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Lily Archer is a bestselling paranormal romance fiction novelist who has recently been dubbed one of the most unique voices in the genre.

She published “Fae’s Captive,” her debut novel and the first of the “Fae’s Captive” series of novels in 2019. Since then she has become a very prolific author publishing at a very fast clip.

While she only started publishing in 2019, she now has at least sixteen titles to her name. Archer usually published an average of five titles every year which is quite something for a new author.
She believes that one of the reasons that has made her publish so fast is that she has always loved writing. It has also been a huge boon that her novels have been very popular which has made it possible for her to become a full-time author.
As for her writings, Lily has said that she is a huge believer in fierce fae warriors, mermaids, and fairies. For this reason, she hopes that her readers will love her novels as much as she does since she writes only novels that she would love to read herself.
Armed with nothing other than her well-worn MacBook and her imagination, she is all about creating true love when it seems impossible and saying all manner of dark beasts that emerge from fantasy worlds.
Her fans and readers can usually contact her through the newsletter on her website.

“Fae’s Captive” is the debut novel of the “Fae’s Captive” series of novels by Lily Archer that tells the story of Leander and Taylor.

The story is set in the modern time where the latter is trying to put herself through college. She shares a room with Cecile who is a nightmare roommate but what she will do next is the worst.

Cecile drugged Taylor and she woke up to find herself in a realm where there were different Faes, slaves, and masters. She is in a dungeon alongside Lenetia a woman who gets her up to speed on what is going on and where she is.
She does not think any of what is happening is real until Lord Tyrios her master provides a rude wake-up call. She has become a changeling living in the land of the Fae where Leander is King.
The king has been patiently waiting for his mate but no one has ever met their destined mate for more than one and a half centuries following a terrible curse.

As he is heading to a meeting, he suddenly notices a wonderful smell that he soon realizes is coming from Taylor. There is no doubt that she is the one for him.
But since she is new to the realm, she is scared of just about everything and even more of him, particularly when she sees his brutal side.

Lily Archer’s “Road to Winter” opens with Taylor attempting to banish her feelings for Leander while trying to find ways that will get her back to her own realm on Earth.

However, the king is having none of that since he believes he has found his mate and will not let her out of his sight. Gareth the king’s deputy and Taylor’s friend Beth whom she met while she was imprisoned seem to be falling for each other too.
There is an interesting twist as there seems to be some treachery being planned.

Meanwhile, Taylor finds it hard to do anything as there are eyes on her everywhere trying to take her or take her out.
King Leander does his best to bring her back to his Winter realm where he believes she will be safe. But Taylor seems to be the subject of much unwanted attention which could threaten the life of just about everyone she is in close proximity to.
While it is a small book, the author does a great job with character development, world-building, and humor.

“Bite of Winter” by Lily Archer is a story that opens with Taylor and her entourage making their way over the plains.

While traversing the land of the Vundi, they are set upon by the clan who have shifted allegiance to the mountain king as he has promised them food.

After a brief scuffle, they are all captured and taken to Vundi where they are treated like honored guests. Taylor begins to like them despite the always-present threat of being shipped off to the mountains.
All she wants to to go back to the Winter kingdom and find a way back to Earth. But then the high priestess of the Vundi informs her that she may have more ties to the world of the fae than she ever imagined.
On top of everything, Leander is adept at pushing her buttons to make her pant for him. Her resolve is weakening and even worse, she realizes she could not have been in any greater danger.

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