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The Swing of Things (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drowning with Others (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Three Mrs. Wrights (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Royal Game (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Authors Linda Joffe Hull and Keir Graff write under the pen name of Linda Keir. The writing partners met at a writing conference in the year 2011.

They got to talking about writing about swingers, after Hull said she had an idea about it, and it was something that Graff said he was thinking about writing, too. An agent friend suggested they attempt to write the book together.

They came to the idea in different ways. Two friends of Linda’s had moved close to Highlands Ranch (in Denver), which at one time was considered the swinging capital of America. Her friends were about as far as you can get from swingers possible. When she saw the wife six months after they moved to the neighborhood, the wife told her about the swinging in the neighborhood, she knew there was a book there.

At the same time, Keir got interested because he read “The Lifestyle” by Terry Gould, a non-fiction book that explores the swinging lifestyle. He also saw the documentary of the same name. He found this to be another subculture, something he is fascinated in, that has got it owns codes and set of rules.

The people involved in swinging, to Keir’s fascination, did not match his expectations. They looked like anybody else, not the huge cleavage or slicked back hair and gold chains one may imagine.

They have a perfect writing relationship and get along with each other well. This is due to them being able to check their egos at the door, they have a similar view of things, and they have the same work ethics. Linda feels that Keir is much better at description and atmosphere than she is and is able to write a lot faster.

They are married to other people, however, they are not swingers. Graff blushed furiously just at the thought that he would want to write something like this, proving he would not be a great swinger.

They knew how they wanted the book to end, but had to rewrite and edit the ending the most to get it just right. This is so it wouldn’t be too preachy or too melodramatic.

Through reviews of the novel, they have found that relationships have been affected by swinging. One person said that their relationship was ruined due to swinging. A friend of Hull’s said that he got into a huge fight with his wife due to mentioning that swinging might be a fun thing to try. The wife said they could get a divorce which would allow him to have all kinds of fun.

Even the editor of the book said it spoke to her on a relationship level because of some challenges she faced. They liked hearing this because it
they didn’t want the book to be limited to only the sexual perception of the story.

They wanted the book to have a generic location due to the fact that swinging happens everywhere. Their publisher wanted them to set the novel in a specific city, though.

They find that they have a great partnership, despite having a tough time getting together to work on writing. They both live in different cities and

Their debut novel, called “The Swing of Things”, was released in the year 2018.

Keir pens stuff for kids, and even uses two different computers to ensure that he does not cross-contaminate what he does. He is also from Montana.

“The Swing of Things” is the first stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2018. This novel is told from the perspectives of both the husband and the wife. Jayne Larsen, an attorney, loves Eric, her stay-at-home husband. He is a great dad to their daughter and is very attentive. He is committed to their Wednesday date nights. Things have just gotten too predictable.

This is where Mia and Theo Winters come in. They are the attractive and effortlessly cool couple that are the center of everybody’s attention. They are very happy and eager to share their secret of keeping things spicy. There are rules, though. Breaking them has got consequences. Jayne and Eric explore marriage’s more modern definition, they must confront whether they have given up far too much in their pursuit of attempting to have it all.

This is a charming, surprisingly tender, and sexy romp through wish fulfillment’s dark side. Right away, the book hooks readers in, and these lead characters are all well drawn. This is a thought provoking and entertaining read that some readers had a tough time putting down for very long.

“Drowning with Others” is the second stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2019. Andi and Ian Copeland, prep school sweethearts, are envied by everybody they know. They have got a beautiful house in St. Louis, successful businesses, and Cassidy, their eldest daughter, is following in both of their footsteps by going to the prestigious Glenlake Academy. A submerged car is dredged up from the bottom of a swimming hole close to the campus. As are the remains of a former writer-in-residence that vanished twenty years ago, during Andi and Ian’s senior year.

Cassidy’s journalism class starts investigating the death, Andi and Ian’s secrets from high school rise up to the surface. Both have a troubled link to the guy whose arrival and sudden vanishing set the school on edge back then. Each had their reasons for wanting the guy gone. While Cassidy unknowingly gets closer to the truth, some unspoken words, which have been locked up for decades now, are going to force Ian and Andi to question what they know. About the past, about themselves, as well as a marriage that was built on the foundation of a murderous lie.

Some readers were able to finish it quickly, and thought it was a beautifully rendered, fun, and quirky suspense. The book has a quick pace, some enjoyable characters, and an outstanding mystery. Fans felt this was going to go in a certain direction, yet goes head first right in another direction entirely.

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