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Linda Francis Lee
Linda Francis Lee is a romance author known for her deeply captivating stories. The talented author started writing in college but shelved this career for some years as she taught statistics and probability. However, she found her way back into writing and has not looked back ever since. She enjoys creating captivating characters and intriguing stories that capture and hold her readers’ attention. Today, Linda Francis Lee has books published in Russian, Japanese among other languages. When Lee is not writing, she enjoys taking a run through Central Park. She also relishes spending quality time with her husband.

The Glass Kitchen
The Glass Kitchen stars Portia Cathcart, a woman working to begin life afresh. All Portia wanted was to stay in Texas and run the restaurant her grandmother operated decades ago. However, after some devastating betrayal and a deep loss, Portia yearns for a fresh start. She decides to live with her sister in Manhattan and swears never to cook again. However, this changes when she meets Ariel, a sweet twelve-year-old girl. Ariel lives with her father Gabriel and her sister, Miranda. Gabriel is working hard to raise two children alone after the passing of their mother. This young family throws Portia back into the world she was running from.

Follow Portia as she works to put her life back together with the help of her sister. She is trying not to do any cooking since her food comes with some magic, but it is clear that Portia cannot run away from her calling for long. Ariel and Miranda’s conflict is so authentic, and it is fun watching what happens between these two sisters. Immediately Portia meets Gabriel; you cannot help but hope they will end up together. Both are lovable characters, and Portia is just the right person to heal this family. A few hot scenes will leave a smile on your face, and there is enough humor to brighten your day.
This is a delicious story of a woman who came to Manhattan only to discover that the kitchen can be a refuge. You will love the role family plays in this story as you get to know about Portia and her sister’s interesting relationship. Even though these two women love each other, they are quite different in character. Gabriel has his own issues trying to raise two teenage daughters in the absence of their mother. The story will make you feel a range of emotions. You will laugh and smile at some of the main characters’ antics and get sad when some, like Ariel, are going through a tough time. The fantasy element and Portia’s connection to food is also outstanding.

The Glass Kitchen is an intriguing story of family, love, and everything in between. It is amazing how the sections are broken down into meals and courses. Do not be astonished if you find yourself salivating over the sumptuous meals that Portia whips for her newfound family. The narration is outstanding from the start, and the author has done such an excellent job of fleshing the characters it is impossible not to get emotionally invested. If you are looking for an emotional story with great characters, an interesting storyline, and great flow, this book is perfect.

Emily and Einstein
Emily and Einstein tells the story of Emily and the events that change her life. Emily is a book editor working in a small publishing company. After working under a boss who was pretty much a father figure to her, Emily has new bosses. Her small company had been taken over by the sharks in the industry, which meant that Emily now had to endure manipulation and lies. This successful book editor is trying to find her voice when tragedy strikes and her husband is killed in an accident. Emily’s life is turned upside down, and while she had her future figured out, everything starts to look uncertain.

Even before Emily can come to terms with her husband’s death, she discovers that her mother-in-law is about to throw her out of her apartment. She also discovers that her marriage was filled with lies. The man she was married to was a cheater, a liar, and a sociopath. With anger, hurt, and determination to lead a better life, Emily starts to rebuild her life. This is not easy as the betrayal at times gets to her. However, Emily finds comfort in her dog named Einstein. It is odd how Einstein survived the accident that killed Emily’s husband. Emily also cannot shake the feeling that her husband was not really gone long after he was buried. Could there be a connection between Einstein the dog and Emily’s late husband?

This story shows how in charge we are of our lives. It is impossible for anyone to influence another to do anything. Once Emily uncovers deep secrets about her marriage, she chooses to live and enjoy her life once again. Fortunately, the universe delivers just what she needs, a dog to keep her company and a loving man to love her right. It is amazing how Max steps up to heal Emily’s broken heart even though he has his demons to fight. Somehow, these two broken souls find a way to reconnect, forgive, and heal. It is funny how a higher power chose an ugly dog to represent a disdainful, malicious, and rude man. You can not help but wish Alexander suffered more for all he did.

Emily and Einstein is a captivating story of love, marriage, and second chances. It is a story of a widowed woman who has to find herself with an inconsiderate mother-in-law trying to evict her and an irresponsible sister-in-law who will not give her any peace. At her lowest, Emily meets Max, and we get to see them working together to find themselves. This story flows well, and the pace stays consistent to the end. The story was entertaining, and it was so easy to love and cheer on the main characters. Alexander’s punishment was somewhat fair, and you will enjoy seeing him help the same wife he abused for years.

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