, Stan Lee and Dean Koontz. According to J.A Cipriano, the cast is by far one of the coolest things that he has ever owned. It was at this point that Cipriano fell in love with Anime and video games as well. J.a Cipriano began to pen down factions when he joined ninth grade. It was at this point that J.A Cipriano penned his very first fiction novel, titled Revolution. Revolution was a small novel that had around two thousand words. In his sophomore year, J.A Cipriano, penned down two more books to complete the trilogy. This was after he had just watched Star Wars, which made him learn that trilogies are exceedingly cool.

During his senior, J.A Cipriano rewrote his novel Revelations. According to J.A Cipriano’s wife, Revelations is one of the best books that J.A Cipriano has ever penned. Everytime that J.A Cipriano reads Revelation he cringes. It was during his senior that he was heavily involved in a fan fiction-writing group. However, the fan fiction writing group did not entirely focus on fiction novels, but it was also the world that was based on an exceedingly popular anime.

Kill It with Magic

Kill It with Magic is the first book in the Lillim Callina book series. In this book, we are introduced to a sixteen-year-old girl, Lillim Callina who uses her magical powers to annihilate demons, vampires and all manner of creatures, which threaten the world that she lives in. One day, Lillim receives word that her ex-boyfriend Joshua is in need of her assistance. The message, in turn, sets Lillim on an exceedingly crazy series of adventures where everything could go wrong. While searching for Joshua, Lillim is sent to retrieve a jeweled box that the werewolves had in their possession. This, in turn, pits her against the vampires because she has to retrieve what the vampires had stolen from the box. Apart from the werewolves and the vampires Kill it with Magic also has dragons, demons and an exceedingly crazy mentor, thus making this installment, full of non-stop action and chaos.

This book begins with non-stop action and does not stop until the end. The characters in Kill it With Magic are well developed and highly entertaining as well. The reader can not help but feel sorry for Lillim Callina who was not only beaten but also betrayed as well.

Hatter is Mad

Hatter is Mad is the second book in the Lillim Callina book series. In this book, we meet with a billion-year-old god, who has just kidnapped Lillian’s best friend. Her best friend was kidnapped just as she had begun getting her life back together after Caleb Oznek had left her. Caleb knew that she needed to vent her frustrations on someone face. Armed with her swords, Set and Isis, Lillim is going to track him down even if she was going to fight her way through an orchish horde, talk to her mother and relieve the worst moments of her life. With that said, the author, J.A Cipriano, has done it again. The book is not only filled with lots of action it is also full of exceedingly wonderful and well-developed characters. Characterisation has been done exceedingly well. Despite each of the characters possessing insane powers, they all have personality, a personality that has been allowed to shine now that the readers can see their motivations and histories as well.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is the third book in the Lillim Callina book series. In this book, we meet once again with Lillim, the protagonist, who has just returned home. Upon arrival, the nether realms, in turn, erupted to Civil War, thereby sipping supernatural warfare all around her. With the Renegades spilling half-truths at the very corner, as well as devastation chasing, her Lillim Callina, the protagonist must be able to find a way of finally putting an end to a conflict that is much older than time. Despite everything going according to plan, Lillim is faced with one challenge, the faeries know magic, and they are not afraid to use magic.


Pursuit is the fourth book in the Lillim Callina book series. In Pursuit, we meet once again with the protagonist of this highly entertaining book series, Lillim Callina. In this book, Lillim Callina is making progress as a character. Just like the previous installments, Lillim is fighting for herself and the people that she loves. The storyline is not only intriguing, but it is also full of twists and turns, which will undoubtedly suck the readers into the stories. The story has an insane ruler who is more than to see Lillim dead because she was reincarnated from a woman who had sacrificed herself so that her people would live. With that said, the magic continues to be pretty fun while her mom and dad’s fighting scenes have been brilliantly portrayed. With that said, Pursuit is another excellent addition to the Lillim Callina book series. The author has done a little more world building in comparison to the other installments in the Lillim Callina book series.

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