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Lily Atlas is a contemporary romance fiction author who loves to call herself a mother of two spunky girls and a proud Navy wife. Her husband is in the Navy and for several years they lived in Twentynine Palms California.
She has always been and is still a huge reader and is often afraid that every time she downloads a new Kindle book she is going to get the notification that it needs some rest since she is overworked and exhausted.
Thankfully, this has not happened yet and she continues to chug along nicely reading her ebooks and writing.

She penned “Journey to the Deep Woods” her debut novel in 2008 and has never looked back since. She now has more than two dozen works of fiction to her name among them several series, single-standing novels, and collections of short stories.
Lily Atlas often interacts with her readers and fans through the newsletter on her website where she often provides exclusive giveaways and early cover reveals for her works.

She sometimes interacts with her fans on her many social media profiles on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

“Zach” by Lily Atlas is an intriguing work of fiction that tells the romance story of Zach and Toni. The latter knows all about making mistakes and has firsthand experience in how taking the wrong path could send one careening out of control.
The good thing is that she had someone in her life to help things right and pull her from the gutter. As penance, she has pledged to suppress her desires and find a dependable and steady connection with a man, even if she finds that very boring.
However, Zach is not a dull man as he embodies the outlaw lifestyle rife with motorcycles, women, and violence as a member of the Hell’s Handlers MC.

When Toni moves next to Zach, he wants to have a hot fling only to find she is not an easy conquest. He will need to work very hard to convince her that she belongs with him, even as a tense relationship with a local gang turns fiery, and threatens his club.
Toni struggles to resist the man’s pull but then her peace is destroyed when demons from the past come back to haunt her present. With enemies coming at her from all sides will she turn to Zach for help and throw out all her rules?

Lily Atlas’s novel “Maverick” opens with trouble at the Hell’s Handlers MC who are fighting with another gang that is involved in the trafficking of young girls as sex slaves.

They are determined to stop the rival gang but while tracking down a lead, Maverick who is one of their most important members is kidnapped and held hostage. While he is praying that his brothers will find him, a woman is pushed into his cell.
Maverick saves her from being beaten and raped by the gang as he asks them to take it out on him instead. Stephanie is working undercover for the FBI and was going to check on her undercover partner only to find he had gone rogue.
Maverick is ultimately found and saved and he insists that his brothers need to save Stephanie as well. They acquiesce to his request and save her too but along the way, Maverick realizes that he has fallen for her.

She wants to go back to her job with the FBI but she also realizes that she misses Maverick. Things turn complicated when she is sent back into the field undercover to collect information on Maverick and his MC.

“Jigsaw” by Lily Atlas is the story of Izzy, who is a woman who has been left a disappointed heap far too many times by her family. She now believes that the only person that could help her is herself.

Leaving the bustle of the city and hoping for fewer relationships, she heads to a small town in Tennessee. But her plans for solitude and quiet go up in smoke when she is adopted by the women and men of the Hell’s Handlers Motorcycle Club.
On the other hand, is Lincoln a a man who once had an eviable career, a loving and sweet wife, and a beautiful life who lost it all leaving him physically and mentally scarred. He is now an enforcer with the MC and is known as Jigsaw.
He is also done with women, dreams, and love unless it is to blow off some steam. While they both had sworn never to get into any romantic entanglements, they share some intense chemistry that they just cannot ignore.

When she is targeted by the MC’s enemies, Jigsaw and his club prove that they are more than family as they band together to protect her.

Could Izzy and Jig let go of their past and find the happiness they deserve in each other?

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