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Linda Berry loves to call herself a professed bibliophile whose love for writing and reading ultimately resulted in a career that spanned more than twenty-five years as an art director and award-winning copywriter.

During her long career, she worked for several organizations with her longest sting at Hewlett Packard.

She published “Hidden” her bestselling novel in 2017 and the work went on to become a bestselling title giving her the confidence she needed to kick on.
She now has more than half a dozen titles to her name and has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Berry makes her home in Bend Oregon, a beautiful resort town, where she resides with her husband and Jackson her toy poodle.

She has said that writing has always been her passion even though she also loves animals, reading, editing, nature, art, movies, travel, and gardening.
Aside from her writing, she works as a program director and vice president of the Central Oregon Writers Guild and volunteers at a horse rescue ranch.

Berry has always been quite the reader and has said that her interest in writing was sparked at a very young age. She was born and brought up in a military family and hence she spent much of her early life moving all over the globe.

Spending much of her childhood in Europe, she used to have very little access to TV, internet, and radio, and hence books were a steady source of entertainment.
Reading a lot of books during this time, her interest in storytelling was sparked, and soon after she started writing fairy tales that had drawings of princesses in long flowing gowns.

However, when she went to college, she decided to major in art as her interest was stronger in that field.

She would then work as a graphic designer and copywriter, which is something that she pursued for nearly three decades. Her career as a creative shaped much of what she would later on come to write as a novelist.

Linda Berry was fortunate enough to work with some excellent editors and talented authors, who showed her what stories audiences wanted.

Linda Berry has made a reputation for herself writing suspense-filled mystery novels with complex characters. These usually have to face up to life-threatening and often extraordinary challenges.

As a lover of storytelling, writing is something of a compulsion, as she breathes and loves writing as she is inspired by listening and observing what is happening all around her.

She usually does her writing from a sunny office in her backyard that overlooks a peaceful wooded area and Canal, somewhere in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains.

Berry loves to disconnect from the world and often gets out in nature traveling in her motorhome alongside her dog and husband.

When she is out in nature she will often disconnect from social media so that the only things she has to think about is what hikes to take and when to eat.
During this time, she will usually head to a national park where she can write for hours uninterrupted by modern technology, as she watches water drip off leaves and to the gentle patter of rain.

Some of the places she has been to include the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone.

“The Killing Woods” by Linda Berry is the story of Sidney Becker the homicide detective who finds himself burned out. Following years of investigations in the city, she keeps getting images of grisly crime scenes in her mind.

She is fleeing the stress of a failed relationship and a tough job and has accepted to become the police chief in a peaceful Oregonian community, which also happens to be her hometown.

She gets to be close to family and live in a place with low crime and beautiful scenery and could not ask for more.
But deep in the woods is found the body of a woman that was brutally killed. The staging of the scene is chilling and harks back to a similar crime scene discovered in the area a few years earlier.

The case had never been resolved and now the killer seems to have come back. Sidney finds the case very personal since Garnerville is a small town where everyone knows everyone and it was unimaginable that a neighbor may be a deranged killer hiding in plain sight.

Teaming up with three officers, Sidney goes against a cunning killer who is nothing like anyone she has ever faced before. He is a meticulous planner who could be callous and ruthless.

The only clue to go with is an origami butterfly on which the killer wrote a cryptic message before sticking it on his victim.

Linda Berry’s novel “The Dead Chill” opens with the discovery of the body of a young woman out in the woods. The crime sends shockwaves through the small formerly tranquil community as murder is a rare thing in Garnerville.

Sidney Becker the police chief is a relentless and highly experienced police officer determined to bring the killer to justice.
When she talks with local tribal leaders they inform him that the victim had been involved in an altercation with poachers since she had been caught releasing animals from their traps.

One poacher had threatened her life and Tegan, a nine-year-old may have been a witness to the incident. Tegan had been struck by lightning as a six-year-old which had given her a heightened sense of hearing and smell.

He often has clandestine meetings with a ghostly man where they do all manner of secret activities. When the woman is killed Tegan and his grandmother run away into a blizzard.

Sidney is filled with dread as they find the tracks of a lone rider coming after them. The horseman has to be apprehended before he can silence the only witness Sidney has.

With disturbing triggers such as violence, gore, and rap, it is an interesting thriller with an intricate web of buried secrets, murder, theft, and rape.

“Cold Revenge” by Linda Berry opens with Sidney Becker awakened by a dispatcher who tells her that the body of a woman had been found in a field just outside town.

Three weeks before, animals had stumbled upon a man’s body on the other side of town. Given that the body had first been discovered by animals, it was difficult if not impossible to determine the cause of death.

Sidney has always been skeptical of coincidences and when she gets a call about a dead man on the grounds of a monastery she knows that something is off.
Moreover, the monk who contacted the police was an emergency response doctor that he had been trying to get in contact with for several weeks.
What has the man been doing at the monastery?

Coming with plenty of drama and suspense it is an intriguing mystery.

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