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Make Up Break Up (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Booked for Christmas (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lily Menon is a romance author smitten by romance, comedy and happily ever After stories. She wrote her first romantic story when she was nine, about a handsome young boy who seduced the heroine with chocolates and a fat puppy.

She lives with her husband in the Colorado mountains, daydreaming about kissing scenes. Lily poses as New York Times YA author Sandhya Menon when she has nothing to do.

Make Up Break Up

Annika believes in romance, love, second chances, and fairy tale endings. Her Make Up app is known for resurrecting failing relationships amongst lovers or exes.
On the other hand, Hudson Craft believes in break-ups, exciting start-ups, fast cars, and. His app break-up is known as the Uber for Break-ups. The app is so successful and odious to Annika’s beliefs.

This couldn’t be an issue if each went their separate ways after the Las Vegas, fling never to meet again. The two met at a tech conference around a year before the book began.

She opened her heart to Hudson about her idea to start an app that would help couples to have second chances. For Annika, Hudson’s moving to the office next to hers was so hurtful.

She ghosts him after she gets pissed at Hudson for stealing her idea. They bump into each other most of the time. Hudson doesn’t seem offended by her presence as much as she is by his. In addition, he’ll be competing at the reputable EPIC investment pitch contest, one which Annika needs to win if at all she needs to keep her Make Up app operational.

Annika has to win to prove to her father that she can accomplish her dreams without bankruptcy and eviction. She must also prove to Hudson that not everything is about power and money. She focuses on changing people’s lives by bringing back the happiness they need.

As if nothing is wrong enough, she sees his irritating but perfect face on a magazine covers when her business keeps on going down the hill. She knew he stole her idea and twisted it into something heinous and more successful, which made her feel terrible.

As the two enemy app developers keep clashing from time to time, Annika finds herself into Hudson’s shallow and fast-paced world. Could everything she has been thinking about Hudson be wrong all this time? Could the founder of Break Up teach her what true love means?

There is a lot of passion and chemistry between the characters with smart banters and change from high tension enemies turned into lovers. Annika is a brilliant, hardworking, determined character who believes in true love. Her main goal for creating a Make Up app was to fix broken relationships and give people second chances in love.

Hudson Craft is a playful and playful character who creates a Break Up to end the failing relationships to get rid of emotional burdens easily. He views relationships as business deals, which should be ended once they are not working anymore.

Time is precious, and there is no need to deal with relationship therapists or other dramas. The Break Up believes that the agents are hired to inform the other party that things are over so that both can move on without having to stage fights and things getting uglier.

Make Up Break Up is a perfect and easy read, and the characters are entertaining from the first page. Annika is very independent and is ready to do anything to save her company.

However, she doesn’t want to take any money from her family. Developing the Make Up app has been her passion, and she won’t allow anyone to convince her to give up.
She is convinced that Hudson is evil because of coming up with a Break up app. However, He is always there for her and is always nice to her. Annika is still struggling with her dad not supporting her dream and forcing her to attend medical school instead.

She doesn’t let anyone discourage her, and Hudson’s reasons for developing his app are not as evil as Annika thinks.

Lily Menon makes the reader feel invested in her characters and their story in a way that some writers struggle with.
Booked for Christmas

Sophie, Also known as the romance author Sophia Hart is having her annual Christmas party at her small town cabin when she meets the novel critic who dislikes her work, Evan Wolfe. Evan shows up, even when he was not invited where he comes as Will’s plus one except that Will is home sick.

He showed up because he couldn’t recognize Sophie’s legal name on the invitation. Once the two meet, the sparks fly with sarcasm full of banter, and they don’t stop until Evan Wolfe feels he has waited too long to leave after the warning and the road back to Portland, Oregon, is closed.

Evan is the reviewer who has a history of unpleasant reviews wherever her work is concerned.

When Sophie was planning her party, Wolfe was the last person on her mind. The two have never met, but Wolfe’s past appears to be related on Sophie’s magical romance. Sophie is not the person to ignore and gets revenge on her ways.

The world has a twisted sense of humor. He was forced to stay longer because the heavy snowfall stopped him from leaving, where they were left with no option but to know each other. It doesn’t take long before they start seeing the other sides of one another. The snowstorm blows in, pushing them alone together in Sophie’s cabin.

Over the next few days, Sophie notices that Wolfe isn’t as revolting cynical man as earlier thought. Even though he is somehow kind, Sophie has been hurt before and will have much to lose.

What she needs is one true sign that she and Wolfe are meant to be together. Will the two get their Christmas miracle? The novel has diverse characters, with funny banter and enemies turned into lovers. For readers looking for a story to help in lifting the holiday spirit, Booked for Christmas is perfect for you.

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