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Lily Kate
Author Lily Kate works a rather boring day job and writes books filled with plenty of heart, heat, and humor by night. When she is not busy writing books, she can be found eating whipped cream from the can, hanging out with her family, or watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving.

Lily’s debut novel, called “Delivery Girl”, was released in the year 2017. Her work is from the mystery, contemporary, and romance genres.

“Delivery Girl” is the first novel in the “Minnesota Ice” series and was released in the year 2017. This novel stars Andi and Ryan. Good things come in smoking hot and extra-large packages. Like pizza.

The very pizzas that Andi delivers for Peretti’s Pizza, her dad’s restaurant. It is a temporary job, just something to help her pay the bills until she graduates from school, yet it does the trick. In fact, it works rather well. Until Ryan Pierce of the Minnesota Stars decides to order a pizza from her, and it turns her life, as she knew it, on end.

Ryan Pierce doesn’t just open up his front door. He does so buck naked. All of a sudden, she is not the one that boasts the hottest and largest package in the room. But it is what happens next that gives her butterflies when her phone beeps. Ryan begins to call, then text, and then fifteen pizza deliveries and a fantastic night later, and they are friends with benefits.

When he asks her to be his fake girlfriend at his brother’s wedding, she’s more than happy to help out. However the longer they pretend, the more that she worries this might be one package she may not be able to handle.

Readers enjoyed this romantic comedy, and found it to be deliciously hilarious and loved all of these most wonderful characters a lot. Ryan and Andi are incredibly funny yet also adorable and complement one another absolutely perfectly.

“Boss Girl” is the second novel in the “Minnesota Ice” series and was released in the year 2017. This novel stars Jocelyn and Landon. Good things come in smoking hot, extra tall stilettos. Like Jocelyn Jones. Jocelyn “Ice Queen” Jones is the absolute hottest agent in town, and Landon is determined to make her his own. His agent, that is. She is the best at what she does, which is why he is intent on keeping things strictly platonic, even though the sexual tension between them is thick enough to slice with a skate.

After all, Landon already has a woman in his life. Charli, his daughter, and they are unsure if there is room for somebody else. Until Jocelyn breaks all of the rules. She starts allowing her icy exterior to melt, treating Landon to a view that nobody’s ever seen before. Suddenly, he is not longer sure if he wants to be on her roster, or in her bed, for good. Mixing business with pleasure has never been on the agenda. Neither has falling in love. They say it is bad for business to sleep with the boss. However, they have not met Jocelyn Jones.

The chemistry between Joss and Landon is there from the start and they are fantastic characters, and act in an adult way when they are faced with tough situations, they also don’t fall into juvenile behavior and assumptions that a lot of books rely upon.

“Birthday Girl” is the third novel in the “Minnesota Ice” series and was released in the year 2017. This novel stars Annie Plymouth and Cohen James. Good things come in extra-large and smoking hot birthday suits, like Cohen James.

Cohen James, certified bad boy, has screwed up yet again. Cohen, the star forward on Minnesota’s professional hockey team, has made a name for himself and not in a good way, either. So, at his agent’s insistence, he is stuck volunteering at the local YMCA teaching introductory adult swim lessons for a total of ten weeks. Ten weeks of torture.

What he does not expect is her. Annie Plymouth, the star pupil. Her ruffled green bathing suit may just be the most ridiculous thing that he has ever seen, however after a few heated breaststroke lessons and a bit of intense mouth to mouth, Cohen is ready to get her out of the water and into her birthday suit. Except she has a much different game plan. Could this pair be destined to sink? Or could they possibly swim?

From the moment that Annie and Cohen first interact, readers were hooked, as they have incredible banter, and they knew these two would keep them laughing out loud from their antics as well as those from Gran.

“Dad Bod” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2017. This novel stars Maggie and Tyler. Maggie’s a single mom, while Tyler is a single father. In theory, they should have something in common, yeah? Nope.

When Maggie gets a call from her daughter’s school, she’s stunned to learn her sweet little girl’s gotten into a fight. Hauled to the principal’s office in order to straighten things out, she finds herself sitting next to Tyler Daniels, her first kiss and the guy that taught her the meaning of trouble in the first place.

Tyler is back in town to ruin Maggie all over again, after living the high life in New York City. This time around, the joke is on him. She is older now and can be wiser, and after her previous failed relationship, she is in no mood to have her pigtails pulled. Not even when Tyler decides he wants to try that kissing thing all over again.

But, Tyler is much better at that kissing thing, and one steamy kiss leads to another, she suddenly finds herself thinking all about Tyler Daniels and that smoking hot dad bod, even at the worst of times. Even if his mere presence in her home town is going to run her beautiful little inn out of business.

When push comes to shove, though, Tyler and Maggie just are not cut out to be friends. And she isn’t sure they are ready for anything more.

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