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Nanny for the Neighbors (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faking with Benefits (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Triple-Duty Bodyguards (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Swedish Mountain Men (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lily Gold is a romance author from England. She loves characters uke, the silver-haired divorce with kind hearts and believes the only better thing is that one book boyfriend is two book boyfriends or even three.

Her novels include Faking with Benefits and Nanny for the Neighbors. Lily is reading or cuddling with her pet when she is not writing.

Faking With Benefits
Layla Thompsons are un-dateable, and even though she is twenty-eight years old, she has never had a boyfriend because of her awkwardness. She is an exemplary professional relying on her goals and routines to keep moving and thriving in her career, but she is a mess when it comes to love life. Almost reaching her thirties, she is starting to become impatient.

Despite the odds and hardships she went through at the hands of high school bullies, she succeeded in her career with three best friends. She was starting to get hopeless and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t going to the second, third, or even fourth dates like the other ladies.

However, she has three overprotective best friends who are ready to assist in improving her dating skills. One is Zack, a big rugby player with a cheeky grin and visible biceps. Josh is the boy next door with a calculating stare. The last is Luke, a divorcee and also an old professor.

When a horrible date leaves Layla crying on her friends’ shoulders, the three men decide it’s time they find her a good man for her. United, they agree to become her practice boyfriend and set up a lesson plan involving fake dates, classes of flirty chatting, and making out.

Her three friends host a podcast where they always give dating advice. Since the show needs new viewers, they decide to start their fake dating experiment as they teach Layla how to date. They settle in exchange for their help to her; she’ll go to the podcast with them.

What Layla is required to do is show up on their relationship advice podcast only once a week. However, as the lessons become intense with days, his circle of friends finds themselves getting into the lessons too deep than they planned.

Each touch takes too long, and every kiss turns into fireworks. It doesn’t take long before Layla realizes their friendship isn’t no longer enough for her as she thought she had started craving more. They soon discover that the line between lessons and reality is fading, and real feelings are starting to emerge.

Since her men friends have been teaching her how to get a boyfriend, she now feels that it’s the right time to put what she has learned into practice.

The novel is about a fake dating romance with different love interests, fake relationship heat where there is no cheating and HEA is assured. Layla Gold explores the fear of being humiliated and having her life plans taken from her. Lily Gold explores this emotion deeply with four protagonists.

Josh avoids getting vulnerable because he fears rejection, while like fears emotional intimacy since he fears getting hurt. Layla is so guarded and finds it challenging to trust anyone, especially men, because she thinks she’s not good at dating.

She is socially stagnant because of her past and how she used to work continuously and believes that fake dating can work out since she doesn’t need to develop feelings for the three men she has known as friends for many years.

The three men also have their own to deal with, and they’ll be able to let her go and find someone else to marry.

The novel is filled with funny moments and touches on some sensitive issues such as grief and trauma. The characters’ backstories are heartbreaking, but later they unite and make each other feel worthy and happy.

The characters are well developed right from the beginning, and you’ll feel connected to them. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses like any other person. They all have their own emotional journey to go on in life.

The book has some steamy scenes as Zack is openly affectionate with Lyla and tries to hide the fact that she feels something for her. On the other hand, Luke is attracted to her but knows it’ll be entirely inappropriate to let her know.

Nanny for Neighbors
A baby in a baby carrier is abandoned at the doorstep of three handsome and amazing boys with a note that reads’ To the boys in apartment 5A, congratulations, you have a kid’. The three are a lot of trouble since neither knows how to take care of the baby.

Lucky for them, they discover a nanny in the building, and she can’t believe it when the boys knock at her door asking for her help.

Beth has been attracted to these three boys for years and feels relieved that she got an excuse to meet them all. One of them is Cyrus, a great dancer whose moves leave Beth flattered. Jack is a nerdy game designer with a contagious smile, and the third is Sebastian, a businessman with a glowing stare.

Beth goes to the apartment daily to look after the baby attending to its needs. Soon the boys start taking care of her every night, and it doesn’t take long before their arrangement gets steamy. She later finds herself falling for the three boys even when she knows it’s a dangerous game for her.

The three are her bosses, not boyfriends, and she had already informed them that Romance was off the table, but a close look and a gentle kiss make it hard for her to keep her words. The men try to break Beth out of her idea of what family and relationships should look like.

Having been brought up in foster care, Beth is determined not to let the same happen to baby Cami. Soon her work threatens to tear down the unstable family apart, but she clearly sets one clear: she is tired of always being the girl next door.

She feels it’s time to get promoted from being a nanny into something different. Can the boys agree with her request?

The relationship in the book is thrilling to watch while it unfolds, each at its own pace. Each character has their own issues with family, jobs, and emotions.

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